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#Work Doodles. Not sure if anyone else has ever read “The Edge Chronicles” by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. The art is just so stunning and detailed. So obviously I had to just doodle!!! Chris Riddell has always been #artgoals.


Alright tumblr, story time. So my boyfriend has this white cat named Morochi, right? But he’s not actually his cat, he’s a neighborhood cat that is allowed outside, which, is very dangerous for our area because there are coyotes present. Now, Chris lives in the upper bedroom in a house with some other dudes, and it gets pretty hot in the summer months upstairs so he took to leaving his window open while he was away to keep his room from getting too stuffy. The story goes that Morochi one day showed up on the roof and investigates the open window, deciding that Chris was not a threat, waltzed right in and effectively stole my boys heart. Chris didn’t encourage Morochi to come inside as it was not his cat, but he didn’t discourage him either. Morochi began making himself more and more at home and it became commonplace to see Morochi nestled in on his bed when he got home from work. We have never fed Morochi or given him treats (we have placed a small bowl of water out for him however), and he has no toys to speak of or any reason to come over besides that he likes our bed and that he enjoys our company. He now sleeps with us every night, and when,if we ever close the window, he gets very upset and relentlessly meows until we let him in.

Now, the funny part about this cat is how possessive he is, and here’s where our story starts. I don’t know when it started, but before I had effectively began living with Chris Morochi had taken to following him around the neighborhood when he would go on short walks. He would sometimes follow far, sometimes close, but he would always be nearby and able to see chris. When Chris steps outside to smoke, often you can see Morochi on the roof as he scales down to the edge nearest to Chris and then sits until Chris comes back inside. He’s a funny cat with a lot of personality who almost behaves more like a dog than a cat, save for the birds and grasshoppers he brings into the bedroom and then dismembers for us to find.

Today I had brought my family dog, Penny, over to visit and to take for a first time walk on the trail right by his house. Penny ran upstairs to see Chris, and Morochi, very upset that a wild hellhound had bounded upstairs, made himself big and glared. We promptly left and started our walk, and Morochi, that goddamned ridiculous cat, followed us at a distance despite Penny being with us. Penny didn’t notice for a while, and we honestly thought the moment Penny noticed Morochi would flee back home. Well he didn’t. Penny saw him and kept turning her head back to look at him and he kept our pace and trailed us, much to our initial dismay. (Side-note: Penny actually did really good on her walk and on ignoring Mo behind us, after the first 30 seconds she ignored him and we walked like usual as if he wasn’t there, I was very impressed with her but that is a separate story) Now, when we approached the trail we thought for sure Morochi would turn back, it was outside of the neighborhood and he’d surely never follow a dog into the thicket. In he did. He slowed and you could tell he was a little more leery but he followed as we weaved up the hill through the trail deeper into the area. Morochi, slowing to a crawl, began meowing behind us. At first it was little meows, but eventually, he started yowling. This continued for a few minutes, we slowed our pace to see if he would follow, but he refused. We walked up to the top of the hill and I walked back down to see if Morochi had gone home, but he still stood planted firmly and yowling. It was getting dim out, worried his cries had attracted every coyote in the area, we turned back the way we had came so that Morochi would walk with us back to the neighborhood.

On our way back, right as we were getting close to the clearing that leads into the neighborhood, Penny began barking and we noticed a coyote stalking us in the tall grass with its ears up and it’s body low. Once Penny began barking it high tailed it and ran, but when we continued exiting the trail it doubled back and was eyeing us. Chris walked with Penny and I walked back with Mo to make sure he was safe and couldn’t be sniped by a coyote. We exited and continued our walk in the neighborhood and Morochi immediately perked up and began his weaving trot behind us as we headed back. A neighbor, walking his dog and seeing Morochi cross the street with us, asked if that cat was following. “Yes, we’re taking our cat and dog on a walk”, we laughed. The moment we got home Morochi sat and watched Penny until I took her home, and when I returned without Penny he came out immediately to say hi. Idk what it says about Morochi that he would risk attracting every predator in the area with his meowing just because he didn’t like where we were going, but he’s a unbelievable ridiculous cat, and that’s the story of the time my boyfriend and I walked the dog and cat together and if you don’t think that’s cool af idk what is.
Scandinavian Summer Invasion
Need new additions for your late-summer playlist? Not afraid of an unfamiliar accent mark or two? Check out some of these Nordic artists that are absolutely killing it right now.
By mshem

So into this.

