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“I’m so sorry babe!” You both turned and looked at eachother, blushing and panicking. 

“Wait, did he just call you babe?” Ellen asked, everyone in the audience screaming. 

You both just grinned in embarrassment before he grabbed your chin and kissed your lips, the audience going insane

Speak Now (Chris Evans AU)

no hard feelings on jenny slate!!! i was more than upset when they broke up actually she’s a good girlfriend and SHE VOICED BELLWETHER IN ZOOTOPIA LIKE ????? 

song used: speak now by taylor swift

Y/N sat in the minivan, her eyes steadied on her lap. Her hands were touching the pale blue dress that she wore, in honor of the wedding.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Scarlett asked her, her green eyes soft. Y/N smiled at her concern, even if they haven’t seen each other for nearly a decade. “I know you’re upset about not getting invited, but I’m sure it was Jenny’s fault. I heard from somewhere that she erased your name from the list of people she invited. Certainly, if he could have the chance, he would invite you first. You were his best friend, after all.”

Were. Were.

Y/N nodded slowly, ignoring the looks she was getting from Scarlett.

“We’re here. I think the others are inside getting dressed. Sebastian will meet us at the entrance.” Anthony said from the driver’s seat, parking the minivan in the church parking lot. “Y/N, stop it with the long face. It’s not like we can tell Chris he can’t marry her.” Anthony said bluntly.

“I—I know.” Y/N said, her voice cracking at the end. Scarlett and Anthony’s gazes on her softened. She shook her head as she started getting intimidated by their staring. “Let’s just get inside, yeah?”

Both of her friends nodded and they stepped out of the minivan, Y/N following in suite. Her flats hit the pavement almost with no sound and she smiled bittersweetly at the sight of the roses decorated outside of the church.

She watched as Scarlett and Anthony made their way to the church, and she followed behind quietly. She stepped onto the marble stairs and were ushered in by the duo, who followed her inside the decorated hall.

“Names?” the man standing at a desk asked them.

“Anthony Mackie.” Anthony said, his eyes darting to Y/N. “Scarlett Johansson, and uh, Y/N Y/L/N.” he finished, and Y/N could tell by the man’s expression that she wasn’t on the list of guests.

“Um, sir, I don’t see anyone by the name of Y/N Y/L/N on the list.” He looked at the other two. “You both can go inside now—“

“Anthony? Scarlett?” Y/N jumped at the all-too familiar voice of Chris, who walked into the church entrance. His eyes widened when he saw Y/N with them. “Y/N? Y-you came! I’m so glad you could come!” He made his way past the guard, grabbing her by the wrist and bringing her to his chest, hugging her tightly.

Y/N was surprised, considering the last time she saw the boy, the circumstances hadn’t been brilliant. But nonetheless, she hugged him back, a ghost smile on her face.

“I—but the problem is,” she began after pulling away from Chris’s hug. “I—I never actually got invited …” she said awkwardly. Chris blinked for a second before turning the man behind him, who gulped in fear.

“Add Y/N Y/L/N to the guest list, please.”

Y/N smiled; she glad to see Chris hadn’t changed his gentlemanly ways, even with a selfish bride.

“Excuse me, but where are the mints?” Y/N turned around to see a lady in a blue pantsuit ask her, her nose turned up in disgust. “You aren’t supposed to be in here, you’re supposed to be in the back. I should tell Jenny to fire you.”

“Mrs. Slate!” Chris jumped at the woman, while Y/N stood there, flustered, red, and confused. “This is my friend, Y/N. She—she’s not one of the caterers.” he cleared up, the lady narrowing her eyes at her.

She was supposed to be Chris’s mother-in-law?

“Oh,” she murmured. “You just seemed to look like you wore a cheap uniform, so I assumed as much.” she said bitterly, causing Y/N to look down to her feet in embarrassment. The woman walked past them, not bothering to check in, towards the back of the church.

Y/N ignored Scarlett and Anthony’s eyes that were looking at her nervously, as Chris cleared his throat in an attempt to settle the awkwardness.

“A-anyways, let me show you around! Sebastian should be upstairs getting ready, and I’m sure he’d be happy to see you all!” Chris said cheerfully.

Y/N stepped into line behind Scarlett and Anthony, following Chris through the pews to the stairs where Sebastian stood at the top, his eyes cast to the mirror in front of him. He gave a smile to Y/N when he noticed her appearance, glad to see her get into the wedding without too much trouble.

“Hey, you guys.” He greeted, giving his two friends a great friendship hug before giving Y/N a personalized hug of her own. As she went to pull away, he asked her, “You okay?” She nodded.

“Uh, Scarlett, Anthony want to come over and see some … cool stuff?” Chris said awkwardly, but was able to convince his two friends and they left the room, leaving Sebastian and Y/N alone.

“He shouldn’t be marrying her.” Sebastian said, sighing as he sat down on the red leather couch. “You should be the one he’s marrying. He doesn’t love her. I know it. If you would say something—“

UGH! Christine! You ruined my nail polish!

The two jumped in surprise when the shrilly voice of Chris’s bride was heard from the other room. One of the bridesmaids was apologizing profusely, but Jenny was having none of it.

Since you ruined my nail polish, I’ll ruin your whole look with nail polish!

Multiple gasps erupted from the room and two things dropped to the floor, to what Y/N could assume were nail polish bottles. Soon enough, the door of the room opened and Christine was running away with sobs escaping her mouth. She could only imagine that Jenny spilled hot pink and baby blue nail polish not only on her dress but literally on her hair and makeup.

She turned back to Sebastian, who now had an expression that said see-what-I-mean? “Sebastian, don’t say that.” she said, stubbornly ignoring the thoughts of Chris getting on one knee with a ring in his hand, asking for her hand of marriage. “He—he must love her … why else would he marry her? It won’t make sense, then.” she trailed off, her head turning away from him.

“He still loves you even though he has been with Jenny for a long time.” Sebastian stated. “Admit it, you still love him, and you’re afraid to face your feelings.” His voice was stern, and Y/N tensed up, turning her head back to him. “If you don’t say something, you’ll ruin his whole life.”

“I don’t want to ruin their wedding, Sebastian.” Y/N growled, growing angry. Sebastian scoffed and smirked. He stood up and leaned down to her ear. “Trust me,” he whispered. “This isn’t the wedding Chris needs to be in.”

Y/N sat in the pew quietly. Small flower girls tossed an assortment of several flowers. After a few minutes of the little girls prancing around the aisle, tossing enough flower petals to make any allergic person sneeze a couple times, the wedding music began to play.

When the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle, Anthony was, unfortunately, missing a partner. Y/N looked away from them, feeling grief for Christine. She looked at Chris on the altar, who nervously tapped his thigh. Their eyes met for a moment, but Y/N looked away quickly to prevent herself from bursting into tears. She’d ruin Jenny’s big day if she looked at him, even if she was already ruining her life from the start.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen stopped across from Sebastian, the bridesmaids eyeing the boy who seemed uninterested in them. Soon all the eyes were on the bride, who looked like a big cotton ball beside her small father. Y/N figured she got all her traits from her mother.

Jenny side-eyed Y/N, hatred burning brightly in her eyes. She watched her smile turn into a nasty look for a moment. Y/N could only look away in embarrassment, losing against their little contest at who was better at being better.

