chris martinizer

Here’s a companion artwork to go with the one-shot (?) I posted a while back. (here)

The story itself was spawned by a sketch I did in my concept sketchbook of Chris sprawled out with a heating pad on his back, which eventually led to me writing this story, but I wanted to draw Martin too.

Someone: You’re too obsessed with your celebrity crushes. You need to find someone who makes you happy.

Me: They make me happy so fuck you


Teen Wolf just gave me something that I didn’t know that i need but now that I have it I need more of it.

I seriously think about this everyday and I’m just so proud of Harry. Like he deserves their support so much and their acceptance is wonderful.


Lydia is basically a mom that is done with her kids shit


The men of Hollywood embrace the black theme at the 2018 Golden Globes.

“my smol precious baby whom I will protect with my life” whispers the fifteen year old teenager to the 40 year old middle aged man on TV.