chris of arc

Chris bolted upright in his cot, eyes wide, skin freezing, hair dripping wet. He sputtered out water, wiping his face clear. Another bucket of water was thrown over him, ripping him out of sleep completely. Coughing, he hit his own chest, gasping for air.

Above him, a tall shadowy figure loomed.


The cook blinked up, eyes adjusting quick to the dark. Victor stood over him, two empty buckets by his boots, another one full in hand.

“What?!” the cook snapped, hands sinking into his soaking wet bedding. “I was sleeping!”

“You broke my mirror, Christophe.” The tone of Victor’s voice was deep, dangerous. Chris knew it well. It was the tone that had earned Victor his infamy, cutthroat when the pirate did not get his way. “I used that mirror to shave. Which I now cannot do. And unfortunately for you, my lovebird now refuses to kiss me. You have made yourself a very unhappy captain.”

“Are you kidding.” Chris swore under his breath, wiping his dripping hair from his face. “That’s what this is for?”

“He slept in the crow’s nest last night, Christophe.”

“Why don’t you ask Emil then?! He can do it!“ 

"You need to get me a new mirror. Or Emil is going to be giving you a very close shave, by my courtesy.”

“Where do you expect me to get a mirror from?” Chris demanded, gesturing at the ship around them. “We’re in the middle of the ocean!”

“You’ve been using the dinghy a lot lately,” Victor replied casually, taking a step forward. Instinctively, Chris scooted back against the wall. “I suggest you use it again. Because you know what they say about breaking mirrors. Seven years bad luck. And that’s without an angry siren mate around.”

Chris nodded.

The third bucket was dumped over him. The cook did not dare to avoid it. 

Has the propehcy really been fulfilled???

I got this thought a few weeks ago and since it’s near the end and I still don’t have an answer I will throw it out there. Also, I don’t have much time these days, so this is a short poorly written “analysis/thought”. 

What if Favaro isn’t the “holy knight” that will take down Bahamut and instead it is Charioce???

Jeanne hoped it was to be her and the people believed it was her; she was a saint and the strongest knight after all.

Later it is “revealed”, to be Favaro by the placement of him on Bahamut and even Jeanne stating “the holy knight” and her being sad because it wasn’t her.

Jeanne was wrong and she was a sure fire candidate, so how weird would it be for Favaro to be wrong too when he isn’t even a candidate and Bahamut is still around.

Buuuut - the pose of the knight above the dragon is the same as Amira. Though I believe this is symbolism for her being/controlling Bahamut and promotional purposes Could Charioce, like Amira, become part of and/or control Bahamut?

Yet, the helmet is like that of Charioce and even the clothes are more similar to Charioce Remember the statue was made 2000+ years ago so the clothing style would be different as well

Bahamut has awakened twice in 2010 years, but now it is awakening again. So has the prophecy not been fulfilled yet or is the prophecy recurring??

Or possibly will the “holy knight” be Charioce and kill Bahamut.

Okay can I just start a Rouge being selfless appreciation post here

People often confuse her obsession with jewels for selfishness and it really does annoy me, because whilst it might have been the case once it’s not really?

By that, I basically mean that I’m looking at those moments where Rouge isn’t driven by beneficial means.

I’ll probably add to this because, dang, there’s a lot of media to cover - so I’m just gonna - casually mention what I have on hand.

Dating back to her first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, her desires are made clear constantly throughout the game; she’s works for the sole prospect of getting gems and other beautiful treasures.

But in this scene - she expresses concern for Shadow - it’s not even in her job description. Why should she care if Shadow is the real one or not? Why is she so sad about it? Why should she care about anything Shadow has to say or how he thinks?

Heck, even Sonic recognises this concern later on. Rouge is even the first person in this scene to immediately ask:

“Where is Shadow?”

She legitimately cares about something other than the emeralds she’s been seeking. I honestly think Shadow himself started her character development arc.

“Anyway, I’ve got something better than jewels that I’m thinking about right now.”

A person who does not care about other people does not make concerned comments like this.


Are we sure she really cares more for diamonds and gems than she does for actual other beings?

