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When you realize that Chris Evans is just as much of a sassy little spitfire, up to take down any bigots, as Steve Rogers. #PerfectFit #TeamCapTillTheEnd (x)

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For my 1000 post I decided to make a Reblog-able Master List Post

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I may not frequently update this, but as of 11/22/2016 this is completely up to date with all of my writings. I take requests for all of the characters/actors listed below (no smut). Enjoy, I hope it’s useful!

* means over 200 notes
** means over 300 notes
*** means it is my most popular one shot (at the time of update)


It’s Going to Work! 
   -Movie night with the Avengers (Inspired by the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Bruce Banner
You’re an Idiot
   -Bruce is shy about his feelings for you

Bucky Barnes
I Can’t Touch You**
   -While on a mission, Bucky becomes the Winter Solider
   -Your son gets kidnapped by HYDRA (Inspired by Home from the play version of Beauty and the Beast)
Wrong Number
   -You call Bucky instead of Natasha on accident
•Paralysis Doesn’t Change You
   -A mission goes bad, leaving you in the hospital

Clint Barton
Handcuffs and Broken Thumbs 
   -You and Natasha get kidnapped

Peter Parker
My Hero*
   -You are saved one night by Spiderman 
Prom Night
   -The school jerk asks you to prom as a prank and leaves you heartbroken in Peter’s arms (Based off a scene in Never Been Kissed)
   -Peter paints your nails for you
Who Is Petra?
   -You lie to your dad, Tony Stark, about who you hang out with all the time

Pietro Maximoff
   -Pietro falls for you at a Stark party

Steve Rogers
•The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers 
   -You are receiving flowers from a secret admirer
Lady In Red 
   -Steve dances with you at one of Tony’s parties (Based off Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh and Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen)
Selfless (Pre Serum!Steve)
   -Steve has liked you for a while, but will not talk to you because he fears that you do not like him (Inspired by Uptown Girl by Billy Joel)

Tony Stark
   -As a childhood friend of tony’s, you’re the only one allowed to call him by his full name

Chris Evans
Never Been Kissed *
   -Your best-selling book is being made into a movie and Chris is the lead male (Loosely based upon the movie Never Been Kissed)
Nineteen Years Later
   -You were supposed to go to prom with Chris in high school and meet him again years later
The Sister 
   -You visit your brother, Tom, on set
•The Patriots VS. the 49ers
   -Your relationship is built off football
•The Director 
   -Chris wants to direct the movie adaptation of your book
Don’t Wanna Be All By Myself* 
   -Chris gets drunk one night and announces your relationship to the public

Sebastian Stan
   -Sebastian is your costar in a movie (Based off Mamma Mia! The Movie)
Scottish Folds 
   -Sebastian loves your Scottish Fold, although he’s allergic
Why 1982 Is the Best Year 
   -Sebastian overhears an argument between you and your friend
Difficult Dodger 
   -Sebastian dogsits Dodger for Chris

Tom Holland
Handstand Kisses
   -Tom wants to try a handstand kiss with you
I Dare You (AU) * 
   -You grew up with Tom (Based off Mary’s Song by Taylor Swift)
•Best Friends’ Brother** 
   -You are best friends with Tom’s twin brothers, Sam and Harry
•Thinking Out Loud 
   -Tom learns the dance to Thinking Out Loud for you because you were the dancer in Ed Sheeran’s music video
K-I-S-S-I-N-G ***
   -You are Tom’s costar in Spiderman: Homecoming and have never been kissed
You’re the One That I Want**
   -Harrison sets you and Tom up on Halloween (Halloween one shot; Inspired by the movie Grease)
Un-Break My Heart*
   -You and Tom broke up months ago, but both of you are suffering from the heartache.


Can we take a moment to appreciate how Yuri’s eros performance is book ended by these two scenes?

Yuri does something very dominant, skates his seduction perfectly, and then Victor responds with something very submissive. Not because that’s their dynamic all the time, but because they are perfectly in sync with each other.

Taken with Chris’s master/slave comments before the last short program, this gives me an odd sense that the writers are totally telling us through subtext that these two are versatile. Actually, that’s overstating things a little, but it’s what I am choosing to infer.

I feel like

The ink master judges are all different versions of high school clique fuck boys.  Dave Navarro is the Goth/drama fuck boy. 

 Oliver Peck is the skater/stoner fuck boy. 

 Chris Nunez is the preppy/swag fuck boy.

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