Her eyes met Chris’s again as Jenny took her place next to him. The bridesmaids and groomsmen had to shuffle around to let her gigantic dress through. His eyes twinkled at her for a moment before he turned to the young woman next to him, smiling an obviously fake smile.

Y/N could only look down to her hands. You were not about to ruin her big day.

Y/N stared at the couple as they began to exchange vows, Chris going first.

“I love every,” he paused, glancing at Y/N, but he went unnoticed. “E-every quality that my lovely bride-to-be has. All of her, uh,” he paused again and glanced at his shoes. Y/N’s eyes locked with Sebastian’s. He was looking at her as if he wants her to stand up and stop the whole wedding.

She shook her head and forced her head down.

She wouldn’t ruin their wedding.

“All of her flaws,” Chris gulped, sweating under all the gazes on him. “They’re—they’re not even flaws, to me …” He continued to talk in a shaky manner, and Y/N watched his bride’s expression grow angrier every time he paused, the same time Y/N grew even more upset about the entire situation.

She couldn’t ruin their wedding.

Even if the bride is ruining her life.

She listened to Jenny say her own vows, quickly and every now and then she’d give Chris’s triceps a squeeze, causing his smile to fall a little more every minute.

He truly looked unhappy.


She wouldn’t. She couldn’t.

Then the preacher began to say vows, Chris gulping every time he responded, tugging at the collar of the white dress shirt he wore. Jenny only held and squeezed his arm, clearly trying to calm him down and make him look good on their special day. Her special day.

Y/N knew that he hated it when someone squeezes his arms; he always preferred hugs. She felt terrible for even coming to this wedding, because she just had to do this.

Not for Scarlett, Anthony, Sebastian, or anyone else.

But for herself.

And for Chris.

“Do we have any objections to these two getting married?” the preacher asked. Y/N locked eyes with Sebastian and she gulped nervously. She stood up slowly, inhaling sharply.

“I object to this marriage.”

Y/N looked at Chris who seemed almost … relieved.

“I-I object to this marriage, because—because I know Chris wouldn’t marry a woman like Jenny, who only likes him because of his popularity and wealth.” she said, now feeling the courage she needed bubble inside of her. “Chris is a—a sweet, loving, wonderful guy. A woman like Jenny doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as him.”

Y/N took a deep breath. “I-I had a chance to be with him, but I wasted it away. I want another chance, Chris.” she croaked out. “You aren’t truly happy with her, are you?” she said, her voice strained at the end. Chris took his arm off of Jenny’s, who now stood alone on the altar, mortified and furious.

Y/N could see the smile on Sebastian’s face as Chris walked down the aisle, his face a mixture of happiness, relief, and pain. She didn’t have to wait for him to make the next move, she just hugged him. She felt him cry to her shoulder.

“You ruined my wedding!” Jenny shrieked, racing towards the two, but was quickly stopped by Sebastian, who glowered menacingly at her.

“Am I worthy of a second chance?” Y/N asked, who was now starting to cry. Chris nodded, and she hugged him tighter, burying her face on the crook of his neck. “You spoke up for me, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I give you a second chance?”

Y/N shouldn’t have ruined their wedding, but Jenny would’ve ruined Chris’s life.

When they said, “Speak now.”

Imagine Chris explaining how he found out you were placed on Team Iron Man.

You and Chris sat in the interview room, waiting for the next interviewer to enter. You were still giggling at how immature Chris had been when Sasha, the previous interviewer, mentioned that you were on Team Iron Man. He didn’t really care, of course, it was all part of the act to promote the movie. The whole reason they put you on Team Iron Man was because you were Chris’ wife; that little conflict of interest was creating a buzz with the media and the fans that promoted the movie in ways no one had imagined.

“You look so beautiful today, sweetheart,” Chris complimented.

“Thank you, honey.” You smiled. “You’re looking very dapper yourself.”

The door clicked open and the next interviewer came in, introducing himself as Max. You both shook hands with him then he sat down and the camera started rolling as he began congratulating the both of you on the success of the movie, as well as your second anniversary, and asking his questions. It didn’t take long for him to bring up the fact that you were on Team Iron Man, like you’d said- it was all people were talking about.

“So I’ve heard that Chris is still sore about you being on Team Iron Man,” Max started. You both chuckled when you heard Chris groan. “Does that make things difficult for you guys at home? Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation going on? Does your husband hold grudges?”

“You have no idea,” you chuckled, glancing at Chris who was trying hard not to laugh because he knew what you were about to say next. “When he found out I was on Team Iron Man, he actually scolded me for-” You started to tell the story but he cut you off before you could finish.

“She’s telling that story way out of context,” Chris held up a finger at you and you chuckled. “You have to know how I found out first to understand why I was upset with her.” He didn’t actually get upset, that was all part of the bid, but they didn’t need to know that. “So- I was having lunch with RDJ and Kevin Feigi when RDJ’s phone rang.” Chris used his hand to make a phone gesture and placed it to his ear, “he picked up, said nothing, then all of a sudden he looks to me with his eyes lit up and fist pumped.” He acted it out as he explained. “Of course, Kevin already knew so he was sitting there laughing softly to himself whereas I’m just completely clueless, wondering what they were both smirking about.”

“When did Robert tell you the news?”

“Immediately after his little cheer and fist pump,” Chris chuckled. “And he didn’t just tell me the news, he freakin’ rubbed it in my face. He was all like- ‘haha, Y/N is on Team Iron Man’, ‘your wife is on Team Iron Man’, 'what are you going to do, man?’ Etcetera, etcetera.”

“He was not happy with me when he got home,” you giggled. “He walked in and slammed the door behind him, tossing a Captain America shirt at me. I think he said, 'it’s Captain America or nothing.’ I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop to remind him that it wasn’t my choice, it was Marvel’s.”

“You know what the worst part of it was?” Chris added, “the entire time we were filming Civil War, she like- ditched me every time RDJ came along because she was on his team. I think one lunch, she told me she couldn’t make it because she was going over to his trailer city.”

“Like you’d pass up an invitation to his trailer for lunch,” you countered, laughing. “He has ditched me before too,” you defended your actions and Max laughed. “Literally, when it comes to going to lunch at RDJ’s- there is no friends or family clause, it’s just- every man for himself.”

“That’s true,” Chris nodded, laughing. “Mackie was so mad when Sebastian got invited and he didn’t, that was like-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left breast. “The best day ever 'cause I remember Mackie coming over to me complaining but I was going too.”

“Getting an invitation from RDJ is honestly the best thing ever, he has amazing food on his trailer. I think that’s the best part about being on Team Iron Man though, 'cause we’re always in scenes together and he always has food on him.” You told Max and heard Chris groan. “But then again,” you placed your hand on Chris’ knee and squeezed it gently, “it’s also great to be married to Captain America because he helps me work all that food off.”

“That’s all I’m good for, huh?” Chris teased, taking your hand in his.

“Well, you’re good for other things too but they’re filming this interview,” you responded with a smirk and Chris and Max laughed. “I can just see that becoming a gif and trending on Tumblr,” you giggled as you turned to the camera. “Can we cut that out, please?”

“That’s not going to happen,” Max chuckled with a shake of his head. “This interview is gold.”

