chris meshak

Day one of visiting DF MX for Mexico Dub Tour 2014. Which actually only consists of 2 dates with my crew but the mighty Pupa Jim and Stand High Patrol are coming in as well. I got in early today around 2p. Caught a legit taxi but dude tried to get me for an extra 90 pesos like a sucker. I only know this because Amrane told me it should be about 200, so hell yes for homies. I got in to the hotel, dropped my shit and walked around tthe corner to meet Eker with Illegal Skuad. IS is a Mexican crew who has a shop over here in the historic district of downtown. After that I walked around for awhile to get some tacos and explore. I have a vague remembrance of the streets around here. Also, to be noted 10 FOOT is the first writer I saw here as he had a bad ass throw with a Bode character for the one right across the street from the airport that every one passes as they leave. Dude is up and also SILER who apparently is still getting down. 

Anyways I was walking around, looking for a cool bar and asking around to people who looked cool. I got some weed, and coincidentally saw some Rastas that we are doing the show with tomorrow. HERMANIDAD SOUND.

Cool guys and we have a common friend, Ras Gilbert from San Anto who has been making big moves this year. True Roots Ras G. Anyways I thanked my new comrades and went on by myself. Got a beer, walked around more, and came back to the hotel. I got the shower running so I can smoke this weed.


My new video, please take a literal minute to watch if you have time


Reachin 4 da mask - SVDFVCE D

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