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Could you do headcanons with the Paladins + Allura and Coran, when there so uses them as a pillow?

•wow he’s just so in awe of them, their hair is soft and they look cute and wow
•he tries not to move at all he’s so scared of waking them he tenses up and they wake up bc their pillow isn’t soft anymore
•when he finally relaxes again, he strokes their hair and memorizes the features of their face

•Lance is not comfortable honestly what a bean pole so when his s/o lays on them it’s with a small pillow but he’s so happy he could cry
•they’re so cute! is all he can think. He is like a happy puppy he squirms in excitement
•he just sits there for a while with his arms around them letting his happiness consume him

•He’s a little awkward about it at first, like… Um what are u doing but he eventually gets used to it
•he thinks it’s kinda cute (really cute) and his face gets super red
•"wow ur kind of heating up? Do u have a fever?“
“No of course not shut up and keep laying there! Stop laughing at me >:(”

•he is the living pillow everyone lays on him but when his s/o does it it feels special and it makes him feel important
•his s/o lays their head on his stomach and he feels like he’s glowing
•he puts his hands on their back and it feels like that’s right where they belong

•Their s/o’s head rest right in the crook of their shoulder and their hair tickles Pidge’s face and it’s adorable
•they smell so nice and Pidge doesn’t know what to think and that’s weird but it’s nice at the same time
•eventually Pidge’s shoulder starts to hurt but they’re super ok with it

•she never really had anyone lay on her like this before it’s a little strange but if humans do it why not
•she doesn’t know where to put her hands so she rests them on her s/o’s back somewhat awkwardly
•eventually, she gets comfortable with it and even finds herself enjoying the feeling of warmth

•he’s so in awe if cuddling like??? Humans are fantastic
•"what are you doing?“
"Umcuddling? Ur warm?”
“This is fantastic. Why haven’t I heard of this???”
“Aliens my dude”
•Coran demands to be the pillow man after this he wants to cuddle all the time it’s his new favorite thing

Idk I feel like altean’s are kind of like the elves from lotr they’re not touchy but they have strong familial bands u kno

Lance make out scene

“You know,” Lance said, stretching his arm around you, “back at the Garrison, they called me the ‘Makeout Master.’” You shifted on the couch to look at him and cocked your eyebrow.

“Really? I find that a little hard to believe,” you remarked. Lance gasped, putting his hand on his chest, feigning hurt.

“You wound me. Why don’t you come over here and find out?” he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed.

“Yeah, why don’t I?” You moved closer to him, your hips pressing together before just throwing your legs over his lap and your arms around his shoulders.

His face moved towards yours, locking his dark brown eyes with your before pushing your lips together and it was like melting.

His lips were smooth and tasted like strawberries. His skin was warm and smelled like the ocean. You pushed your lips against his with a little more pressure, and he let them slip together. You could feel your skin getting hotter and you suddenly were on fire. Small noises came from the back of your throat, and you could hear Lance’s small groans.

Lance pulled away, breathing deeply, and let his forehead rest against your. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.

“You’re beautiful,” you replied. “And maybe you are the 'Makeout Master.’ Maybe.” He grinned.

“This deserves a celebratory kiss.” You hummed in agreement and met his lips again.

It was more passionate than the first time, not even bothering to start small. You nipped at his bottom lip and his small sounds got a little louder, coming from the back of his throat. You giggles and pulled away.

“Who’s the 'Makeout Master’ now?, huh?”


So i know you guys , almost the whole tmi fandom wants =Conor Mclain as Jonathan/Sebastian

but i just found someone who could be PERFECT for the cast !

Chris Woods aka Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries


he is already playing as a crazy psychopath on TVD ( even if he changed a bit on the show ) but anyway , i’m sure he’d be awsome !

I found this picture of him with dyed hair , when the idea hit me !

What do you all think ?