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I have a chrason prompt for you sixer "Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you do that!"

“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you do that!” Despite the firm reprimand, Chris couldn’t help but smile wider at the sour look on Jason’s face. “I can’t help it, you’re just too dang adorable when you’re all mad and flustered.” He teased, reaching over to poke Jason’s nose only to laugh when the other man swatted his hand down and scowled. “Let me live, I’m tired. Unlike some of us and their chalk drawings, I worked hard today!” He sniffed.

Chris only laughed harder and snuggled closer to his partner, finally managing to slide a hand up and tweak Jason’s nose. “Oh don’t front, J. You like my work ethic.” Jason let out an indignant squawk and swatted at Chris again, prompting even more laughter until the younger man was doubled over, gripping the couch arm as he gasped for air. “You’re mean.” Jason grumbled. “Like, really mean.” Wiping away tears, Chris couldn’t help but shoot another wide smile at him. “How mean? Am I super mean? Super duper mean? Am I not gonna be allowed to play in the sandbox with you?” He asked, faux innocent, only to duck down again with a laugh as Jason aimed a pillow for his head.

‘God I love this man.’ Chris thought fondly, watching Jason mutter a quiet ‘shut up’ and turn back to their movie. He barely even remembered what they were watching, too caught up in the way the blue light of the tv caught the curves and edges of Jason’s face and made his eyes somehow even bluer than before. He felt himself sobering under the sudden wave of affection, the laughter fading away from his face. Carefully, Chris scooted even closer until Jason wrapped an arm around his shoulders. 'I really do love him.’

“Whatcha staring at?” The question almost made Chris jump. Turning red, he realized Jason had caught him staring and was raising an inquisitive eyebrow. “I just really love you.” The words burst out of him, catching Chris off guard. Immediately he ducked his head down and hid it in Jason’s shoulder, trying to ignore how hot his face was. He could feel Jason’s laughing as he wrapped both arms around Chris. “Shut up.” He mumbled, gently pinching Jason’s arm and only making his laugh harder. “Don’t be like that, I think you’re cute.”

Peeking up at him, Chris squinted suspiciously. “What did you say earlier Chris? You’re too dang adorable when you’re all mad and flustered?” The grin on Jason’s face didn’t help the blush on his, and Chris ducked back down with a quietly rebellious, “I’ll show you adorable…” After a moment, he felt a quick kiss on his forehead and glanced up again. “I really love you too, you dumbass.” Jason said fondly, making Chris snort and turn back to the tv. “Love you too, jerk off.”

Chris is not just one of our favorite musicians. He’s more than that and I’m sure you guys know what I mean.

He’s family. He’s Soungarden family, he’s Pearl Jam family. 

It’s a shock. It is unfair. It is surreal. It can’t be, it’s a joke. All kinds of thoughts are rushing in our minds. But unfortunately, it is real. And there is no meaning in that, no reason at all. How do we live with that? How do we listen to his music? It’s not the same anymore. It never will be. We somehow need to learn how to accept this, we need to learn how to live with this new hole in our hearts. And it takes time. And believe me, I can’t fully understand that I’m writing all of this knowing that Chris is not with us anymore.

It makes my heart a bit lighter to see how the whole community comes together to remember how absolutely incredible he was, his wit, his unique sense of humor, his talent, his kindness, his all loving heart. All of that will always stay with us.

I just really fucking hope that he’s with Andy now.

Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

Originally posted by chrisxchrisxchris

“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare doing this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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Locker Room*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: There’s no real plot, maybe Reader wants to fool around in a locker room. Once again, this poor summary does not reflect my writing in general, I hope. Bear with me, please.
Words Count: 2.7k
Genre: NSFW/SMUT - 18+
Warnings: Smutty gifs, swearing, dirty talking, oral sex (both receiving), Chris being a butt guy (?), fingering and protected sex in a locker room, I guess.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

    “Seriously Chris, why would you work out so late?” You whined, throwing your gym bag at the back of the car as you popped in, sitting next to him.

    “Listen, we both like this gym and this hour is the best time slot.” Your boyfriend huffed out a laugh, pecking your cheek and you buckled up the passenger seat belt.

    “There are other interesting ways to do exercises,” you wiggled your eyebrows, wandering your fingertips along his thigh and he rolled his eyes, starting the car. “If you do this to preserve your privacy then think about wearing something else than a cap. This became so obvious it’s Chris Evans hiding under.”

    “Always hilarious, Y/N,” he looked at the road, driving through Los  Angeles and you leaned your head against the seat, setting your running shoes on the dash. “You know it’s the job, I’m starting to film Infinity War in a couple of months now.”

    “Really, I had no idea… Captain Fucking Obvious.” Your eyes stared straight through the window as he glanced at you with his eyebrows furrowed, giving you his special look he used whenever you used sarcasm and a small laugh slipped through your lips.

    Once you’d finally reached the gym club opened at night, you both headed towards the different locker rooms and you got rid of your bag and jacket. You finally joined your boyfriend in the room - with some other people - and you saw him already working out as he focused on the upper part of his body.

    You smiled and as Chris sent you a wink, you tried to leave this glorious sight of him flexing his biceps, grunting lightly or tensing his back so much that you could’ve drawn the muscles through his T-shirt. You couldn’t help but internally gush over how very handsome he looked like this and how sexy his athletic outfit embraced all his muscles tightening then relaxing.

    Shaking your head slightly, you chose to concentrate the hard work on your legs for the night and you climbed on your favorite device, trying to forget the thoughts flying above your mind.

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    Morning Pleasure*

    Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
    Rating: Explicit
    Summary: Reader wants to eat the breakfast Chris has cooked for her, but he has other plans. Blame your too sexy denim shorts!
    Words Count: 1.7k
    Genre: NSFW/SMUT
    Warning: Long detailed oral sex (female receiving).

    Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

    Freshly out of your morning shower, you finished adding the last touches to your light makeup after you had gotten dressed in your favorite denim shorts and a white cotton blouse.

    Walking in the kitchen, you followed the smell of the pancakes and fresh fruits that Chris had cooked, accompanied by the exotic effluvia of hot coffee. You smiled at the sight of your boyfriend too busy to notice your presence as his back was turned to you, humming the slow melody of a song you both loved.

    You walked up to him and folded your arms around his broad chest, wrapped by his Henley shirt, planting a longing and loving kiss at the back of his neck as he smiled widely.

    “Hmm, what did I do so special for you to cook this morning?” You murmured.

    “You came into my life,” Chris accompanied your mocking laugh and you moved your body to rest against the counter, standing next to him.

    “You know, I’ve been thinking about our trip to Boston next week and…” you trailed off, noticing Chris’ baby blue gaze remaining locked on your frame. “What, you don’t like the outfit?“ You interrogated, checking out, yet he didn’t answer and kept looking at you.

    His gaze was so ardent that you almost forgot how to breathe properly. Every time your man laid his eyes on you with such fierce, you felt the desire rising inside.


    Your boyfriend eventually looked up at your blown eyes, licking his full lips and you could see his pupils dilating slowly as he drank in the view from his orbs like he had been in the desert for long days of a burning hot summer.

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    Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
    Rating: Explicit
    Summary: Chris and Reader attend the Academy Awards together as a couple. At the Oscars after party, Chris surprisingly wants to leave sooner because he wants to have some quality time alone with his girlfriend. - Worst summary ever written, sorry!
    Words Count: 2.9k
    Genre: NSFW/SMUT - 18+
    Warnings: Smutty gifs, dirty talking, slight Dom!Chris, lots of hickeys or love bites, oral sex (both receiving - 69), fingering, hair pulling, slight spanking, multiple orgasms and rough unprotected sex. [It wouldn’t be a shock if you wrapped your cock!]
    Author’s Note: It can be read as a continuation of Halftime Show*.  Also, the “baby girl” pet name is mentioned, but it’s not linked to a Daddy kink in this fic.

    Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

    Originally posted by kamala-khan

    The Oscars, the greatest, most prestigious and most glamorous ceremony of all, gathered actors, directors, producers, costume designers and every hidden worker in the cinematographic industry for a moment of celebration of their art. Like every year since the ceremony that had awarded Cate Blanchett or Daniel Day Lewis, you stood by Chris’ sides and attended the shows with him for a moment of joy, creating happy memories.

    This year’s ceremony - which weren’t such a catastrophe - nothing changed between the dozens of photographers yelling out your boyfriend’s name, to the many laughs thanks to the host and the dinner held by the Academy, it was a blast and there you were enjoying the after party with Chris and some of his friends.

    Even if you weren’t working in this environment quite tough, you were always enchanted to meet more people working behind the scenes of a movie that worked so well. The Vanity Fair Oscar parties represented moments of different encounters, sometimes either awkward or very interesting, but what you enjoyed most was having Chris next to you and telling you how much you looked gorgeous, wanting to introduce you to everyone he knew there.

    Standing next to the bar with him in your sophisticated gown, your red lipstick outrageously showed off as you carried a flute of champagne close to your mouth and you noticed the way his beautiful blue eyes lingered on your lips and how his eyebrow raised so lustfully each time, your body would brush past him. The late evening consisted of quite sexy exchanged glances, stealing kisses and soft skin contacts that drove him crazy the whole time.

    As you shared a conversation with him through the unbearably erotic and debauched jazz music playing in the background, the sexual tension and frustration between you could be seen as thick smoke from miles around. His body language told how much he only wanted to take you, pinning you down and make you forget your name until you would quiver and scream your bliss beneath him.

    “Honey, are you even listening to me?” You chuckled; laying a hand on Chris’ arm and his eyes followed every detail of your skin, the way your white teeth brightened even more with your red lipstick as a smile graced your lips. “You know, it’s rude to stare at people… even when you love them.”

    “Sorry, what did you say? I was too busy mentally undressing you,” your boyfriend winked slowly, a hand finding his pocket and you gulped, as you secured a lock of your hair behind your ear and he smirked, swallowing some more of his pale ale alcohol liquid.

    “You might want to see what happens to be under this gown. Trust me.” Voice deep and sensual, you played along his seductive game and held the flute of champagne inches away from your lips. Chris arched an eyebrow, his palm reaching for the small of your back and his lips fanned to your ear, making you swoon already.

    “Maybe I’ll find out sooner than you think,” he murmured a promise so huskily, offering his special smug smile he only used behind closed doors and your decision was made as his lips grazed behind your earlobe discreetly.

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