chris kotsiopoulos photography

The solar orb at its lowest

A few days ago we passed the point of solstice, where the sun stands still and starts its journey back north or south (depending on your hemisphere). As well as the shortest night/longest day, the sun also travels the lowest/highest in the sky for the year. For those in the north here is a photo of the sun’s path over the course of the day snapped over Lulworth Cove on England’s Jurassic Coast, with 5 images stacked, taken between sunrise and sunset. The cove spans 115 degrees of arc, while the sun at this latitude on the shortest day 103, framing the event very nicely. The narrow entrance diffracts the waves, creating the semi circular ripples in the bay. The photo was taken a couple of days before, but it doesn’t matter, as the sun barely moves for a couple of weeks either side of solstice, before speeding through the equinox.


Image credit: Chris Kotsiopoulos