Even Shadow thanks her for everything she’s done for him - he acknowledges how much trouble Rouge goes through for him when she really doesn’t have to.

“Even if you believe that the entire world will turn against you… know that I’ll always remian by your side. Remember that.”

Like, come on, this is extreme levels of loyalty and selflessness and–

And it’s not just Shadow.

She’s pretty buddy-buddy with Omega too and even gave Knuckles back the M.E shards in Sonic Adventure 2.

She expresses deep concern when she and Shadow witness forestization first hand and is visibly pained by what’s happened to the people involved.

She also cared a lot about Molly - a person they’d just met - and was literally persuading her not to go back because she knows that if Molly goes back it will only spell trouble.

In the English version, this might have less impact because Molly flew away, but in the Japanese version, Molly died. Rouge and Shadow were trying to stop her making that mistake and were extremely worried about her.

She does the same with Amy - she stops her from making a stupid mistake, as love does, of trying to rescue Sonic when it’s clearly futile. She understands how much Sonic means to Amy, but she puts Amy’s well-being first. In the next shot she even has a concerned expression.

Again, why didn’t she just let Amy do her thing? Why is she looking on with pity if she doesn’t care?

And don’t even get me started on this scene. This one physically hurts me. For the first time, we see Rouge emotionally break and even cry. The concept of killing Cosmo, when a couple of episodes ago is what Shadow set out to do, is too much for her because Cosmo is just a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t want to do anything they’re suggesting but it’s the only option.

Jumping back, Rouge also expressed concern for Chris during the SA2 arc of the anime; unlike Shadow, she actually cares about what happens to this kid, but why does she have to?

The relationship between Rouge and Topaz also shows a lot about her personality, honestly. Rouge casually gives her something expensive as if it’s nothing, when she claims to love treasures of any kind so much.

Soooooo is she selfish?

I can’t believe I woke up with a superhero tattoo. This literally defines my life. You have to believe that there are genuinely good people out in the world and you need to focus on that rather than focus on the villains. Have fun while you can. Do something silly. This was a good move on the journey to recreate myself and be happy.

Taz commitment powers

This probably isn’t that revolutionary or amazing but it is an interesting thought that I wanted to share/talk about.

So Remy and Nadiya both seemed a little disappointed if not surprised by their powers. But when you think about it, they make total sense for them. Both of their powers have a direct connection to an important aspect of themselves.

Remy, an Olympic gymnast, of course got the ability to leap extremely far and gain all these super human athletic abilities. That is a part of his identity, it’s who he is.

With Nadiya, her powers seem a little more abstract or random than Remy’s. But it’s not when you really think about it. Yes it would have made perfect sense for her to gain some sort of super mind, but her mind isn’t really her most outstanding trait. She invented the biopolymer, something that mimics skin and becomes a part of your body. Nadiya’s powers allows her to form inanimate objects, becoming a part of her body, just like the biopolymer. It’s her greatest achievement, much like making it to the Olympics is for Remy, and so is reflected in her powers.

And so the question still remains. Where the hell did Kardala come from? You have this soft sweet woman who is so kind and caring to everyone. How did this huge, violent, meat driven thunder goddess come out do someone like Irene Baker?

I think that Kardala is actually a manifesto of all of the anger and frustration she internalizes. Irene wants to be nice and sweet, and she wants to do a good job I’m her workplace, but we’ve already seen that she could easily be a huge push over. Just in episode one when Irene asked Nadiya for some receipts she needs for her job, Nadiya just blows her off, saying that her work is far more important to take time out of her day to submit a few receipts. We can only assume that this isn’t a rare occurrence for Irene, and that probably gets very frustrating for her over time, but being the nice person that she is, she never says anything. This leads all of her internalized anger to build up and eventually becomes another part of her, one that lives just below the surface of Irene. It becomes Kardala. Irene’s kind nature becomes the prison that keeps Kardala hidden and secure. When she was given super powers, Kardala is what manifested, allowing Irene to be able to get a little violent and reckless and all the things she usually suppresses.