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  • Chris: first love?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Person who made you figure out that you're into guys?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Celebrity crush?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Wow, you are just literally marrying the actual Man of your Dreams aren't you?
  • Yuuri: Yeah, I still have no idea how this happened

The first time Nursey saw one of those movies where someone drove out to some middle-of-nowhere field and screamed, all he could think was, wow, that’s fucking genius.

As a 15 year old, he was full of annoyances and frustration, but as the only black kid in a place like Andover, he was overflowing with anger and a bullshit sense of otherness they’d forced on him. He wished he could be the guy in that movie, shouting his frustrations out into the void where he couldn’t be judged for it.

At 16 years old, the day he got his driver’s license, he drove to an old farm that’d been abandoned for years a few miles outside the city, and he let everything come pouring out of him. Rich, entitled white kids and their equally shitty parents, his fear of anyone finding out he was queer and becoming even more of an outlier, his mind numbing anxiety about his future.

He was there for two hours. He screamed, and he screamed some more, and then he laughed. He laughed and fell back onto the ground, because fuck, that felt good. Nobody heard it, nobody knew he was anything but the chill facade he’d kept up for years, but he still felt lighter than he had since he was a little kid.

The first time anyone came with him on one of these nights was at Samwell. He’d gotten stoned with Lardo, and he was sat on the couch watching a movie, pleasantly fuzzy, when Chowder slammed the front door of the house and stalked in, pausing and forcing his face into something happier when he saw Nursey.

“Hey,” he said, a tight smile on his face.

Nursey shook his head and stood, grabbing Chowder by the arm and dragging him outside.

“Get in,” he said, nodding towards his car. “You’re driving because I smoked with Lards earlier. I’ll tell you where to go. It’ll make you feel better, I swear.”

Chowder nodded and opened the door on the driver’s side, hopping in and waiting for Nursey to follow and hand him the keys. Nursey did so, and Chowder started the car, pulling away from the Haus and following Nursey’s directions.

Nursey directed him to a grassy hilltop half an hour away from Samwell, and ignored Chowder’s confused expression, sliding out of the car and walking to the peak of it. Chowder followed him and stood next to him, unsure of what they were doing here.

“I know it’s cliché as fuck and something straight out of teenage movies, but this shit works,” he said. “Just fucking scream man. Doesn’t even have to be words, if you don’t want it to be, it’s just the best thing to get everything out.”

Chowder nodded and took a deep breath, shouting in the direction of the trees. There weren’t any words, just a frustrated scream into the air.

“Hell yeah!” Nursey shouted when Chowder was done, clapping him on the back. “It helps, right?”

Chowder nodded, his face surprised.

“You do this a lot?” he asked.

“Not as much as I used to, but yeah. How do you think I can be so chill when people are being pieces of shit? I get to come here and scream about how shit they are afterwards,” he said, nodding his head.

Chowder laughed, smiling as he yelled again, though this time it was a “Fuck you, Williams!”

Nursey lost it at that, flopping down onto the ground and cackling. He cupped his hands around his mouth, a smile on his face, shouting, “Yeah, fuck you, whoever the fuck you are!”

Chowder sat next to him, out of breath from laughing, and laid his head on Nursey’s shoulder.

“Thanks for this,” he said, a small smile on his face.

“Anytime, man. Just don’t tell anyone about this place. Except maybe Lardo,” Nursey told him.

“Nobody else knows?” Chowder asked, his surprise evident in his voice.

“Hell no, who else would I bring? Everybody else has a way of dealing with their shit.”

Chowder nodded.

“Lardo would think you’re a genius,” he said.

“Probably. I’ll bring her too next time.”

When they did bring Lardo, she put them both to shame, screaming about everything that pissed her off until her voice went hoarse. And she did, in fact, think Nursey was a genius for it.

my voice cracks like radio static
as i search to find the words
i’ve been dying to hear
two decades later “it’s a boy!”
pull the pink blankets from the closet
and dye them blue

erase the names etched into doorframes
how much taller would he be
if things could have been
as they should have
when he was born
as her

—  transition by c.r.
Morning Pleasure*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Reader wants to eat the breakfast Chris has cooked for her, but he has other plans. Blame your too sexy denim shorts!
Words Count: 1.7k
Warning: Long detailed oral sex (female receiving).