“Yeah, and now it’s on the record that I’m good for other things too.” Chris winked and you laughed.

One To Three

Rating: Everyone!

Genre: A lot of Fluff!

Word Count: 1k

Plot: Chris and Y/N Are expecting their first Child, and it was the day they were going to find out the Gender, but when they get to the hospital, they also find out some other news.

A/N: This is  kinda late, but i was going to post it yesterday, then i ended up going out, and wasn’t home till late. I was also away for a bit, and forgot to bring my computer, but here it is now!

It was a regular Thursday morning in the house. The sun was shining through the curtains, and it was beautiful outside. You looked over to see your husband, Chris, still sleeping. You have been married for a year, and you could have never been happier. He was the man of your dreams. You were 5 months pregnant, and today you guys were going to find out the gender of your baby. You both were extremely happy when you found out that you were pregnant. You always dreamed of having a family. you adored kids, and always dreamed of having your own. Every time you saw Chris with his nieces and nephews, you saw how amazing of a father he is going to be. You sat up and walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. After a shower you headed downstairs, to see your husband cooking breakfast. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him. “Morning Babe” Chris said, turning around and giving you a small kiss. “ and good morning to you to” he said bending down to your belly, placing a kiss on it. You smiled at just the thought of how amazing of a father he was going to be. “ I made your favorite!” He said as you walked over to get a coffee. “Pancakes?” You questioned, raising one eyebrow and bringing your coffee cup to your lips. “Pancakes” he said, turning off the oven. You to headed over to the table and started talking about the appointment. “ Do you think it is going to be a girl or a boy?” You asked taking a bite of your pancakes. “ I think it’s gonna be a boy” he answered. “ I think it’s gonna be a girl” you said, challenging him. “ But If we are being honest here, I will love him or her no matter the gender” he said with a smile. You got up and placed your dishes in the sink, and cleaned up the kitchen while Chris went to grab a shower before you left. All You could do was smile at the thought of how lucky you were. He made all of your dreams come true. When you told your family’s they were beyond exited. But the memories you will always have is the moment you told Chris. A smile grew on his face, and tears started to stream down his face. He pulled you in and hugged you. “Were gonna be parents” he said in your ear, making tears of happiness fall from your eyes.

You arrived at the hospital for your appointment. The whole time Chris had talked about how exited he was and how much he was going to spoil this baby. You have never seen him this exited, and that made you even happier. “You ready to go in and see if we’re going to have a princess or a prince?” He asked you, grabbing your hand, with a huge smile on his face. “ let’s go do this” you said squeezing his hand, walking in to the hospital.

A doctor got you all prepared for your ultrasound, and now you were just waiting for the other one to come and do the scan. Chris was sitting there one hand in yours, and the other one his knee. You two were making small talk when the doctor walked in. “ Hello Mr. And Mrs. Evans, my name is Dr. Hill and I will be doing your ultrasound today” she said with a smile. “Alright let’s get started” she rubbed the gel on your stomach, the the camera that would see your baby. Chris’ knee was jumping up and down with excitement and nervousness.  "Well, it looks like the babies are doing good, and are very healthy" she said with a smile. You let out a sigh of relief knowing that they were healthy. “That’s very go-” that’s when you and Chris realized she said babies. “Wait, did you say babies?” You asked raising an eyebrow. “That is correct. It looks like you guys will be having Triplets” she said looking at the screen. You and Chris immediately looked at each other, with wide eyes. “Triplets?” He said, in a whisper, tears welling up in his eyes “yes baby” you said pulling him close, and kissing him. The doctor spoke up. “Now that you know their are 3, would you like to know the gender?” She asked. “Yes please” you both said, wiping tears from your eyes. She turned to monitor screen towards you to so you could see the babies. “You will be having 2 baby boys, and one baby girl” she said, pointing to where each one was on the monitor. The tears that just finished falling started to return. You both were extremely exited to be having Triplets. Once to doctor finished going over some things to keep you and the babies healthy, you and Chris left the hospital. Right as you closed your door, Chris turned around and pulled you in for a kiss, the started to speak. “ We are having Triplets Y/N!” He said, pulling his forehead to yours. “So it might not be only one baby and may be difficult in the beginning, but we will be able to do this, and we will do this together. We will be out numbered already, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that my wife and babies are do amazing, and our future is bright” he said, tears falling from your eyes. “I love you so much Chris.  Your right, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be the moments in life we will remember the most. You will be a amazing father to out little boys and our baby girl. I can express how exited I am to go through this with the man of my dreams. I love you so much, Chris” you said,  tears now falling from his eyes too. You sat there for a moment in silence, until Chris started to speak up. “We may need to get some more things then” he said, making you giggle. “ and maybe a bigger house” you said,  adding to his comment. He looked at you. “Better get looking then!” He said, starting to car, and leaving the parking lot.

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Imagine Chris taking you around your new home.

A/N: Part 5 is here, y'all. I have to admit, even I got a little choked up writing this. 😅 I might have a wedding for you guys, but we’ll see. Enjoy 💕 (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

You stood in the front yard of your dream house with the man of your dreams; the smile on your face was yet to be wiped off. Chris smiled seeing how happy you were and silently commended himself on such a wonderful job. He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind. “What do you think?” He spoke softly into your hair. “Do you like it?” You turned around in his arms and chuckled when you caught his gaze. “What?” He raised a brow as he dropped his arms.

“You’re insane, you know that?” You quizzed rhetorically, caressing his bearded face with one hand. He chuckled, turning so he could kiss your palm. “I mean-” you dropped your hand and glanced back at the house before turning back to Chris. “You are literally the perfect man.” He laughed. “This whole day has been unreal. You see things like this in the movies, you don’t ever expect…” You trailed off, your hand reaching to touch the small plane pendant resting between your collarbone; Chris smiled. “Who does this in real life?”

“Me,” he smiled and slipped his hand into yours, entwining your fingers. “And it’s not over yet.” You chuckled with a shake of your head. “Yes, I can do this all day.” He smirked when he quoted Captain America’s famous line. “C'mon,” he tugged on your hand and pulled you with him towards the house. “There’s a lot I want to show you.”

“Your letter said you were going to drop to your knee upon seeing me.” You reminded him teasingly, playfully poking his side. “It’s been ten minutes and my finger’s still pretty bare,” you said and he chuckled when you wiggled your left hand for him to see.

“Looks like someone is eager to be my fiancée,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile. “Relax, okay? You’ll definitely have a ring on your finger before the end of the day, I just want to show you around the house first. Do you have your key?” He asked when you reached the front door.

“Of course I do,” you pulled out the key your dad has passed to you earlier. “The keychain was a very nice touch, Captain,” you complimented as you poked the key into the keyhole. You knew it was his way of reminding you how the two of you met.

“I thought so too.”

The door opened and the two of you stepped in; an immediate feeling of home was felt. Chris watched you as your eyes scanned the vicinity, smiling when you smiled. Upon entering the two story stonewall house, a long hallway greeted you; its plain white walls were decorated with photo frames filled with years and years of memories. On your left was the staircase leading upstairs to your three bedrooms and two bathrooms; on your right was the archway entrance to your cozy living room; and straight ahead, you’d find your kitchen/dining area with the breakfast bar, marble benches, and sun nook you’ve always wanted.

