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I can’t believe I woke up with a superhero tattoo. This literally defines my life. You have to believe that there are genuinely good people out in the world and you need to focus on that rather than focus on the villains. Have fun while you can. Do something silly. This was a good move on the journey to recreate myself and be happy.

Chris Wood's character arc as Mon El is loved by all most all the official fan websites and reviewers. Saying he brings a lot of fun into the show.

The only people bitching are the haters. I have a good feeling that Mon El will be back, maybe not in the first episode but definitely before or during the 4 night crossover (meaning Chris and Grant can work together again woohoo)

My LI Journey in The Freshman

As we embark on the final book of The Freshman series, I couldn’t help but think about all the LIs I’ve had my MC date and why I’ve chosen one suitor for her who I intend to stick with from here on out. It was kind of challenging to do this because I was forced to realize that not all my decisions were well thought out or made for good reasons. I guess that’s okay, since it’s just a game, right? But now I feel much more confident in what I consider to be my final LI decision!

First, let me start off by saying that I’ve had my MC date both Chris and James in previous play-throughs for the first two books. And when book 3 was released, I chose to not import my book 2 data and instead chose to be single. Why? Because I realized I had no strong attachment to either character as an LI for my MC. I adore them as characters and friends, but that’s as far as it went for me. Sadly, I had my MC date them just so she wouldn’t be single and, to me, that was a crappy reason for her to be dating anyone. So, to resolve my own conflict, I made her single which is what I should’ve done in the first place.

I’m also one who prefers to stick with one MC and ideally one LI throughout. I know it’s limiting, but it’s my preference. I just don’t get the same enjoyment playing as multiple people through multiple play-throughs. I’m not sure why, but I have to accept this about myself. This is the first time I chose three different LIs for a game and though it was interesting, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Okay time to break down the 3 LIs my MC has dated. I’ll present the same set of topics for each and at the end, I’ll explain why I chose to not stay or stay with each one. Also, they’re presented in order of appearance (and also in the order my MC dated them).

Off we go!

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Teen Wolf & Captain America: The First Avenger

          THE QUIET SNAP of the pin between his fingers is all it takes for him to freeze, for humiliation to begin setting in as he fails his SECOND ATTEMPT at picking the lock on one of the school’s side doors. He’s still learning, and it’s a difficult task that requires patience and a steady, gentle hand — both things he happens to LACK in the presence of an intimidatingly pretty girl who’ll likely never go out with him again if he can’t even open a damn door. Slowly, he stands; attempts to HIDE his embarrassment with a clear of his throat as he sheepishly glances in her direction. I, uh— I don’t suppose you have another hair pin?” // @kythereiia

pinkfeiry  asked:

your blog came across my dashboard and only now i find out there's a baby superboy and i'm in love! please tell me more, is he clark's son? is he in a different universe that new 52 superboy? details details please :3

Hi! I’m glad I’ve brought the new Superboy to your attention, but actually, before him Superman has had a baby boy before. Chris Kent is adopted and Jon Kent is Lois and Clark’s biological son. So I think I’ll introduce both boys to you and to anyone interested too.

So this is Chris Kent:

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A look at how Chris puts those awesome arcs and circles on his pots.

From @chriscaseyart - I seem to be drawn to radial designs with these large platters. I think it’s because they’re an unfamiliar form so I stick with designs I’m more comfortable with. There’s so much surface area on a large platter that it’s a bit daunting!

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