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So, Saurian has released a full list of playable choices for the upcoming ballot. The choices are Anzu, Ornithomimid (Presumably Struthiomimus), Anatosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Denversaurus. They all have interesting gameplay elements (EX: Herd dynamics with Anatosaurus, call mimicking for Anzu, guarding resources from other herbs as Ankylosaurus, etc) As a backer myself, it's hard for me to narrow down my options for the time being.


(Src: Chris Masna/RJ Palmer, Saurian Twitter)

~ @spinosaurus-the-fisher

Meg Edit: I’m on team Anzu/Anatosaurus for the win

I get to meet Emily Graslie on April 2 <3 I am excite. :D

There’s a beer-and-presentation meetup at the Field Museum and my dad was like “oh hell yes” when I told him about it. She’s seriously one of my role models, even with everything I hate about idolatry.

And her message to me and my parents during our first holiday season/birthday without my brother around made both me and my dad cry, because we’re huge fans of her already. I know her tangentially, as we reblog each other on here from time-to-time and respond to each others posts, but knowing she actually reads some of the not-biology/irrelevant personal crap I put on biomedicalephemera sometimes made me really happy.

So a month before my wedding and a month after my wedding I have big things I’m doing with my pops. In June we’re going to see Eddie Izzard in Milwaukee (and also meeting Taco and his wife!). Gonna be a busy few months until then.