“Oh my God,” you breathed as your eyes welled with tears. “Chris-” you turned to him and he chuckled, wrapping you into a hug. “I love you,” you told him, wrapping your arms around him. “You’re amazing and this house is amazing and-” You tried hard to hold back your tears. “I’m so lucky,” you mumbled into his chest.

“So am I,” he kissed the top of your head. “Think you can hold it together until we finish the tour?” He asked, looking down at you as you looked up at him. “You’re more than welcomed to cry when I propose ‘cause I’m going to and I’d like the company.”

“Okay,” you chuckled softly.

He took your hand and showed you around downstairs first. The entire place was fully furnished with all your favorite designers: Kathy Kuo, Vivian Durant, APT2B, Global. The color schemes included all your favorites; Tiffany&Co teal being the most repeated color. The walls held frames that contained- not only photographs, certificates, and awards- but watercolors, prints, and quotes from your favorite Disney movies.

In the living room was a huge flatscreen with surround sound, though you loved watching TV- you knew that was more for Chris and his football games than you. Above the stone fireplace was an enlarged copy of the photograph you both loved from your first Christmas with Chris in Boston; you were kissing by the Christmas tree under the mistletoe when Scott snapped a candid photo, it encapsulated one of the best Christmases of your life in one shot. You smiled and pecked Chris on the cheek when you saw it; he smiled in response.

The two of you moved onto the kitchen where everything was as you’d always dreamed of. You were an actress by trade but if you weren’t, you would have become a pastry chef. You loved baking and having a kitchen like this was your one lifelong wish. The beige marble benches, the hardwood floor, the breakfast bar, the sun nook- it was as though Chris entered your mind to create what you’d been envisioning since you were fourteen.

“I nailed it, didn’t I?” Chris smiled at your smile.

“You did more than just nail it,” you nodded, smiling at him.

“Over there,” Chris grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you towards the grand piano in the corner of the room, “is where I’ll be when you’re working away in the kitchen. I know you’ve always wanted a live band playing whatever song you wanted, whenever you wanted.” You chuckled softly; the ideas you had as a kid. “As much as I want to hire a band to live with us so you can have that, I don’t think it’s realistic.”

“Neither,” you giggled with a shake of your head.

“That’s where I come in,” he smiled. “We’re lucky ‘cause I can play your two of your favorite instruments. The saxophone is still a work in progress, I’ll-” You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. “What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away.

“Everything,” you smiled. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you, Chris. With each passing second, you’re becoming more and more perfect. It’s getting to a point that I don’t think I can live up to you. How am I meant to top this? What am I going to do for your next birthday or our next anniversary or Christmas? Nothing I do will ever, ever come close to what you’ve done for me.”

“Are you serious?” He laughed when you nodded. “Y/N, shall I remind you of the amazing things you’ve done for me? When I was filming ‘Before We Go’ and you were on break, you gave up your downtime to come help me in New York pulling all nighters than you didn’t have to pull.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Do you remember when you took me to Disney World for my birthday? I don’t know how but you got the entire park to make it all about me that day, every show we went to- every ride we took, all the cast members and attendants wished me a happy birthday.”

“Well, it wasn’t-”

“You’ve never once missed an award show or premiere of mine, even if you’re working- you ask for time off to fly to wherever it is so you can be with me. You know I get nervous at those things and you don’t want me to be alone, even if that means risking your own career.” You smiled, no longer trying to minimize the importance of your actions because you knew Chris would just cut you off again. “You are always there for me when I need you to be, Y/N. No matter what, no matter when. Even if you can’t be physically there for me, you still make your love and support known. You love me unconditionally and- that is something not many people are capable of. So if you ask me, this is nothing compared to everything you’ve done and everything you do for me.”

“You’re making it really hard to hold it together,” you told him, wiping a tear away with your finger. He chuckled softly and pressed a kiss against your forehead before taking you upstairs to continue with the tour, saying he wanted to leave the backyard for last.

He took you to the master bedroom first where the two of you would sleep. Both the bedroom and the ensuite was simple and elegant, just the way you liked it. He then led you into the walk-in wardrobe with a small area specifically for you to do your hair and makeup. Like everything else, it was beautiful and perfect and tear-jerking because he just knew you all too well. The other two rooms he showed you, a bedroom for Olive and a nursery for your future child, reminded you why you fell in-love with him in the first place; his kindness, sweetness, gentleness, generosity, and paternal instincts. Before him, the only kid you loved was your sister; after him, you could add Ethan, Miles, and Stella to the list. Before him, the thought of being a mom scared you to death; after him, you wanted nothing more than to be the mother of his children.

“It’s perfect, Chris.”

“You should see the backyard,” he said and led you back downstairs.

Chris’ heart started to pound against his chest because the backyard was where everything was set up and where he was meant to propose. He was both nervous and excited because he was about to start a brand new life with the love of his life. He reached into his pocket to check the text that buzzed in his pocket five minutes ago. They were all ready, it was up to him now.

“Wait-” Chris stepped in front of you, stopping you before you moved the curtains blocking the sliding door that led to the backyard. “I just- I need you to close your eyes.” You chuckled and did as you were told, letting him take your hands. “Okay,” he moved the curtain aside and opened the door. “It’s a step here,” he told you and carefully led you. “It’s four steps here.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at everyone; both your friends and families that had flown in specially for the engagement. “Now open,” he said after giving Olive a thumbs up.

The song that you both loved, 'Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur came on as Chris descended to one knee in front of you. Tears welled in your eyes as you smiled at him before looking around to take in the vicinity. You’d started the day with the sun still bright in the sky and now it was slowly setting in the horizon. Fairy lights and candles lit the backyard up; rose petals scattered on the trimmed lawn; floating lanterns in the pool, all did its part to romanticize the situation. All your friends and families carried a single rose- ready to pass to you to make a bouquet- and a glass of champagne- ready to toast your new engagement.

“There are a million things I can tell you while I’m down on one knee,” Chris began and you returned your teary gaze to him; you tried not to cry at the sight of his glistening blue eyes. “But I don’t think I need to say anymore. You know better than anyone how much I love you and how ready I am to spend the rest of my life with you. So,” he took a deep breath and smiled as he lifted the lid of the box to reveal your ideal engagement ring, “Y/N Y/L/N. Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” you nodded.

The crowd behind the two of you cheered and clapped as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You helped him to his feet and threw your arms around him as you kissed him; he smiled against your lips. You both broke the kiss when fireworks went off, Chris laughed when you shook your head at him. He wrapped an arm around you and you leaned into him, pressing your left hand on his chest. Olive who was grinning happily at both of you, earned a smile from you and a wink from Chris. She gave both of you a thumbs up before running to join Ethan, Miles, and Stella.

“I love you,” Chris whispered into your ear.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you smiled and kissed him again.

Tells Your Story, Part 2/5, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape.

Words: 1309

Author’s Note: Heavily inspired by how much the West Wing and Hamilton crossover, specifically Bradley Whitford’s love for it. Kind of filler, but shit still happens. Let me know what you think! There’s still three more to come…eventually…I don’t have another off day for a bit…

Warnings: Slow burn…is that a warning?

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

He was struck by how easy it was.

