chris nashawaty

what we get are mini-arcs of character development: The on-again/off-again romance between Spock and Uhura; the love-hate bond between Bones and Spock; the subtle and well-handled revelation that Sulu is gay (no surprise to anyone tracking Trek news lately… but it’s still a resonant moment). These are, by far, the best moments in Beyond. After so many missions spent with the crew of the Enterprise, it’s interesting for fans to get a glimpse into their lives beyond the bridge.
—  Chris Nashawaty review of Star Trek Beyond for EW

This Guy Deserved an Oscar Nomination

“If you’re a Boardwalk Empire fan, then you already know what a creepy powerhouse actor Michael Shannon can be. And if you’ve seen Take Shelter, you know that the guy got stiffed in this year’s Oscar race. Shannon plays a working-class husband and father haunted by harrowing dreams and apocalyptic visions of swarming blackbirds, oil-slick rain, and ominous storm clouds. Is he going mad, or are these signs of how much he wants to protect his family, or is he the only person who can see that the end is nigh? Shannon’s intense performance is a thing of mysterious beauty. In a just world, he wouldn’t be watching the Academy Awards on TV.”

-Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly