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The SNL cast takes on the #InvisibleBoxChallenge.


4/15/17 - waited outside NBC studio for 4 hrs to meet all of the SNL cast (didn’t see kenan thompson and micheal che tho). met Sara Bareilles after her broadway show Waitress. and the director of the reboot of ghostbusters just happened to be at NBC studio. 

kate mckinnon is so fucking cute and talented i kept yelling we’re gay at her. cecily is so niceeeee we waited till 3am for her but it was so worth it. i kept yelling totinos at vanessa and i think she was confused af. melissa is so down to earth and humble. sasheer literally walked straight at us cuz we had the loudest cheer. aidy and leslie didn’t come over but it’s okay i still love them. i wanted to post pics of the other dudes from SNL but tumblr only allows 10 pics…oh well. best night ever tho :))))


Cut for Time: New Bachelorette (Chris Pine)

Standby & SNL dress rehearsal 11/18/17

Ya girl did it again! We waited 24 hours in the freezing cold to get standby tickets! We suffered through the cold, people taking unprecedented pictures of us, and a crazy guy who was verbally attacking people in the line and wouldn’t leave us alone so fair warning for if you decide to do standby, this is New York and you’re camping out on the streets; people are nice sometimes but be prepared for the unexpected. Anyway, here’s some highlights of the standby line, dress rehearsal and barricades for the Chance the Rapper & Eminem show! 

I made another sign (so I could get the cast to sign it later on) because why not

I don’t usually like tourist questions because it gets tiring after hearing the same questions over and over again for so many hours but a nice tourist was genuinely curious about what we were doing and gave us granola bars! People are nice sometimes! 

Later in the night, Lorne Michaels gave us chicken alphabet noodle soup! 

We got tickets 6, 7, and 8 for dress rehearsal and we were about 18, 19, and 20th in line.

Then, we went to Bouchon Bakery to get their chocolate croissants cuz I know Kate likes them. This is my second time getting a croissant here and I’m still not over how amazing they taste lol

We also might have ended up in the background of the Today show? This camera was filming the fans with signs and at several points, it panned to our direction so who knows! If you see a tired girl with croissant crumbs all over her face, dat me! 

Ok so now for dress rehearsal, here are some highlights:

  • Warmups are usually Kate, Cecily, and Melissa but Heidi came out for this episode. I hope she stays for the warmups! (Melissa’s dancing is really dorky and cute asldfkjh)
  • During the cold open, Kate had to stand up on a stage box to get up to the height of Alex and Mikey LOL
  • When the one of the crew members lit Kate’s cigarette for the cold open, she coughed/gagged idk if it was a joke or nah LOL
  • For Chance’s monologue, there was a choreographer dancing along so Chance, Cecily, and Kate knew what to do. 
  • Chance broke during the Family Feud sketch also Chance runs in a really dorky way and I love it
  • In Weekend Update, Kate was wearing her fashion sweats and uggs under her Jeff Sessions suit
  • Colin kept laughing at Kyle’s Bruce Chandling i love supportive cast members
  • Pete got a lot of laughter for his segment so proud of him
  • Beck and Kenan broke a few times during the Career Day sketch and they don’t usually break ever lol (but tbh it was really funny and Chance and Mikey were doing amazing) 
  • There was a sketch that was cut of Leslie who had nudes of herself with plants covering her coot coot all over the house and Melissa played Chance’s uncomfortable girlfriend
  • Another sketch that was cut was of Chance who was visiting Pete, a fan of his, in the hospital but had to keep going to the bathroom to take a shit because he had diarrhea; this was apparently based on a true story LOL Various names included Chance the Crapper and Pants the Crapper
  • The last sketch was also cut; it was basically a spoof of dramas and Chance, Chris, and Cecily were all fighting over who got to take over Kenan’s durag company. It was all levels of extra and i loved it 

After the show, we went to barricades. It was raining the whole night! I wanted to get my standby sign signed again cuz why not and @myloveholtzy had a Josh Groban tweet about SNL for the cast to sign! Since it was raining though, I didn’t get that many pictures. 

Here are my cast pictures and some highlights I remember!

