chris nathan

chris evans is so fuckin mellow and soulful all the time 24/7……. he looks like he should be chopping wood outside his forest cabin next to a lake in the winter before going inside and making a casserole while foster the people plays but instead he’s out here lookin like a greek god and starring in hollywood blockbusters and stating his favourite sound as ‘music’ like what kind of model human,



















SMH as things I don't remember doing at a party last night
  • Shitty: spends about an hour and a half discussing dick science (i.e. bouyancy)
  • Jack: absent mindedly strokes a friend's hair
  • Ransom: [rubbing his foot on the fireplace] "will tater love me now?"
  • Holster: says "bip bip bip" on every stair he goes up/down
  • Lardo: [changes into short shorts, sits with her legs wide open] "I feel safe"
  • Bitty: "if you get the chance to stick your dick in sidney crosby, /you stick your dick in sidney crosby/"
  • Nursey: [holding up a pizza cutter] "this circle cuts other circles into triangles"
  • Dex: hands nursey a large decorative spider, says "he's soft" and then lays on the ground
  • Chowder: [laying on the floor crying] "dex if I die tell the sharks I love them"
  • Tango: "I think I just blacked out. I closed my eyes for a second and then I opened them" (a friend, sighing) "you blinked"
  • Whiskey: [playing strip truth or dare] to tango: [waves hand dismissively] "dare, you know my limits"
  • Kent: [points to the glittery decorative skull resting on his head] "I sucked a dick with this mouth"

Here is the tv insert from Episode 6 not only featuring Chris being a hawk but also loads of one liners for the scrolling news section!

I remember thinking that doing a Season 9 of One Tree Hill was a really stupid idea and they should have just let it die with Season 8, but then it totally ended up being one of the most badass and intense seasons they had overall (maybe minus the whole “I forgot I had a kid for 6 years” storyline). 

Gotta love a re-watch!


Day 3 (January 15th-the final day):

This day was much shorter, which was relaxing and really nice. 

There was another welcome panel introducing the day’s guest (and I did get to attend this one!), it was very fun. They love to make a show coming onto the stage. They’re all so cute and cuddly:

Lindsey came in a bit late (she left her ID at home and couldn’t check in to the hotel and so went back home) and she was carrying an enormous case of water for some reason, but she was upstaged by Sosa who came walking down the center aisle like the celebrity he is. 

The day started with the healer’s panel with Sachin and Sosa (Jared’s dog), it soon devolved into the Star Wars, Babies and Dogs Panel:

Some highlights:

Sachin thinks Jackson’s been through more than anyone, its why he’s always so sad and morose.

Jackson took the chip at the beginning of 3.06, said it was a necessity, he thinks that while Jackson was running tests on it and determined it was safe, he realized  that everything sucks and he might as well try it. Which is why he is so adamant about it with Abby, because he knows she’s in pain, too. 

Sachin reads every single word of every single script, he likes knowing what’s going on.

Sachin nicknamed the Ark after his mom, which was awkward after it crashed

There are some people on Twitter, who are just there to hurt other people.  Completely shun them, they lose their fuel. Avoid people like that, they’re toxic.

Sachin was willing to FaceTime @ItsPaigeTurco but he didn’t have his phone.

 Jackson back story-his father was a doctor on the Ark, and so was training Jackson to follow, as jobs were highly specialized on the Ark and extra training upped his likelihood of following in his father’s footsteps (this explains Clarke’s extra medical knowledge btw) and his mother was sick, she couldn’t be saved by his dad, which hurt his father badly,  after his dad passed away, Abby took him under her wing and their relationship was cemented. Abby is literally Jackson’s family.

Jackson and Clarke know each other very well because of Jackson’s relationship with Abby.


I had to leave Sachin’s panel before it was finished to go get my photo ops with Katie and Richard:

Katie is another absolute doll. She doesn’t realize that people love her. She’s sweet and oh so kind and she gave me a TON of compliments, I told her I loved her dog and we talked about her for a bit, she’s just so amazing:

I literally can’t find a way to size out this picture, I’ve given up trying. 

