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Former WWE superstar Chris Masters saves his mother’s life.

According to TMZ, Christopher Mordetzky (better known as Chris Masters) rushed to his mother’s house to assess a situation. Apparently, a neighbor had went batshit and barricaded himself as well as Mordezky’s mother inside his mother’s home. When Mordetzky arrived, the neighbor told him that if anyone attempted to enter the home, he would set the place on fire.

Mordetzky attempted to reason with the man, who wasn’t trying to hear any of it. Rather than put the bastard in the MasterLock until his head popped off, Mordetzky called the police. When the police arrived, the neighbor set fire to the home. This prompted Mordetzky to uproot a tree with his bare fucking hands and toss it through the window. He then climbed inside and saved his mother’s life. Afterward, the police retained the neighbor and he is now being held in custody. Mordetzky provided the above photos from the incident.

Mordetzky tweeted about the incident:

Saved my moms life!Son ofaBitch barricaded my mom in her apt & set the place on fire.I Broke my moms window with police help,&pulled herOut. Heres the aftermath.So thankful my moms alive!!!!!!!!!“

"Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.AHole got his from me!!!And is in jail as I type this.Moms resting comfortably with me at my place.”

Just… wow. There are a billion words that I can say about this incident, but the first that come to mind are to mention what a bad son of a bitch Masters is. To try to talk sense into a guy threatening his mother’s life is one thing, but to RIP A TREE FROM THE GROUND and THROW IT through a window, then CLIMB INTO A FIRE, you’re a fucking action hero. Kudos to you, Chris. Seriously, you are amazing.


“I felt like the WWE had all of the elements that I was really passionate about combined into one, because I was always very competitive. I was a gymnast growing up and I was interested in martial arts, so I had that competitive spirit for sure, but I also loved to perform, I love to entertain and I love to travel. To be honest, the thing that I really loved about the WWE is the work that it does with the community, whether through Make-a-Wish or visiting the troops overseas. I felt that these are elements of myself that I really love, so I felt that the Diva Search was a thing that would be right up my alley. I still didn’t know quite what I was getting myself into, but five years later I know that it was meant to be.” - Eve Torres

Wrestler Chris Masters Uproots Tree With His Hands To Save Mother From Burning House

A WRESTLING star has ripped a tree out of the ground and used it as a battering-ram to save his mother from a burning house.

Celebrity and entertainment news website TMZ reports that former WWE star Chris Masters rushed to his mother’s Los Angeles home after being warned a neighbour had ‘gone crazy’ and locked himself inside her house.

The man set the house alight shortly after the former wrestler had attempted to coax him outside.

Masters broke open the window and pulled his mother out of the inferno as police arrived.

The man is in custody.


I never knew I needed this in my life until now.


Drew McIntyre Vs. Chris Masters
WWE Superstars - May 12th, 2011

When Tumblr user and SOW follower butchrosser mentioned that this match was one of his “match of the year” matches a few years ago, I raised an eyebrow, simply because it seemed like such a random match to reference. After watching the match in full, it’s understandable as to why it would be. Though this match wasn’t a headliner at a pay per view, it was a match epic enough to gain the notoriety to be as such. Both Masters and McIntyre are incredibly talented wrestlers who hadn’t gotten the shake they deserved. They were both working to not only deliver the best match that they could, but also to show why they were worthy of being on the main shows.