Growing up, he read books and plays about the struggle of love and the turmoils everyone would inevitably have to face for it.

It was so goddamn easy to love you.

“You’re the most dramatic person I’ve ever met in my life.” Chris told him after hearing this, exactly one day after Lin had been formally introduced to you.

I know.” Lin said, exasperated at himself. He fell into his chair, the front legs tipping off the ground as he lounged back, keeping his balance.

“Settle down, man.” Chris slapped his knee with a comfort that only he could provide, “Take it slow, you just met her. She could totally suck for all you know.”

As if on queue, Lin’s phone dinged and he immediately looked on the off-chance that it was you. It was.

From: Y/N

Finally splurged and got tickets to your show for tonight. Know anyone that could get me backstage?

Shit. You were coming to the show tonight, practically unannounced. He needed at least a week to prepare for this, he had about five hours.

They were spent in a practical panic for Lin. He had no idea what to do with himself - and people started to notice. He was late getting dressed, something he always did at least ten minutes early. He nervously fidgeted with his phone all night, either playing a game to kill the time, or un-cooly replying to any of your texts five seconds after you sent them.

The cast turned to Chris, who was always in the know with these things. He simply made a motion with his hand while making a whipping sound. The cast giggled as places were called and Lin looked as if he had seen death.

Meanwhile, your day went along as planned - there was the occasional text as you shopped for groceries or hailed a cab, but your mood was overall unaffected.

That changed while you were getting dressed to see the show. The buzz of what you were about to see put a certain skip in your step. You had never been friendlier to a cab driver, you had never smiled at so many strangers, you had never been so excited.

Sitting anxiously in your empty row for the show to start was a whole other experience. The theater was a little smaller than you had thought it to be, which emphasized how many bodies were in proximity to you. Some people came up to ask for a picture or to chat for a moment, but otherwise no one had claimed the seat next to you.

“Sorry, I think that’s my seat.” A familiar voice called to you, removing you from your head space. Your head snapped up as you stood to get out of the way.

Josh Lyman.” You spoke before you could stop yourself, the words coming out in a jumble. It was most certainly him. Older and wiser now, but he still carried the same aura he did when he was playing Josh Lyman on The West Wing.

“Y/N.” He answered back as he shuffled to his seat, which happened to be the one directly next to you, “You can just call me Bradley - or Brad. Or, you know, Josh if it’s too hard to remember.” He grinned at you with the same charm he carried when he was opposite Allison Janney. Head slightly tilted down, just the corners of his mouth curled up.

“You know me.” You breathed, unashamed at being starstruck.

“Big fan.” He said, “I saw you and him-” He gestured to the stage, referring to Lin, “-on Twitter. Are you dating?”

“Collaborating.” You corrected, dodging the idea of dating Lin as fast as you could, “Have you seen the show?”

“Six times.” He nodded as you gaped at him. Your phone dinged, and you politely excused yourself from the conversation for a moment to read the text.

From: Lin

An usher will show you where to go after the show. Don’t be too harsh with the criticism, the show still has a few kinks.

You laughed. Yeah, a few kinks. And a few Tony’s.

“Not dating?” Bradley asked, peeking over your shoulder at the slew of texts between the two of you. You put your phone away before he could investigate further. “Hey, I’m not here to judge. Just meddle.” He winked as the lights flickered, the signal for the start of the show.

Everyone felt Lin’s confidence as soon as the show started. He walked with a certain air, and his head was tilted up in strength. He was showing off. He was pretty suave when it came to performing Hamilton to begin with, but tonight was a different him.

As promised, an usher was at your side the second the lights were on at the end of the show. You barely had time to wipe away your tears as Bradley and yourself were both escorted through the crowd and to a hidden door.

Bradley greeted everyone as if they were old friends. He knew names, what to say in appreciation of their performances, what kids to ask about.

You hung back, still stunned by the show and in a daze as people passed by you. It took a few minutes for everyone to strip out of costume and to greet you - and Lin was the first person to emerge.

He made a beeline for you, still in awe and blankly staring at a wall.

“You alright?” He asked, hand comfortingly placed on your back.

“Josh Lyman is here.” You mumbled, to which Lin laughed at, “He’s so cool.” You mused.

“I know!” He giggled, eyes shining as you glanced up at him.

“My friend.” Bradley approached, as if his ears had been burning. He brought Lin into a hug, “Great show tonight.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now, what are your intentions with Y/N?” He asked, perfectly playing the role of ‘concerned dad’.

“W-What?” Lin stuttered, caught off guard as his face began to heat up.

“She was telling me about your guy’s project. Just wanted to know more about it!” Lin let out a relieved sigh, “Why? Did you think I was suggesting you two should date?” Lin tensed up again as Bradley provided a shit-eating grin, “Because if I was suggesting that, it’d just do this.”

He gently pushed you towards Lin, causing you to stumble forward. Lin’s arms wrapped instinctively around your waist to keep you from falling, faces only inches away from each other.

Bradley stuffed his hands into his jacket, casually whistling as he waltzed in the direction of Chris, who was grinning just as smugly.

The two of you jumped away from each other, muttering half-assed excuses about needing to ‘pack his things’ or ‘meet the rest of the cast’.

You parted with an awkward glance in separate directions. You made your rounds with Lin on your mind, trying your best to engage in conversations. You swapped numbers with people you clicked with, you posed for pictures, you tried not to think about his arms around you.

You failed.

Lin emerged with his bag slung over his shoulder, seeing you tucked away in a corner of the stage, deep into a conversation with Chris. He crossed the room casually, smiling as his cast mates practically gushed over you and how you needed to be a permanent fixture at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

He finally made it to you and Chris, your conversation ending abruptly as soon as he was in earshot.

“You’re heading home?” You asked.

“Actually, I was thinking about heading out to dinner. Join me?”

Your eyes shot to Chris, as if asking for permission. Chris shrugged in response, shuffling over to Renee, who was not-so-sneakingly spying on the conversation.

The hesitation killed his confidence.

“Sure.” You finally answered, “I’d love to.”

Cinderella - She Broke, Homie

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where the reader goes with Chris to the Oscars and they announce they have been dating in a red carpet interview, then later, while they’re walking the red carpet, she loses her shoe and Chris finds it for her and makes a cheesy Cinderella joke (as requested by @mal4789 and anonymous)

You’d decided together about what would be best for your relationship. You both wanted to avoid any speculation - so you’d decided to announce that you were dating…at the Oscars.

Once you’d arrived in the limousine, Chris climbed out first and then held out his hand in a gentlemanly fashion to guide you as you also climbed out. You took his hand and smiled; you linked your arm with his once you were on the ground.

“Babe, are you ready for this?” He asked. “We don’t have to if you’re not ready to tell the press.”

“No, I am. I’m ready,” you reassured him. He led the way, through the crowds of people until you reached the part where they took pictures. The line was moving along at a slow pace so that the celebrities in front could stop and let the photographers take pictures. 

You chatted to Chris as the line moved at an agonizingly slow pace, glancing over to the corner where people were doing interviews. It was at this moment that Chris was called. “Chris Evans! Would you mind doing a quick interview?” You bumbled along beside him as he made his way over to the woman who had called him over. “Hi, Chris, Y/N, we’re just going to ask a couple questions, is that okay?”