More misc angel related music for mediation or just to listen to:

Ice Cream- Morgan Rielly

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I can’t believe I wrote a Leafs imagine with JVR that doesn’t end with the reader with JVR. Who wants to write me a JVR imagine now? Any who! I love Mo. So much! I mean who doesn’t?? So I hope you guys like this one!

Warning: none

Anon Request: What the heck you’re a super good writer, I’m so very jealous! Could you please do a Morgan Rielly one where you guys meet through mutual friends and hit it off


              Ok so he was hot.

              Way hotter than you gave James credit for.

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Chris Evans x Reader 

Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans. 

A/N : Sorry it took me so long to write this but I wanted it to be perfect! lol. I am going to Disneyland in June and I’d love this to happen! just saying. A girl can hope right?! haha. 

Word Count : 2,635

Warnings : Language. Thats about it. 


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Chris pulled his thin shirt over his torso, feeling it fit around his body.

He was getting ready for the day, feeling excited to return back to the place that was like his second home. Disneyland.

There was a knock at the door, and before he could say anything, his brother strode in.

“Sure Scott, come in.” Chris chuckled.

“Sorry, the girls wanted me to see if you were ready.” He smiled.

Chris scrunched his brows as he placed his favorite blue cap on his head. “Where are they?” He asked.

“Downstairs with the kids, getting breakfast.” Scott watched his brother closely, leaning against the wall. “So are we going to talk about what happened, or–”

“Scott, Come on man. Not now.” He cut him off.

His brother nodded, his lips pursing into a thin line. “Sorry, I just–its been six months dude. Don’t get me wrong, having you here and getting to hang out with you is cool but–”

“But what?” Chris huffed.

Scott let out a breath, “I just miss my brother. I miss the crazy, risk taking kind of guy.”

Chris listened to every word he spewed, his lips pursing, as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I get what Minka did wasn’t cool, it’s just–you need to go back out there. Go take risks again, go make movies. And stop using us as an excuse to hide from the world.”

After finding Minka in bed with another man, the day he was suppose to propose, he just lost it. He packed his bags, and flew out to Boston that very night. And ever since then, he was home with the people he knew would never let him down.

The older Evans looked up into his younger brothers eyes, a soft smile forming on his lips. “I’m fine.” He muttered. “Don’t worry about me, okay? I’m fine. Besides I start shooting the last Cap movie next week.”

Chris walked over to him, and patted his shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go downstairs, I’m sure Carly and Shanna are getting anxious.”

Scott chuckled, nodding. “Alright. Sorry, I just needed to-”

“I get it man. I do. But seriously, don’t worry about me. I’m okay.” He lied. Forcing a smile to ease his brother.

“Okay. Race you to the elevator? Loser has to pay for dinner tonight.”

“You’re on.” He cackled.

Adjusting the Minnie Mouse ears, you felt your stomach begin to flutter as you and your four best friends made your way into the front of the park.

The sun was out, high in the sky with little to no clouds. Every flower blossomed, the colors vibrantly popping. Everything was breathtakingly beautiful.

Disneyland was your home. It somehow always made you feel at peace. And also, brought the inner child out.

The moment you step in, you are immediately filled with such joy, and excitement, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

“Let’s take a picture by the Mickey flowers!” Rashelle exclaimed.

You all followed behind her, pulling your phones out.

“Whose going to take our pictures?” Penny asked, lifting her glasses up with her nose.

