chris mclain


Sooo. Since everyone is so smart and loud and quick to attack everyone else on this goddamn site for using Unlucky Purple Shit as a FC and not suggest anyone else (because god forbid you actually take some concrete action in the name of your SJWism and do something positive instead of just bashing people who sacrifice their time and energy to give you something nice to look at), here are some alternative Draco Malfoy FCs because god knows we have enough pasty white boys to go around :

Part one:

Ivan Cladiu Vlad / Paul Craddock / Brian Bettencourt /
Thomas Penfound / Conor Mclain / Chris Close /
Benjamin Jarvis / Jonas Kloch / Paul Boche

*this is just what I found in ONE hour on pinterest and google, so if anybody on that list is shady too, please don’t jump on my neck: do your own research and tell me/us if you find something problematic.TY. 


So i know you guys , almost the whole tmi fandom wants =Conor Mclain as Jonathan/Sebastian

but i just found someone who could be PERFECT for the cast !

Chris Woods aka Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries


he is already playing as a crazy psychopath on TVD ( even if he changed a bit on the show ) but anyway , i’m sure he’d be awsome !

I found this picture of him with dyed hair , when the idea hit me !

What do you all think ?