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Iris and Mon El AREN'T the couple. Candice and Chris will play two DIFFERENT characters called Millie and Tommy. They are in love. Not Iris and Mon El. Okay? Okay.

Let’s get this right before everything goes crazy. Because haters are rising and I’m getting defensive again. People saying #saveiris. Save her from what? She’s not in danger.

So at RTX I got a bunch of staff (from most RT branched companies too) to sign/draw in my Reality Augmentation Journal! And here’s the outcome! If you want to know what they drew/why send me an ask cause for some I can give answers, some not.

Top Row (right to left): Gray, Griffon, Kara, Patrick
Second Row (right to left): Artist Joe, Matt, Shannon, Steffie
Third Row (right to left): Chris, Caleb, Jack, Millie, Mica, Adam Ellis
Fourth Row (right to left): Jeremy, Spencer, Dan (Creatures), Zonbi, Ryan, Moof

Hearing melissa and grant sing again was heaven for me. And then when Jesse sang was so content. Plus I love hearing Carlos, John and Jeremy sing any time. That episode was great, wished the broken engagement stayed broken because they seriously have some issues to talk about. But im ignoring that couple and focusing on the rest of the episode. Plus c@ndace and chris as tommy and millie was so adorable! Loved her as millie!

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sis idk who you're following but pretty much everyone I follow and have seen is hyped about chris/tommy x Candice/millie, don't think the majority is against it because they're not, it's just the people you follow

lmfao it’s not even people i follow as much as it is REBLOGS ON MY DASH and people reblogging me crying about it.

mostly anti mon-el ppl who fail to realize this character is not mon-el at all, just like candice said that millie is nothing like iris but, fandom.