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I have a prompt: could you write something with that AU where Chris is a Wendigo hunter raised by the Stranger and he and Josh meet when he saves Josh from a Wendigo?

The Stranger’s name is Nicholi and Chris call him Nick. Also, Chris totally calls the Wendigo Wendy.

“Nick,” Chris hisses, ducking under a tree branch as he runs after his mentor. “Nick , there’s someone out here!”

“Shut your mouth, you idiot.” Nicholi snaps back, sticking an arm out to catch his young companion before he slips on a stretch of slick ice hidden in the snow. “There are three of them. Teenagers that just ran out of that lodge up there.”

“They shouldn’t be out here.” Nick gives him a bland look and Chris hurries on to continue. “The Wendigos are out. One of them set off the traps at the mine entrance.”

“And one of our little runaways just veered off the path.” Nick adds, gesturing toward the waving light in the distance. Through his goggles, Chris can just make out the shape of a guy running about a foot deep in snow. 

“Shit,” Chris looks back at Nick just in time to see him disappear down the slope. “Hey,” He hisses down at him, careful to keep his voice low in case there are any Wendys nearby. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going after the girls out there. You grab the other idiot and send him back to the cabin.” Nicholi calls back and Chris lets out an aggravated huff as he turns toward the light in the woods. They guy’s not all that hard to find, stumbling through the forest with enough noise to shame a one man band. Sadly, Chris’ attention isn’t the only thing he’s attracted and he can just make out the glint of preternatural eyes from the branches above. 

Pushing himself into a flat out run, he makes a bee line fore the kid, who chooses that moment to actually pay attention to his surroundings an notices Chris running at him. He break into a sprint, which is totally unfair because Chris may have been hunting Wendigos for a couple years now but no one should be that fast. 

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop.” Chris shouts and the guy doesn’t exactly listen so much as he trips over a rock and goes sprawling like a discarded doll. From the canopy of trees above a screech sounds and Chris groans. Another shriek answers from the opposite direction, somewhere around where Nick was headed and Chris hopes that he was able to find the girls in time. 

For now though, he has to get this kid before-

A snowball pelts him in the face and there must have been a rock or a chunk of ice or something because it hurts like a motherfucker. “D-don’t come any closer.” The dude stammers, scrambling back in the snow and Chris rolls his eyes before he remembers that he has goggles on. If his vision wasn’t complete shit, he would’ve taken them off, but while there’s a Wendigo circling above them in the trees like a vulture, he’d rather keep them on. 

“Dude, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Chris tells him before he can get lobbed with another snowball, raising his arms in a sort of harmless gesture. 

“Says the guy with a machete strapped to his hip.” The guy snaps back, giving the weapon a pointed look and Chris is just about to retort with something totally epic, but he catches movement out of his periphery. Lunging forward, he tries to cover the other man with as much of his body as possible as claws rip across his back. They don’t touch skin though, instead shredding his back pack in half before the connect with the metal plating at its base, but the following impact sends them tumbling down an embankment before Chris can get the sense to grab onto anything.

They hit the bottom with a bone jarring thud; Chris on his stomach with the other guy (unfortunately) sprawled beneath him. “I should have payed more attention in climbing class.” 

“You mean gym?” The guy rasps, wiggling underneath him in a totally uncomfortable way and Chris supposes that it’s a lot better than the major freak out he was expecting. 

“Yeah, you know, with the climbing up the rope…” Chris tells him as he gets to his feet and offers him a hand. “Name’s Chris, by the way.”

“Josh,” The guy, Josh apparently, replies as he uses Chris to drag himself to his feet. 

I couldn’t resist.