Richard is so nice, he thanked me for coming and said that the fan experience is one of the best parts of his job and I loved his beanie:

Now here’s the part where I explain why I missed my Chelsey meet and greet. I had a Chris photo op that should only have taken about 5 minutes, but Chris stayed up at the autograph table to get to as many fans as he could. 

As the Meet and Greets were only 30 minutes, by the time 10 minutes had passed I decided I’d already missed too much time and decided to stay. 

Waiting on Chris was so fun guys. I got to meet a ton of different shippers (Both Bellarke and Cl/xa) and we sang songs from Hamilton The Musical, again, another example of Unity at what was a beautiful convention. Chris arrived after about 20 minutes and he’s such a sweetie. He complimented my hair we chatted for a minute or so and snagged a pic:

After that the rest of the Unity Days Fam and I lined up for our picture with Camp Jaha. 

We had four different Photo Ops between us and the cast LOVED it. Guys, they really love surprises like this. 

My photo op was first and we did the standard fan pose (Lindsey grabbed me all on her own, which was nice-she remembered me from the day before!):

Then they realized we had more pictures to take and they JUMPED into action. I mean Sachin was shouting ideas, Lindsey was agreeing happily. Someone we talked to later said they could hear all the noise from the waiting area:

Sachin’s first idea was for everyone to be angry, I look more disappointed, but it’s because Sachin said something that mad me laugh and I covered my mouth at this point Chelsey, who was not actually supposed to be in this photo op and had been playing with her phone off to the side joined in on the fun:

 Lindsey suggested dancing and….I don’t know what any of these dance moves are meant to be?:

And our final picture was us paddling away in a canoe, Richard decided to drown, which is why he’s in the front (I’m the only one actually paddling here, by the by):

These was such an amazing photo shoot guys and the cast absolutely love when you surprise them like this. They were so much more animated when they realized we were going to keep taking pictures. 

We stopped by the Talk Nerdy With Us Panel, hoping for a sneak peek at Season 4, but when it became apparent we wouldn’t get one, we decided to go grab lunch. We stopped at an amazing Indian place and chatted about how when we were going to meet up again. Then headed back to the con for the final few panels and photo ops:

We attended The 100 Men Panel, which featured Chris, Richard, Jarod and Sachin. Richard walked in wearing his managers platforms and said they were relatively comfortable:

Some highlights:

The cast can’t reveal or tease anything!

Richard reads his own lines first and then does a run through as does Chris. They used to flip through to the end of the script to see if they were alive at the end of each episode, they no longer do this.

The cast thought they were kidding when they killed Wells.Then they realized there was no way to bring him back, its not that type of show.  They were also surprised and saddened by Pike’s death.

When asked what their character had done that surprised them Jarod said get a boyfriend and right after Chris said get a girlfriend.

It then kind of devolved into just laughs and an overall good time. 


After that I had a Minty Photo Op and I invited the rest of the Fam to join me and we got an EPIC picture:

The only thing we asked them to do was have Chris serenade Jarod, they flipped it all around and suggested that they serenade us and it turned in to this and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

I also had a solo photo with Chelsey after who commented on how closely her pants matched my hair and I loved her guys, she’s so special and sweet:

I also had my Katie and Chelsey op, were I asked them to be super strong and bad ass, just as they already are, Chelsey asked to switch sides with Katie because her muscle looked better on that side (it really does):

I grabbed some autographs:

Katie LOVED my BBPS pouch, said it was really fitting considering that Monroe was always Bellamy’s guy and that she died trying to protect him:

(It says: April, So lovely to have you and your awesome energy at my first con. All the love, Katie Stuart xx) and Sachin and I talked about what my pouch meant and why it was so important for me to protect him and then he verbally thanked me for protecting him then wrote it down as well:

Sachin’s message is perhaps my favorite signature of the entire convention, it meant so much. (It reads: April, Bellamy is the love of my life. Thank you for protecting him.)

I did attend the 100 Women Panel, but had to leave early, thankfully @forgivenessishardforus managed to get my Sass Daddy shirt to me before I caught the cab to the train station:

This was one HELL of a trip guys and I can’t wait to return next year.