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I have a hard time keeping track of when all the Yogscast member’s birthdays are, so I thought I would make a post to help myself and everyone else out! Feel free to add any I’ve missed!

Chris Trott (Trottimus): February 5, 1988
Duncan Jones (Lividcoffee): March 1, 1987
Simon Lane (Honeydew): March 14, 1978
Tom Clarke (Sparkles*): March 17, 1988
Ted Forsyth (Pyrion Flax): March 29, ?
Martyn Littlewood (Inthelittlewood): April 7, 1990
Joakim Hellstrand (Rythian): April 22, 1985
Liam Mackay (Nilesy): May 8, 1986
Alex Smith (Alsmiffy): May 20, 1988
Will Strife (Strife): May 24, 1987
Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia): May 25, 1988
Chris Lovasz (Sips): June 5, 1980
Brooke Lawson (Dodger): August 6, 1987
Toby Cottrell (SoTotallyToby): August 30, 1996
Ross Hornby (Djh3max): September 7, 1988
Mark Turpin (Turpster): September 7, 1985
Rick van Laanen (Zylus): September 8, 1992
Sam Thorne (Strippin): September 13, 1988
Anya Ferris (MintyMinute): October 13, 1987
Lewis Brindley (Xephos): October 22, 1983
Harry Marshall (VeteranHarry): October 25, 1995
Sam Gibbs: December 14, 1991
John Cochrane (Panda): December 14, 1986
Kim Richards (Nanosounds): December 15, 1984
Paul Sykes (Sjin): December 24, 1983

I hope this is helpful to everyone! Feel free to add any more you find out, or edit any I’ve messed up. :)
Edit: Added Rythian’s birthday and Toby’s birth year!

This literally took about a week but it is DONE!

I’m going to printing this off as a poster and taking it to comic con

But hey! Super Smash Yogs!