Chris looked at you and gave a small nod. “Yeah, that’s fine.” Before she could get her coworker to start recording, Chris made sure that she saw he was holding your hand.

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so far the sens have only won because they have the refs playing for them: they are cheating on face offs, having goals scored against them be taken away, being allowed to punch every bruin in the face. all they have going for them is erik karlsson. like good for you. you have one good player and he’s your captain. meanwhile you also have little bitch phaneuf, finger biter burrows, racist bobby ryan, and knee fetishist chris wideman.

Chris Evans smut drabble

#17 on the first list! “Look at the mess you made.”

It all started out innocent, just two friends drinking to aid their recently broken hearts. You had just ended things with a scumbag who was secretly stealing your money when you weren’t looking. Chris had ended things with a girl who was just using him for fame. You knew there was something off about her but kept your mouth shut because Chris looked like he really liked her.

He was currently telling you that in all the time they were together he never got a blowjob from her. You looked at him crazy “so in the time you were together. All the fancy parties and shit she never gave you head ! ! ! Not even as a thank you for taking her in the first place?”

“No but she sure did enjoy me eating her out.” Chris replied as he ran his and had against his thigh.

You couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy. He had been dating a woman who was only with him for fame and she never bothered to at least give him a blowjob.

Knowing this could totally ruin your friendship you decided you wanted to help him out. “you trust me right?”

“Yeah why” Chris looked confused as he watched you get up and started to take your clothes off. “What are you doing?”

“Just trust me. Now stand up for me.” you dropped to your knees as Chris stood up. You pulled his pants and boxers down and let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god your a trimmer”

“I like to be nice and groomed down there. No girl wants to go down on a man who doesn’t take care of himself down there. In my case I trimmed for nothing.” Chris replied as you took him in your hands.

“Amen to that” you whispered to yourself as ran your hand up and down his cock. “And she fucking stupid for not wanting to suck this beauty.”

“Are we really doing this?” Chris asked but you just replied by wrapping your mouth around the tip of his cock and began to suck on it. “I guess we are.”

Ignoring his comments you decided to take more of him before you began bobbing you head. You were happy with Chris’s size because you had something to work with unlike your ex who was much too small for your liking.

Chris moved pieces of your hair that was blocking your face as you managed to get all of him inside your mouth. “There’s that gorgeous face. Shit don’t you have a gag reflex”

You shook you head no as you hummed around him. Chris placed his hands on your head and started thrusting inside your mouth. “You’re seriously going to be the death.”

“Mmmm” you moaned as cradled his balls and lightly squeezed them. You pulled back until you only had his tip in your mouth before you took him back in. Chris let out a slew of curse words as you repeated this action until you felt him twitching inside your mouth.

“Ohhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” you pulled him out of your mouth before he could cum in your mouth. Instead Chris came covered your chest.

“Look at the mess you made.” you looked up at Chris as you started to jerk him for more cum. You slid your finger over your cum covered breast and licked your finger clean as you got up. “Mmmm I like the way you taste”

Chris grabbed the back of your neck pulled you so your lips were centimeters apart while he cupped your pussy. “Now that you know, let me find out how you taste.”

One Call Away - Chris Evans

word count - 2000+ (this one’s a biggy, whoops haha)

warnings - Sad. Fluffy. Sad. 

people - Chris Evans and Reader 

summary - Chris wakes up in the middle of the night to a call he’d least expect, asking for him to be there for her… even though he’s taken.

January 19th 3:00 am

Chris heard buzzing in his dreams, and he swatted at the bee that flew around him, interrupting his dream of being home and playing chess with his mom while somehow fighting Trump in his Captain America uniform. His conscience was getting the best of him these days…

Yet still, he couldn’t get the bee out of his head, it surrounded him and the sound got louder, was there more bees? What was this? Bee-

His brain and mind woke up startling himself from his deep dream state to the buzzing next to his ear. He had fallen asleep with his phone next to his face, must’ve been scrolling through comments and emails for too long… from the darkness and stillness of his apartment in Georgia, it seemed to be still night or early morning. Who would call this early? Picking up the phone, Chris became more so concerned than confused, he hit the green and put his phone up to his ear. He heard her breathing heavily and sniffing very loudly. It was a few seconds before either spoke. Her voice came out as a weak whimper, making his heart twinge with pain. “C-Chris? Are you there?” She sniffled on the other line, whipping her nose with her Kleenex. Throwing it amongst the pile of them that surrounded her. Almost shaping around her like she was on a cloud, far away from her pain that held her in a panic state of mind. But no, she was stuck inside a tear and snot covered ring of tissues.

To be honest, (Y/N) didn’t even remember dialing the phone, or even hitting his number. It only hit her who she had called when he finally spoke through the phone, groggy and concerned. “(YN)? What is it? I’m here. I’m here, sweetheart. What’s… what’s happened?” Letting out a sob she couldn’t hold in any longer, she banged her head against the wall of her rented apartment, trying to get this pain that was stuck in her body. Her bones ached, her heart was gone. She was a skeleton of (YN), trying desperately to find her body.

She sobbed loudly and he held the phone away as he heard a loud bang and some mumbling from her. Okay, what the fuck is going on. “(YN)? Wha-I’m here.” He huffed, sitting up in bed, turning the light on next to him on the bedside table. She cried and cried, but Chris didn’t have the heart to interrupt. She wasn’t being assaulted, which was good. But whatever was going on, she needs his help, or someone’s at least. “I’m sorry to-to call…but.” She stopped, sucking in the escaped air from her rapid breathing. “I just have no one else.” She let out a cry and that was it. Putting her on speakerphone, Chris jumped from his bed and grabbed his two-day old jeans on the ground and a sweatshirt laying on his desk chair. His bedroom walls bounced with the sound of her cries. Slowly, she tried to regain her strength to talk but all that could come out where little cries. Every time she just remembered the messages, and that goddamn voicemail replayed in her mind.

“Hey-hey, (YN)?” Chris brought her back down to reality. He was rushing to get out the door. She finally let out a small voice, and used as the vocal cord strength she could manage, “Yes?”

Grabbing his keys, Chris bolted out the door and started his car. Holding on tightly to her tiny, destroyed voice that came from the phone in his left hand.

“What’s your street address, sweetie? I’m coming, don’t worry.” She told him the number and he started on his way. “I’m not going to hang up, sweetheart. I’m gonna stay on the phone with you until I get there, okay?” He heard an okay that was disguised in between sobs and sniffles.

The ride was silent, just the sound of the occasional sob, a harsh intake of breath or the dirt beneath his tires was heard between the two. (YN) felt embarrassed by the fact her friend had to come see her like this. The fact that she couldn’t hold herself together made her feel weak and not the woman she was raised to be. Her mother was a firm believer in never letting a man see you cry. Holding in the tears until your in private. Her mother was warm and loving, but she had to take on a masculine role to keep her rowdy children in check. (YN) couldn’t blame the woman for having a bulletproof exterior.

Finally arriving at her home, he saw her door was unlocked and ran inside, looking around the large apartment for any sign of her. “(YN)!” He called out. At this point, her tears were dried, and only the pain remained tattooed on her body. She banged on the wall, unable to even give a shout or call. Soon she saw his shoes, and then his face. That beautiful face she could not have. That beautiful face that stared at her in concern. His next words sent her over the edge, making every block she had built for her fort against her feelings for the gorgeous man in front her crumbled down. He took down a stonewall building with those five words, “Baby, tell me what’s wrong?”