You scanned around until your eyes landed on one of the workers with a camera hanging around his neck. Quickly, you strode over to him and tapped his shoulder.

“Hey, can you take a picture of us?” You asked, motioning over to your girls.

He glanced at you, and smiled. Nodding his head, “yea. Of course.”

“Sweet!” You gave him your phone and ran back to your friends, who were getting into their positions.

“Just stand anywhere.” Addie grunted. “It doesn’t matter.”

Charm and Penny switched spots to get their ‘good’ side. Something they always did every time you went out with them. You just laughed as you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, ready?” The guy asked.


He snapped a few pictures from your phone, and one with his camera.

“Here you go.” He smirked.

You took the phone and glanced at the picture that lit up your screen. It was a little too bright, which made it look like you and Rashelle both had your eyes closed. But with only being there for two days, you shrugged it off and slipped the phone into your pocket.

“Alright, what do you bitches want to do first?” Charm asked, fluffing her hair with her hand.

“Let’s go on space mountain!” Penny muttered.

“No, let’s ride Indiana jones.” Said Addie, as she fixed the straps to her bag.

You were walking behind them, shaking your head, a smile forming on your lips. They could never agree on anything.

“How about Rashelle and I get fast passes for space mountain, while you girls go wait in line for Indiana jones?” You exhaled, looping your arm with your best friend.

They all nodded, getting their tickets out to hand them to you.

“Okay. Just call me when you are walking back. I’ll keep any eye out for you.” Addie stated.

The three girls went towards adventure land as you and Rashelle started toward tomorrow land. One of your favorites there.

“It’s so hot!” She spewed, fanning herself. “How am I suppose to find a boyfriend when I’m sweating?!”

You let out a giggle, rolling your eyes. “It’s Disneyland! There are people from all over the world.”

“So? More to choose from.” She smirked. “Who knows, you might just find your Prince Charming.”

“Yea, when Captain Hook flies.” You snorted. “Besides, I’m not looking for anything. I just want to have a good time with my best friends and that’s it.”

“Whatever you say.” She chuckled.

“No one can handle all of this!” You cackled, as you playfully strut across Main Street.

“YAS girl! Work it!”

You glanced back at her, belting out into laughter until you crashed into broad shoulders, that almost knocked you off your feet.

Immediately, you pulled yourself together, feeling panicked. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t-”

The moment you balanced yourself and looked up, your breath hitched to the back of your throat.

“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, his hand gently on the small of your back, scanning you over. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You shook your head, still gazing into the depths of his alluring blue eyes. Here you were standing right in front none other than Chris Evans. The guy you drooled over for years since you first saw him on Not Another Teen Movie.

Rashelle watched the entire thing with her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe how close you two were and how worried he was over you. It was like part of a movie playing before her.

You were finding yourself leaning more into him, feeling the warmth of his body against you. You were so close to him, all you could inhale was his scent, which caused your heart to race.

His lips curved more the longer he stared, his hand never leaving you until he realized how long he had held you to him.

He cleared his throat which brought you back to reality.

“Well I’m glad you’re okay.” He chuckled.

You took in a deep breath and shrugged. “I’m glad YOU’RE okay, since I’m the one who ran into you.”

“Trust me, I’m fine.” He looked down at you, not able to tear his gaze away. There was just something about you that drew him to you. Like a chemical reaction. Chris couldn’t shake the feeling.

“A beautiful girl like you can run into me, anytime.” He smirked.

And just like that, your stomach dropped.

“Uncle Chris!” A little boy called from behind, running over.

He turned around, and flashed a cheeky grin, extending his arms out until the little boy ran straight into him. “Hey buddy.”

“Mommy said we can go on Astro blasters!” He cheered. He looked at you and Rashelle, and for a moment, felt shy.

“Sorry, this is my nephew, Miles. It’s his birthday today. Right kiddo?” Chris muttered.

Miles nodded, leaning his head against Chris’ shoulder as one hand clutched on to his shirt.

