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The Movie Maestro’s Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) dir. James Gunn

While the rest of the MCU is primarily concerned with overarching stories and large-scale world building, Guardians 2 is happily unaffected by this main Marvel mandate, giving James Gunn room to breathe in ways even Joss Whedon wasn’t afforded. Setting the story a mere three months after the first, Gunn finally answers the biggest questions leftover from that film, introducing Star Lord’s father, the living planet Ego. Kurt Russell’s performance is just one of many actor highlights of the feature, and the crazy visual style enters Jodorowsky-esque, space age mythology. If you’re wondering whether or not anything could top the original Guardians, quit wondering and just go watch this movie already. Just stay through the credits; it’s a Marvel movie, for Ego’s sake.

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