Her little chin began to wiggle and he knew she was about to let out whatever was causing her this much pain. He saw her nose was bleeding but he knew that she got those when she was extremely stressed out or in pain. Letting out, what sounded like a cough of grief she let him take her into his strong arms, holding her tight.  “I-I couldn’t think of anyone else to call. I’m sorry!” She screamed out, against her screaming sobs. He just kissed her head and rocked her back and forth letting her scream, letting her cry. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. It’s just you and me.” He kept repeating this, as he rocked her softly back and forth. He’d stroke her hair and feel the curls brush through his fingers and smelled the sweet koi koi oil shampoo she loved so much (he had no idea what that was, but the smell made him weak on his feet).

Chris felt the tears pour down his face with each scream she let out, he couldn’t help it. It was like the pain she felt was transferring into his conscious. Chris and (YN) were both very empathetic people, and they felt other’s sadness and happiness.

It wasn’t something many people had together, that’s what made her special to Chris … and that’s what made Chris even more special to (YN). He saw her phone buzz again and he saw the texts. With one free hand from cradling her tiny, balled up and shaking body, he held her phone close to his eyes. Scrolling through the messages that were popping up on her phone, they just kept pouring in more and more.

(YN)… I’m so sorry. / Call me if you need someone, I know he was important to you loves xoxo / Baby call me I’m concerned! Chris assumed that was (YN)’s boyfriend as he rolled his eyes past the endless I’m concerned texts she got from him. If he was really concerned how come he didn’t come to see her, instead he’s probably just asleep all cozy with no fucking care in the world. Dick.

Chris kept scrolling, still rocking her back and forth when he found the cryptic message from her friend. (YN)… Ryan passed away this morning. They think drug overdose but are not sure. I’m so sorry. Call me if you need someone to talk too. When you’re ready to let’s get started on a statement. - Love Mill. xoxo

“He’s gone! He never said goodbye! Why don’t they say goodbye! I can’t do this, I’m losing my mind! Help me, Chris, please. I’m losing my fucking mind, I can’t think of anything but him, and everything and, his girl-girlfriend! She was dating him…they we’re in love!” He nodded, as she began to have her arms spasm that came along with the anxiety and pain.

 “Her pain. I can’t think- I can’t fucking- IT HURTS! I CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS.” Chris could only just hold tighter, bringing her to his chest to try and stop the angry fit her body was going through. He could only hold tight and kiss her head harder once more before he let go and stood up. (YN) looked up, like a wounded doe who had been shot. Not knowing where he was going frightened her even more. Anyone leaving know frightened her. What if she never saw him again?

All Chris did was cross over to her dresser and look around, “Do you have your record player in here?” She nodded and pointed to her blue painted bookcase. There was where the player sat, all closed up. Chris reached down and picked (YN) up as gently as he could and sat her on the bed. (YN) still sat in a ball-like formation but her back was straightened a bit more, letting her head show now from behind her knees. Chris grabbed the three records that laid across the top of the mahogany record player, assuming she played these last.

“Pick the one that makes you feel the best, sweetheart.” (YN) pointed immediately at the bright blue one, embroidered with the one name he knew she loved so much.

Chris set up the record player, and with a little static and a few changes in the volume; she soon heard the voice, one that soothed her soul more than words could say, “Frank.” She whispered, up at Chris. He nodded and held out his hand. “We are going to dance, baby. We are going to dance until you fall asleep or your heart is mended again. Okay? Let’s go.” She shook her head, whipping her tears on her already soaked sleeves, “You have a girlfriend… it’s not right. I-I just… I don’t know why I called you. I needed someone and somehow I picked you.”

Chris glanced at her, a little hurt by her reaction but also surprised. She’d rather spare his girlfriend’s feelings than help her aching heart by dancing with me. “Well, let’s just let the record play, and we can just lay here, on the bed.” (Y/N) pulled her head down, defeated with grief she couldn’t disagree anymore. Whatever Chris would do, she’d be happy with. He picked her up gently and got her tucked under the covers. Chris laid on top, as to not have anything happen or anger either of their partners if they found out about this.

Now it was just them, and Frank. Softly, she glanced lazily up at him, sitting up onto her headboard. closing his eyes. She grabbed his hand gently, and he opened those gorgeous blue eyes quickly, looking down at my sad state. “He’s gone, Chris.” I wept. He could only nod and wipe the fallen tear that escaped down her soaked, puffy flamed cheeks. “Sleep tonight, look up at the stars and smile… he’s there wishing you’d stop crying. You know that, (Y/N). I know you do, in your heart.”

His words were automatic, shocking not only (YN) but Chris as well. (YN) said nothing, but lightly held onto his hand. Loose enough so that he could slip out if he wanted.

But he didn’t. Chris wanted to be here in the morning, to help (Y/N) with the realization of her best friend’s death.

“For what is a man, what has he got, if not himself, then he has naught, to say the things he truly feels… and not the words, of one who kneels…” Chris sang along, closing his eyes softly. Gripping her hand just a little tighter, and wrapping his other arm around her more securely. She shed tears in her sleep, and he wiped them away silently. After a couple of hours outside the warm, inviting comforter, Chris broke down and shrugged off his shoes quickly covering himself in her soft comforter. He laid there, as wide awake as the wolves. He’d be here until she was ready. Not leaving until she told him too. (YN) had enough loss and Chris was never going to leave her side until she wanted him to go. Tonight was all we had. For the first time, we just had each other. That’s all (YN) could have ever wanted. His arms around her, his thumbs wiping the tears that still fell even as Frank and Chris harmonized silently to her as she slept. Her heart hurt, but someone she felt a numbing of love with him holding her. She had no one else, nor did she want anyone else.

That bitingly cold air that nipped at his skin that January morning, she still had Chris. For the first time in her life, she had him there with her. Alone and at her aid. She couldn’t help but feel oddly comforted more by the fact that Chris was here, and no one else, just him and her at last.

That whole day was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. They danced to Frank finally, once Chris coaxed (YN) out of her warm, inviting comforter that still called Chris to climb back in. He knew better, though, and (YN) needed to get up and move around, get her blood flowing again and her mind going back to a better place.

They watched only happy movies but still, they ended in (YN) weeping silently to herself, to which Chris would bring her to his chest and let her pour her grief onto his gray, already tear-stained soaked shirt. Oddly, he felt the need to stay longer when it was time to go.

He… no. No. He had a girlfriend, and besides (YN) was taken… and she was like…24? She was so young…but still, Chris couldn’t deny his heart’s wants and needs.

When it came time for Chris to leave in the evening, he closed her front door softly. Trying not to wake what he thought was an almost comatose (YN).

 Chris felt his heart tied to the door like it was fighting all instinct to leave. He wanted to stay longer, comfort her in a more… loving way. Even as he drove off… Chris wondered whether this was just grieving, pity love. Or was this the feeling inside he’d always carried for her becoming stronger when he was watching her sorrow. That little twinge in his heart he’d always had when she was near when he smelled her hair in the air as she passed. Was this an ache that was his signal to go back?