You smiled up at him, and scrunched your nose. “Happy birthday!” You exclaimed. You could just tell how shy he was. “How old are you? Twenty-five?”

His lips twitched, as he shook his head.

“Mm. Oh I know, you’re forty-eight, huh?”

Miles chuckled to himself, still shaking his head. The wall he had up, was slowly coming down. “I-I’m this many.” He exhaled, putting all fingers up into the air.

Your eyes grew wide as you dropped your jaw, pretending to be so surprised. “Wow! Five? That’s so cool!” You muttered. “I hear that’s the best age.”

Chris watched the way you interacted with his nephew. Which only drew him in more.

“So Miles, what’s your favorite ride in Disneyland?”

“I like the pirate ride! Where we go on the boat and see the Pirates! And then we go down super fast!” He exclaimed. “And there’s guns and treasures!”

You flashed a soft smile, hearing the little boy go on about why he loved it so much. There was something about a little kid talking about something he enjoys that makes it so interesting.

“Yea! That’s my favorite too. And the Peter Pan ride.”

Ethan glanced up to his uncle then back to you. “That’s my mommy’s favorite ride too!”

Chris chuckled, shaking his head.

“What’s your favorite Disney movie?” He asked.

You pondered your thoughts for a moment, and sighed. “Oh that’s a tough one!” You stated. “I love them all! I’m a HUGE Disney fan.” You leaned a little closer to him. “I’m probably the biggest Disney fan in the world.”

Chris huffed, stopping you right at that moment, his finger in the air as he pursed his lips. “I don’t think so.” He muttered.

You furrowed your brows, looking at him. “What?” You chuckled.

“You’re not the biggest Disney fan.”

“Oh really? Then who is?”

He flashed a smile, and pointed his thumbs to himself. “Me.”

A chuckle fell from your lips, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Laugh all you want, but it’s true. I know everything there is about Disney. I know all of the songs, the movies, even the years they came out–I come out here all the time.”

“Thats funny. Me too. You can ask anyone. Disney is life.” You giggled.

Rashelle, belted out into laughter, “it’s true! This girl would rather watch a Disney movie than go out and party. I mean, she’s watched tangled at least a hundred times, maybe more.”

You shrugged your shoulders, “see. I told you.”

Chris locked his gaze with yours, his smile growing by the second. “Fine, then let’s see who the biggest fan is.” He muttered.

For a moment you scanned his face for bluff, until you noticed he was serious. “What do you have in mind?”

He pondered his thoughts for a moment, until he turned on his heels and looked back. “Scott! Hey–Scott, come here bro.” He called out.

Rashelle leaned into your ear slightly squeezing your arm. “Girl, Chris is definitely flirting with you.” She whispered.

You hushed her, shaking your head. “No he’s not!” You chuckled.

The guy that Chris had called over, strode over to Chris’ side.

“This is my brother, Scott.” Chris said, still holding his nephew in his arms. “Scott, this is–” he paused, looking to you.

“Y/N, and this is Rashelle.” You exhaled.

Chris smirked at the way it rolled off your tongue. Finally, a name to the face. One he would never forget.

Scott flashed a smile, quickly shaking both of yours and your best friends hand. “Nice to meet you, ladies.”

“Alright, so Y/N here 'claims’ to be the biggest Disney fan–which is bullshit.” Chris quickly winced, covering Miles’ ear. “Crap, sorry buddy.” He put his nephew down, and patted his back.

“Anyways, I need you to ask us a few tough Disney questions. Whoever gets the first few right, wins.”

Scott belted out into laughter, clutching his stomach. “Oh god!” He cackled. “Okay–okay fine. Anything specific or can I just make them up?”

“I-I don’t know, just something not so obvious.” Chris exclaimed.

His brother thought for a moment until something came to mind. “Okay, Who teaches Mowgli the bare necessities of life?”

“Baloo!!” You both yelled, feeling the competitive side of you coming out.

