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Perspective In Motion presents Chris Munar & Victor “Vic” Adebusola

Two amazing choreographers coming from the Washington D.C. area! Hailing from Culture Shock D.C! Check out Vic and Chris’s choreography!

Save Room - John Legend | Chris Munar | Choreography

Doubt - Mateo | Chris Munar | Freestyle


King of the Dancehall - Beenie Man | Victor Adebusola | Choreography

Please help support dance community artist. Come out and have the privilege of dancing with Vic and Chris! :)


Chris Munar & Victor Adebusola - Are You That Somebody


Check out our latest video production with Chris Munar (Culture Shock DC, Upperclassmen, Tito Boyscouts) to Chris Brown’s “Fine China.”

More Than Dance Presents: Chris Munar

Ajnin Precizion | Tito BoyScouts | Baltimore Dance Crews Project | KCX Artists | Culture Shock D.C.


Chris started dancing at the age of 18, a freshman in college, in 2008. Started and still continues to dance with, Ajnin Precizion, a dance crew based in the DMV area. Ajnin Precizion holds a special place in his heart, as the foundation and inspiration for his dancing. In addition to joining the crew, later auditioned and made the UMBC’s hip-hop dance troupe, Major Definition, who placed 3rd at the East Coast Dance Competition in 2009, competed in FR3SH’s Main Event, and danced in other competitions. After, Chris joined the Tito BoyScouts, a dance crew that is rooted in Camp Mabuhay, a camp to help teach adopted Filipino children more about the Philippine culture. In 2010, Chris was asked to help out with BDCP (Baltimore Dance Crews Project), which is a non-profit after school program for elementary kids in the city of Baltimore. Moving into 2011, after teaching different workshops around the DMV and also in North Carolina, Chris was invited to be a part of the first class of KCX Artists, a group of dancers who exhibitions and represents the organization, KODACHROME, a dance workshop series. Continuing to push his training, Chris auditioned and has been currently training as a professional dancer for the non-profit dance company, Culture Shock DC. As a part of Culture Shock DC, Chris has been blessed with the opportunity to perform at World of Dance in New York City, Culture Shock Showcase in both Canada and California, and many other charity events. Always looking to train and have fun, Chris strives to become not just a better dancer, but a better person. Chris hopes to share what he has learned from many great dancers, mentors, and friends. But above all, Chris prays to share God through his dancing.


Chris: “I would like to personally thank everyone who has trained, encouraged, and pushed me throughout not just dance, but in life. Dancing is not just a hobby, but a passion. I have definitely learned a lot and I want to keep growing as both a dancer and a person. I am blessed to have been a part of great opportunities and I just want to spread the love I have for dancing with you guys. I want to continue to be inspired and hopefully inspire a few along the way. Additionally I want to put out there that I do not dance for recognition, money, or even for myself. Above everything I dance for God, for apart from Him I can’t do anything. 


KCX’s very own Chris Munar teaching alongside Fresh From Birth’s (NC) Alex Li! Great workshop. DOP doing it with the guest teachers!



Chris Munar - Thong Song

Soul Session
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I am always nervous when it comes to meeting new people and traveling to a new place. I never imagined that I would be going to Utah to teach a workshop, but I have been blessed to be given this opportunity. Special thanks to Eirol Bernardino for inviting me. It was a rush to put stuff together, but it all came together in the end. This was definitely an experience that I will never forget, with friendships that will last a lifetime.

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It was an honor representing the KODACHROME community (VA/NC) alongside some of my good friends Michael Cherry, Amy Connerley, Amy Gatewood, Cindy Lam, and Sam Kim. With the exception of Amy Connerley, who was my awesome collaborative partner and just recently moved to NYC, I have met everyone before through various dance functions. It was awesome seeing all of these great dancers and great people on this trip, working together. They definitely made me feel less nervous. It felt like home. Being alongside this dance family brought the trip a little closer to home.