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Freshly out of your morning shower, you finished adding the last touches to your light makeup after you had gotten dressed in your favorite denim shorts and a white cotton blouse.

Walking in the kitchen, you followed the smell of the pancakes and fresh fruits that Chris had cooked, accompanied by the exotic effluvia of hot coffee. You smiled at the sight of your boyfriend too busy to notice your presence as his back was turned to you, humming the slow melody of a song you both loved.

You walked up to him and folded your arms around his broad chest, wrapped by his Henley shirt, planting a longing and loving kiss at the back of his neck as he smiled widely.

“Hmm, what did I do so special for you to cook this morning?” You murmured.

“You came into my life,” Chris accompanied your mocking laugh and you moved your body to rest against the counter, standing next to him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about our trip to Boston next week and…” you trailed off, noticing Chris’ baby blue gaze remaining locked on your frame. “What, you don’t like the outfit?“ You interrogated, checking out, yet he didn’t answer and kept looking at you.

His gaze was so ardent that you almost forgot how to breathe properly. Every time your man laid his eyes on you with such fierce, you felt the desire rising inside.


Your boyfriend eventually looked up at your blown eyes, licking his full lips and you could see his pupils dilating slowly as he drank in the view from his orbs like he had been in the desert for long days of a burning hot summer.

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“Captain America represents America, he wouldn’t reject government, don’t make him a figure for your social issues”

Your wedding day with Chris Evans would involve:

• Chris worrying about everything, but his brother is here to tell him he’s already a happy man and he’s going to marry the love of his life.
• Your mom crying when she sees you in your wedding dress, holding the bouquet.
• Being surprised that you’ve both left notes to one another, claiming your love once again.
• While walking down the aisle, Chris can’t take his eyes off you, smiling and your lower lip trembles as he is on the verge of tears.
• - “I promise you, I will take care of your daughter and maker her happy, sir.”
 - “You better, Evans. My eyes are on you.”
 - “Dad!”
• Never stopping smiling to each other and you both catch yourselves almost leaning to kiss before you are allowed to.
• Chris whispering you are very beautiful in your ear during the entire ceremony and day… and night. Actually, he can’t stop himself from saying it to everyone around him.
• When the rings pass through your fingers and you’re officially pronounced husband and wife, Chris pulls you to him in a longing kiss and you think the world around you can collapse, you would never feel anywhere safer than in his arms.
• Basically, you have to stop kissing because of Scott’s whistles and the groomsmen decide to join, leaving Chris blushing.
• His family being so proud and very happy he settles down with someone like you.
• Holding hands all the time, caressing your rings as a reminder this day isn’t a dream.
• The reception isn’t as you planned, but what you want more is here. Your families and friends are there to make the dinner very entertaining.
• Endless teasing from them during the best man’s speech. His best man doesn’t even hesitate to show some embarrassing and funny candid shots of you two.
• Chris calling you ‘Mrs. Evans’ with this adorable boyish grin on his face and you can’t help but kiss his cheek, giggling every time.
• - “Nice butt you have here, handsome.”
• Forehead kisses.
• Lots of fun and laughs.
• Lots of soft, slow and meaningful kisses.
• For the first dance, your husband brings you to his chest and holds you close. He loves the way the lights shine on your skin and the way you look at him.
• You almost step on his toes, but as a good dancer (like Lisa has taught him), Chris tells you that’s very cute and he definitely made the right choice, marrying you.
• The big party follows up and you just dance like nothing else matters in this world, never leaving each other more than five minutes.
• - “Is that real?”
 - “Y/N, we’re married. I’m the realest person you’ve ever met. And you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.”
• You both try to stay sober because you want to remember every second of this night.
 - “Baby, stop drinking!”
 - “Yeah, Chris, remember what’s happening tonight!”
• Cutting the cake and sharing a piece together. This ends pretty dramatically funny.
• You keep twirling, dipping and moving your hips until you can’t feel your feet anymore.
• Scott wiggling his eyebrows, giving you a knowing look when you’re about to leave the reception to your house.
• Once at home with your husband, Chris sweeps you off your feet and carries you to your bedroom, gently settling you on the bed with his eyes glowing with pure love.

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