Chris glanced at you, a smile plastered onto his face as you chuckled.

“What?” You giggled.

He shrugged his shoulders, “N-Nothing! I’m just–” he snapped his gaze to his brother. “Alright, next question.”

Scott smiled, “sheesh, you two must really want to beat each other.”

“Just ask the question already! We don’t have all day!” Chris cackled.

“Fine!” Scott threw his hands up, “which hand is replaced by a hook on Captain Hook?”

Your eyes grew, “ahh I know this! Peter Pan is my favorite movie!” You exclaimed. But for the life of you, you couldn’t remember which one it was and it was driving you crazy. “Crap!” You groaned.

Chris furrowed his brows, squinting his eyes as he winced. “Um, left?” He drawled out, not certain of the answer.

“Correct!” Scott cackled.

“Dammit! I knew that one too!” You pinched the bridge of your nose, feeling disappointed in yourself.

“It’s okay Y/N, you’re just not that big of a Disney nerd as I am.” He winked.

You pointed your finger into his chest, and pursed your lips. “The game isn’t over yet, buddy.”

He let out a chuckle, “you’re right, it isn’t. But it will be soon. When I win.”

Rashelle raised a hand, grabbing your guys attention. “I have one.” She stated. “Who was the first Disney princess?”

Chris took in a sharp breath, “shit, wasn’t it–”

“Oh Snow White!” You cut him off.

“Hey! I was about to say that.”

“Well, you took too long.”

Rashelle’s phone went off before he could say another word, which made your body jolt.

It was Penny.

“Hello?” She breathed.

“Where are you guys?!” She asked. “We are about to get on the ride!”

“Okay, we are coming.” She muttered. “We will be there soon.”

The call ended, and she quickly placed it into her pocket.

“We have to go.” She stated, pulling on your arm. Looking at the boys, she sighed. “It was nice meeting you guys!”

You looked up at Chris. Your eyes locking as he flashed a soft smile. You honestly didn’t want to leave, especially since talking to him and being around him somehow made you feel whole. But everything has to come to an end, right?

“Come on! The girls are waiting.” She exclaimed, pulling you along with her.

“B-Bye!” You yelped. Just one last glance, until you spin around and followed her to adventure land. Leaving Chris with his brother and nephew.

He watched you until you faded into the sea of the crowd. Wishing you didn’t have to go. He dug his hands into his pocket, feeling a bit bummed.

“They were beautiful.” Scott muttered.

Chris snapped out of his trance, and turned his attention to his younger brother. “Yea they are.”

“Who knows, maybe we will run into them again.”

He slowly nodded, the thought giving him a small piece of hope. “Yea, maybe.”

Miles tugged at Chris’ shirt. “Uncle Chris, that girl forgot her Minnie ears.”

Chris looked at his nephew and furrowed his brows. “Oh shit, Looks like she did!”

In that moment, he felt lucky. Lucky that his nephew noticed the ears, lucky that now he has a reason to go after you and return your item.

“Hey, Scott. Watch Miles okay?” He said.

Scott took the little boys hand, his brows scrunched together. “Where are you going?”

Chris shot him a cheeky grin, “I’m taking a risk." 

Should I make a part two? Let me know here! 

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            hawig mo si ganito. Hawig mo si ganyan.

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Birthday Surprise- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Ok so lucky day guys! You get three imagines today! I’m gonna try and crank out three tomorrow too! We’ll see! So Thursday was Mo’s birthday and so I got a request for a birthday surprise (which I had actually started beforehand anyway)! So enjoy!

Warnings: irritation with Flyers fans

Request: I know this is a little late but in honor of Morgan Reilly’s birthday I was hoping you could do a cute imagine where his girlfriend comes to town and surprises him at the game💕 thanks love


              “Excuse me!” you stated loudly, pushing around the Flyers fans standing in your way. “Stupid, unreasonable Flyers fans” you mumbled under your breath. You were not in a good mood and you were already running late.

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