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[TW 6B SPOILERS] According to someone who has the script for 6x20:

- Derek comes back because one of the Hales die.
- There’s a lot of Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Derek screentime.
- Stiles and Derek are in a scene with Scott. (I’m not sure if they’re in any others.)
- Stydia will be endgame. There is no rain kiss but they have boyfriend/girlfriend banter.
- Jackson comes back. - Mason and Corey are endgame.
- Derek gets a happy ending.
- There’s a flash forward and Scott is successful and married in it but they don’t say who he’s married to.
- Theo helps Liam’s pack, hence all the old characters coming back for one final battle.
- There will be no Kira, unfortunately.
- Episode is Hale centric.
- Melissa and Chris are also endgame.
- Parrish gets a final scene with the sheriff but his story really isn’t wrapped up, or something.
- There’s a flash forward.
- The ending is epic.

(All from TwSpoilers on Twitter.)

It ain't over yet!

He gave us Stiles’s name and all but there’s still one more mystery. WHO THE FUCK IS GREENBERG??????

REBLOG IF YOU WANNA KNOW WHO GREENBERG IS!!!!!!Originally posted by teenwolfstydia

How to feel better about life 101 (the Teen Wolf addition): 

  • think about how happy and proud Allison must be in heaven seeing how much Scott has accomplished and that he’s going to UC Davis
  • and how overjoyed she must be that Lydia and Stiles have finally gotten together and her girl is happy
  • and that she must be absolutely thrilled that her dad found love again in Melissa because goals
  • basically just think about Allison Argent looking down at her friends and seeing how far they’ve come and that they’ve beat the unbeatable, even without her there to help