When it comes to traveling, the teaching was always secondary to me; primary is building those relationships with fellow dancers. I was surprised that Utah had a big dance scene in the first place, but I was happily surprised that the dance scene was super dope! There is major talent out there in The Beehive State. To the two dance organizations I met down there: Mosaic and Urban Dance Organization (UDO), I must say God has huge plans for you guys. I cannot wait to see you guys again and I am glad to hear that the dance community is not separated as I have seen/heard in different areas. That is something rare and you guys already have that, something KODACHROME and More Than Dance strive for in their respective communities. We share the same values, which made it easy to assimilate.

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I was learning from day one. Not only about their dance scene, not just about their dance organizations, not just about their dance history, but also about belief. One of my favorite moments was when Rebecca Burroughs, one of our amazing hosts, showed us around their Mormon Temple. As a Christian, I always find it really interesting learning about other faiths. Even attending a Sunday service, hearing testimonies from others was really encouraging and a huge blessing. The trip was an overall great learning experience. It was fun driving around with snow everywhere, getting some pho, driving up to the lookout at night, and trying our hardest finding letters on the side of the mountains.

I have to admit something: this is probably the most inspirational workshop I have ever been to. The most inspirational part was not even during the workshop itself. Don’t get me wrong, each class was great and brought a different feel. On Friday night I was able to teach a piece to Ashley Kimsey’s company, Mosaic. It was amazing seeing her again since she moved from D.C. and is also a Culture Shock DC alumnus. I want to personally thank you for allowing me to share with you all! The company picked up the choreography quick and it was humbling seeing dancers I have never met learn something that I made. Then, it was off to the workshops.

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The first class between some of the nicest and finest gentlemen I know, Sam Kim and Michael Cherry, taught a really fun piece to Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. It was cool seeing their individual styles fused into something that was both challenging and rewarding. Their floor combo always got me going! That night was concluded with Jerrica Quinton bringing sexy back with Usher’s “Nice and Slow”. Hip thrusts galore! The next day on Saturday, there were four more amazing classes. First, was a collaborative piece between Amy Connerley and me. For one, we never actually met so it was really interesting seeing how we were going to bring some chemistry into the mix. We decided on taking a little bit of my hip-hop style with a little bit of her contemporary background into an old school piece with “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real. It was an honor collaborating with her and watch out for her as she does amazing things in New York City! The second class brought up the energy with this amazing dancer, Micah Clark. He brought back one of my favorite old school jams of all time with “Whoop There It Is” by Tag Team. He is a great dancer and a great person, please look him up and take class from him if you ever can.

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ABDC’s Riquel Olander of We Are Heroes kicked our butts with some popping fundamentals then gave us a really different feel with choreography to Jason Derulo’s “It Girl”. Then we finished off with two of the most swaggerific girls that I have ever met, Cindy Lam and Amy Gatewood. Not kidding, Amy’s nickname is “Swagwood,” but I call her “Lava Girl” (shoutout to my twin Andrew Ton!). They did something I never expected, and brought up the musicality with a sensual piece to SoMo’s “Ride”. Seriously, that song, along with “Suit and Tie,” were the two songs stuck in my head for the longest time.

The classes were great, but as I mentioned, the most inspirational part of the weekend was what occurred after: the Soul Session. We had freestyles from some of the best dancers I have ever seen. Honestly, I was brought to tears multiple times; the energy of the room was something I have never felt before. After about an hour of individual freestyles/duo freestyles, we did this activity where we interacted together to a song. No talking, just sharing and feeling each other’s energy, using only our bodies to communicate what we felt inside. It was amazing seeing even non-dancers get up from their seats to participate. It was truly a heartwarming moment and anyone involved that night share a very special bond. That is what dance is about, sharing the love and communicating without words, dance is something that just comes from the soul and you just need to let it out (shoutout to a great guy and amazing friend Jeffery Louizia!). In conclusion I would like to leave you all with a quote that I found that I believe sums up the trip. With all the emotion and energy and love and fellowship that was shared that weekend, I think this quote says it best:

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by Chris Munar, @chrismunar

photos by Chris, Amy, Cindy, Rebecca, Sam, Mikey


Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston | Chris Munar Ft. Stanley Wong | Choreography