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when will supergirl REALLY return?

new rule:

i’m only going to watch episodes of supergirl with confirmed appearances of lena, cat, and well-written, non-queer-baiting sanvers.

and i’m only going to watch those scenes.


because the focus has shifted so far away from kara developing into a healthy, organic hero in her own right

to simply being the conduit for someone else’s half-hearted attempts to pursue heroics all in the name of “getting the girl”

and i’m not having it

i can’t watch kara’s progress backtrack and james’ character and developments be erased

i can’t watch the relationship between the danvers sisters continue to fray and crumble into a shadow of what it once was

i can’t spend forty-five minutes a week documenting the slow and currently unstoppable descent of the show from being a feminist flagship program to having the main character simply be a springboard for a man’s trajectory into heroism fueled by a desire to win a woman’s affection instead of having actual empathy for the people of earth and a genuine desire to help them

so there we go

if anyone needs me, i’ll be in the corner, listening to the voice of cat grant in my head as i try to write enough fanfiction to patch the gaping hole in my heart where my hopes for supergirl used to be

p.s.- before anyone yells, check the tags

p.p.s.- this show has sunken to depths that have me questioning whether i have the strength to continue publishing supergirl fics or if i should take a break and just write for my other fandoms in the meantime

thoughts? lemme know.

I can’t believe I woke up with a superhero tattoo. This literally defines my life. You have to believe that there are genuinely good people out in the world and you need to focus on that rather than focus on the villains. Have fun while you can. Do something silly. This was a good move on the journey to recreate myself and be happy.


Mon El Season 2 in a nutshell.

anonymous asked:

look if yall cant grasp the issues with shipping people with people like chris who in his first appearance of the show, accused eva of being a tease for daring to TALK to him, and really never improved at all from there, that's none of anki's concern, but maybe you could let those of us who can live, bc yall really dont have the moral high ground with your 'people can ship what they want' nonsense despite THINKING you do and it's anki's blog lmao

i mean yall are only shipping isak with penetrator chris cause he’s hot let’s face it, penetrator chris has no redeeming arc whatsoever in the entire show and if yall can’t accept that i mean,,,


A look at how Chris puts those awesome arcs and circles on his pots.

From @chriscaseyart - I seem to be drawn to radial designs with these large platters. I think it’s because they’re an unfamiliar form so I stick with designs I’m more comfortable with. There’s so much surface area on a large platter that it’s a bit daunting!

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I think this is such a major major scene in Natasha’s character development.

I mean, this is the woman who operates completely according to her mind, the woman who graduated with the mentality of the Red Room where they made women infertile to remove the possibility of a child influencing their decisions or mission, the woman who makes choices based on reality and practicality.

And now, even though she knows whose side she took, she knows that she agreed to sign the Sokovia Accords, she knows that she might be doing wrong yet she still places her relationship with Steve over this issue and let’s him escape.

I don’t know how to react to this. Because it is one of the most beautiful and tragic thing I’ve seen.


Listen, if you don’t already think Kaitlyn is the best character/LI in The Freshman, let me give you a hint. No, it’s not because she’s canon gay (that just helps/makes my heart soar), it’s because, unlike Chris, her character arc this book isn’t revolved around not making the lead role in a play but still landing a major speaking role and being upset about it.

tbh, i feel like people wouldn’t have been as disappointed in Civil War if it had just been titled that. the film itself isn’t a bad film, it’s a really good film to be honest, the problem is that the product that we got didn’t match up with the title on the packaging. If this film hadn’t been Captain America: Civil War, and had instead just been Civil War, it would have been fine. But it was supposed to be the conclusion of Steve’s trilogy, it was supposed to be Steve’s story, and there just wasn’t enough of Steve in it and that’s why so many Cap fans felt let down.


New Wonder Woman behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced online, giving us our first look at Chris Pine as Steve Travor and it appears that Lost and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra star Saïd Taghmaoui has joined the cast. And my nature of the actors clothing, it seems that the rumors of the Wonder Woman film either being a period piece, or a film that takes place both during the first half of the Twentieth Century and in the modern day appears very plausible.