  • We saw a party bus pull up and Questlove walked out with like 3 women
  • Talking to Melissa about the animal shelter again AHH!! I told her the application was open now and she said she signed up and had a meeting in December! Someone said her coat looks v warm and she said “yea it’s my teddy bear coat!”
  • Beck and Kyle were in a rush but took one or two pics
  • Mikey cheering everyone on when Aidy came out and hugging her
  • Chris saying that he hopes Barack tweets him about the “Come Back Barack” song which he worked on for 5+ hours! He also worked really hard on this episode and I really like him he’s really talented!
  • Cecily saying “it’s raining you guys!” when she came over to sign our stuff and pointing out her cousin by saying “guys, I can’t stay long, it’s my little cousin!” 
  • Someone saying Cecily must be cold and her responding “No I’m actually not” LOL
  • When Cecily was signing my sign, my marker was kinda dry and she was like “oh I messed it up lemme do that again” and she jammed the marker into my sign again in a second attempt to sign it LOL

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Pics from the Everwood 15th Anniversary Reunion Panel for the WB family drama at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday. 

ALL THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dress rehearsal & meeting the cast of SNL 11/4/17

Ya girl did standby again! We waited 16 hours and had tickets 35 and 36 for dress rehearsal! A Kevin Roberts sketch was cut which had Mikey as Kevin’s son; my favorite line was Cecily as she was breaking “there’s only room in this town for one top bitch!" 

It was raining at barricades but we had the NBC sign covering us so it was fine lol.  As usual, Kate came out first and I wasn’t expecting her to stop but @ohippiegay and @wooden-swings-and-diet-coke made an amazing quilt that had different memories of Kate for her! She saw it and said "oh wow” and came over and signed some stuff but said “I’m so sorry, I have special guests” but I asked for a picture and she actually stopped for one! I kept saying “Sorry I’m so sorry” as I asked for a picture cuz I felt bad! She was saying “oh so quick so quick so quick” as she hobbled over to take a pic lol. She’s always in a rush so I feel bad for taking up her time but I’m so happy she that she took the picture! Here’s a video of her taking pics on our side and another one of her taking pics on the other side of the barricades

Next was Melissa and I haven’t posted this anywhere but she mentioned in her Instagram story once that she wanted to volunteer more so I messaged her about this animal shelter I volunteer at and we had a little conversation about that! So I mentioned that when she came over and fuck I was so nervous but she said something along the lines of “thanks for that you know I checked the website and it said that they’re all booked I was so bummed” and I told her that it took me 2 weeks to get a spot and she said “oh ok thanks! I’m gonna keep checking but yea let me know if you see anything but thank you! Nice to meet you!” And I was so nervous I didn’t even register what she said so it took me a couple seconds to realize what she said and say “nice to meet you too!” back to her oh geez so yes LONG STORY SHORT, I was super awkward and nervous to literal ray of sunshine melissa villasenor 

Then Aidy came out and we were like “Aidy omg!” BUT THEN VANESSA SERVING-LOOKS-TONIGHT BAYER WALKED OUT AND WE ALL FREAKED TF OUT and Aidy was like “YES! It’s Vanessa!” while pointing back at her I love supportive cast members Vanessa took some pictures then left but she waved and smiled at us as she left! 

Omg so when Mikey takes pics, he always does the west side hand sign (if yall don’t know it’s like the middle finger crossed over the ring finger to make a “W”) so @myloveholtzy was like “what is that” and Mikey said “I was trying to do the west side you know ah I’ll try one without it” LOL honestly I don’t mind either one lmao and he did the duck face again

Next was Heidi and she took a group pic but then approached me 2 times while walking I guess she thought I wanted a pic even tho I already got one but she probably didn’t realize I was in the group pic. That ended up blurry though so we called her over again and each took a pic with her! She wanted to make sure that the second time around, they weren’t blurry she’s so sweet! 

Then Beck and Kyle came out! They haven’t stopped for pics so far but I really wanted to get a pic with Kyle and I’m so happy that he stopped for one! 

Chris was next and he’s so funny and nice and takes his time with everyone! Someone said “no wet diapers tonight” which made him laugh! He was making a different face in each picture too!

Then Pete and Cazzie David came out which I completely wasn’t expecting! I’ve never seen him at barricades so everyone was trying to get a pic! But he seemed so tired so I decided not to push it. OH a really cute moment when they came out: Cazzie walked up to a car and was about to get in but Pete was like “babe that’s not our car!" 

