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The Pomegranate Explained

Dana Gould: “He tells Carol that he knows who she is right at the beginning when he talks about the pomegranate.”

Chris Hardwick: “Right”

Dana Gould: “He is not talking about the pomengranates.
He goes - It’s sweet fruit surrounded by bitter, but heaven for the effort.”

Chris Hardwick: “Right”

Dana Gould: “That’s Carol”

Chris Hardwick: “YEAH”

Dana Gould: “Then at the end when he says you really gotta try these, what he’s saying is ‘You have to accept yourself.’”

Chris Hardwick: “Right! And you can work here, you can be part of a community, you don’t need to run….
And of course even at the end when she was like, 'I don’t want to be here, I am just going to be over there’…
She just needs her space. She just needs her space to figure out whatever is going on in her head…”

October 30, 2016 - Talking Dead “The Well” 702

*The POMEGRANATE represents CAROL.*

It was introduced in the first scene Carol has with Ezekiel, when she first meets him and is still wearing her mask.

“It’s sweet fruit surrounded by bitter, but heaven for the effort.”

The POMEGRANATE returns at the end of the episode in the last scene with Ezekiel, to complete the allusion value of the POMEGRANATE metaphor.
He introduced it into the narrative and directly related it to Carol, which means that the full meaning of the metaphor the writers were trying to convey had to have HIM reminding both CAROL and US, as the audience, to the pomegranate in order to maximize the value of their 'point’.
That’s why Ezekiel showed up at Carols door.

Ezekiel now knows who she is and how she is (in this situation - the pomegranate) and the scene implies that he is pleased that Carol had chosen to stay on the terms he suggested.
It also implies that Carol will have a connection the Kingdom on her 'own terms’, without needing to wear the mask all the time.
She doesn’t have to ACT all the time.
She is being given time and space to work on her true self and not just the ACT or the MASK.

What the scene and the pomegranate DO NOT imply is that Carol will surely now have a romantic connection with Ezekiel.

The writers had her not accept the pomegranate in the first scene because they were trying to say that Carol still wasn’t accepting herself.
She was still running.
By the end of the episode she had stopped running but on her own terms.
Ezekiel offering her a pomegranate in that scene and Carols expression mirror her struggle with that self-acceptance.

This is all about Carol accepting herself - NOT about Carol accepting Ezekiel.
Will she come to terms with who she is or will she keep hiding, running and punishing herself?
She didn’t take the pomegranate from him so we still don’t know!


Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus and the cast of TWD

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Chris: “I wanna show you guys this, this is actually pretty awesome. This is the Daryl Wings keychain wallet! And it’s uh, it’s got a key thing that’s an ear piece! And on the inside are the people that Daryl loves. It’s got Rick and it’s got Carol over there as well.
(Collective awwwww from audience.)


Carol: “Didn’t even notice. You got your bike back.”
Daryl: “Yeah…You got another one of those (cigarette)?…Thanks.”
Carol: “Those people you met. The ones in the burned forest? They took it from you?”
Daryl: “Yeah”
Carol: “You saved them, right?…”
Daryl: _______
Carol: “I’m sorry. It’s who you are. We’re still stuck with that.”
Daryl: “No, we ain’t. I should have killed them…”

*the way they use ‘we’ makes my heart sing*   


Chris Hardwick: “What do you think is going on there?”

Paul Feig:“I think he [Daryl] just validated what Carol did. I think she…I mean just the idea that he didn’t kill them and the fact that he let them go…something bad happens. Well done, Carol!” 

March 13, 2016 - Talking Dead

Robin L. Taylor: “It was very sweet but also at the same time, part of me wants the two of them to get together, I don’t know if I am the only one who feels that….”

Chris Hardwick: “I do too…right here”

Robin L. Taylor: “But it’s a kiss on the forehead…which is such uh…would it…”

Chris Hardwick: “That’s…It’s the gateway kiss.


February 15, 2015 Talking Dead

*Reveals TWD Sam as a CARYL shipper
*Re-confirms once again that Chris Hardwick has shipped CARYL forever!

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