Luke was so sweet and nice to everyone! He was talking to the fans and taking his time with everyone which was so awesome! 

Then Alex walked out with his fiancé and they kissed and she was about to walk away but he pulled her in for another one and everyone was like "awwww!” I think I said “I love you as Eric Trump!” And he said something like “yea he’s a real work!” I don’t remember his exact words lmaoo

Then Cecily omg!! She was hobbling in her heels and apologized for it “I’m so sorry guys I’m like hobbling” so sweet omg I asked her to sign my wristband and she asked me “your wristband? What are you gonna do with it when you like move out?” I can’t omg 😭😭 

Steve Higgins was next! At that point there weren’t a lot of fans left so we just walked out of the barricades lol but after the picture, a guard told us to go back in LOL 

Then Colin came out!! We were talking the whole night about how he’s too good for us now that he’s with scarjo LOL but he came out and when he took a pic with me he like squished into my hair lmaooo 

At one point, one of the guitarists, Jared, came out and I called his name and he said “good, how are you!” even though I didn’t ask that since he was walking to his car already LOL

So there’s that! I wasn’t expecting to get so many that night I’m still so shook lol anyways I hope everyone gets to meet the cast one day and hopefully watch the show too!!

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SNL Adventure! 11/4/17 Larry David/Miley Cyrus

Yup I did standby again for SNL! My back hurts and I kind of lost my voice but that’s okayyyyyyy! This will probably be my longest SNL post ever bc I got to meet 14 people! Some of the pics are a little blurry bc I was too excited and my hands shake a lot (also i look like trash and i have fucked up teeth rip me please don’t judge too harshly 🙃)

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Highlights of my snl experience!!

• the friends I made in line

• met two hardcore Kristen Wiig fans they’re amazing omg I want to be the one girl she’s so outgoing

• waiting to get in Olivia Wilde totally just walked right by me so so close and then I got excited knowing Jason was probably here!!!

• watching Alec Baldwin rehearse his trump was hilarious

• Jason was there and I died!!!!!!

• Steve Martin was there!!!

• Kate McKinnon did this gay ass face/wink towards my part of the audience and we died

• Kristen Wiig waved to the audience in between her introducing the musical guests

• Kristen Wiig’s outfits! Full view. Amazing.

• Kristen breaking and spitting out the bit of pillow in her mouth

• Kate breaking 20 ft away from me. So cute

• Whenever Kristen opened her eyes you could see how big a blue and beautiful they were ever from across the room. She’s stunning

• Kristen breaking. Fucking cutie!!!

• Kristen waved to everyone after the show but I don’t think she saw me

• Leslie picked Kristen up when they hugged

• Kate and Kristen hugged when everyone else left. Just the two of them. One big long hug and we all awwwwed

After the show

• saw the target lady costume!

• stared directly into Chris Kelly’s eyes cause I’m a creep!

• walked right by Lorne Michaels and Martin short (apparently) and never even noticed haha

• saw Leslie and Kate very briefly

• Colin jost hung out with everyone and took pics and talked I just stood in front of him and I feel like he was trying to tell me something but idk. He’s a cute baby.

• Vanessa came out but then left

• will forte did the same thing as Colin. He’s so cute and down to earth. The girl made a recording of him saying how much he wanted her hair and how she’s beautiful. Ughhh he’s amazing.

• sasheer was out and took pics as well but left soon after

• I have videos containing Alex, Colin, beck, Kyle, Vanessa and sasheer.

(didn’t get a good one of Kate so I’m not going to post it)


Why isn’t Kyle Mooney getting more attention on SNL? We were watching “Chris for President” last week and it struck us that no one has been talking about the short films Kyle’s been doing almost every week. These are not the Sambergian “Digital Shorts,” make no mistake. No memorable songs. No catch phrases. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Mooney’s films are smaller, more nuanced character pieces reserved for improv shows or parties where groups of friends will make fun of the friend who isn’t there because he has to record his podcast.

These shorts have left more of an impact on us than the majority of SNL sketches this year, many of which have been overshadowed by who or who hasn’t been in them. We’re really excited to see what Kyle has in store for us the rest of the year, but why do you think these films haven’t made more of an impact?