Was this ache she had to go after him a signal to tell him? To tell him she wishes he held her longer last night. That he kissed her all over, instead of just the top of her head, or was this just an ache for somebody to love her. Someone who could hold her in the moment, and let her breath out the brutally painful grief that sat heavy in her lungs still. She wanted more, but he was always gone before she ever had the chance to summon up the courage.

Just like now; Chris was taken and swept away by a sweet woman. She was taken too, but not by the one she really wanted. (YN) whispered a breathless goodbye to herself. Listening to the record that still played on an endless loop as she saw Chris’s car pull away and take off into the traffic of another hectic Saturday evening, taking her broken, bleeding heart with him.

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Don’t Look at That!-Chris Evans x Reader

You had a habit of reading smut on tumblr when Chris wasn’t home because it was comforting when he wasn’t there physically. Some of the ones you read were cute and others were straight kinky, but the only problem was that now he was at home, you couldn’t stop reading it. You didn’t even care that if he found out, it would be insanely mortifying. It had become normal for you to spend just a little pocket of time each day reading a little. There was nothing wrong with it. 

“Y/N, have you seen my black sweater?” Chris called out from your bedroom and you mumbled an incoherent ‘no’ back to him. You would have helped him but the smut you were reading was warming up. ‘Chris used his knee to pry your legs open and the cool air made you shudder and you pulled him closer to your damp slit’. You couldn’t help the little smirk that emerged on your lips, the thought was just so erotic

Chris came out to the living room, where you were, and saw you wearing his sweater. You picked it up and wore it this morning when you left the bed because it smelt of him and it was so warm. “I thought you hadn’t seen it?” You quickly switched off your phone and looked up at Chris sheepishly. He sat down next to you and lay his head on your lap.

“Sorry, didn’t hear you, babe.” Your fingers brushed through his hair and he took your phone from your hand. You weren’t paying attention and it was not a good situation for you. You tried to get it back from him but he was in by then and reading from where you stopped. 

“He slid two long, thick digits inside of you and moved at a torturously slow pace. The pad of his thumb rubbed at your clit and you let out a moan.” Chris teased you but you hid your face in your hands and tried to escape but his arms were wrapped around your waist and he laughed. “Is this what you do, Y/N?”

You tried to hide even more but he pried your hands from your face so you had to look at him. He eyes were lit with amusement but you couldn’t see why it was so funny. “Usually, only when you’re gone…I get a little lonely.” You buried your head in his chest and breathed in his masculine scent. 

“Do you really miss me that much?” He stroked your hair and drew little circles on your neck. He squeezed your side which made you squeal and you nodded to answer his question. He kissed you lightly on the lips and you sighed with content. 

Sebastian Stan - Requested: We’re Better Together.

Could you possibly do #2. Jealousy looks good on you. and #7. Call 911 you motherfucker with Bucky or Sebastian?

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“No mama, no. No mama no.”

This is what I’d been hearing for the last five minutes.

Well- that and faint the sound of Al Roker making a terrible pun about the weather’s stormy sky matching Matt’s suit or some bullshit like that.

It was too early for her to be up, and so she was cranky and was NOT feeling her normal Cheerio’s for breakfast. We had to leave though at 6:15 to catch the flight at 7 a.m. that would to bring us to Atlanta.

Sebastian had been filming away in Atlanta again, now for Civil War. This time it was a hard shoot, the amount of effort that Seb put into getting into shape for this movie was ridiculous.

It made me realize more and more that glitz and glamour lifestyles you read on Hollywoodlife and PerezHilton really are just shiny worlds that cover the grit and grime these actors and actresses go through. From all the fan criticism to extensive training to emotionally carrying a new human identity… it blew my mind everytime I’d learn something new about Acting as a career throughout the years, dating Seb.

         Married for three years, and blissfully in love. Even though he was almost 800 miles away from you and your lovely three year old, Phoebe. She was the epitome of Sebastian in almost any way possible. Her attitude, her smile, the hair that would never cease growing. Phoebe also was like Sebastian in the way she tuned out of every conversation around her. Some daycares were concerned about it but I knew it was because of her damn handsome father…

“Muma?” Phoebe was questioning me as I held one hand near her as she sat on the counter, eating Cheerios without any milk because; “Milk looks like eyeball juice.”

She was also a nutball; just like her father.

“What my love?” I was shoving all the documents into my purse that would be needed at the airport while Phoebe watched, unfazed by the chaos that was my anxiety.

“Why are you so fast today? It’s Web-nesday!” Throwing her hands up in the air in excitement, her Cheerios went flying, some clinging onto my sweater and 90% landing on the floor with a puddle of milk forming two inches from my feet.


“Stanley, come! Food!” Taking the easy way out, I let our three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel come fast into the kitchen to lick and eat up the mess as a ‘treat’. Just a few hours ago he had been sleeping peacefully with Phoebe wrapped around him in her Avenger’s blanket an hour ago as I got dressed in the room just down the hall.

“Phoebe, can you say Stan-lee?” I was always questioning her with saying words. She was a very slow starter in speech- which as new generational parents, made Sebastian and I freak out. But the doctor assured us she was extremely intelligent, just shy. She internalized a lot, just like her father.

Whom I was extremely anxious in seeing for the first time in months. We had a flight out of Laguardia Airport in - oh fuckin’ shit.

“Phoebe, let’s put some ‘nana’s in a little plastic cuppy and some wah-teh-her so we can head off and see Da, okay?” (Water was the one word she couldn’t seem to get down right.”

When she heard her father’s name those little ears perk up and her cheeks turn into a deep pink.

“Da! Nana’s in jar, now! Muma!” Helping her out of her seat as she squirmed to get away I gave her the warning look with her harsh, demanding words and she just giggled, heading for her Captain America mini- suitcase packed at the door.

“Kiss! It’s C-iss!” She pointed at Chris’s face on her suitcase and touched it. Poking the nose and pretending to rub his head. Making me burst into a huge smile as I saw her pretend to cuddle Chris. I nodded at her question and quickly went rushing to fill her cuppy and grab my own bag- mentally checking off my tasks to get out the door.

“Stanley, go into your cage.”

“Wa do you say Muma?” Smirking, I added a soft please whilst my lovely trained dog went peacefully into his cozy cage.I let it close and grabbed my bag off the kitchen table along with two banana’s for Phe and I. 

Tucking the cuppy in my side backpack pocket I gave my little lady a couple tickles on her stomach as she jumped up and down, excited in knowing that she’d be well on her way to see her Da.


It took a lot not to just walk off set the moment I saw his hands grasp for her ass but I was stopped by an excited Christopher Evans. 

Which basically meant a jumping jelly bean full of hugs and shouting- he was Italian and Bostonian after all. 

      I just so happened to be unfortunate enough to come onto set when Sebastian was doing a scene with Scarlett Johansson, whom was straddling his neck; basically scissoring him in the face as he held onto her ass in the fighting sequence I was sure to make the fans stir with either seething jealousy or shipping horny teenage fantasy.

“YN! It’s been so long, commere girl!” I was squeezed tightly to his very hard chest, making my cheek bone ache from almost breaking.

“Goo- good too see, you.. Too, Evans.” Finally getting out of his grasp I panted from the lack of oxygen and smiled up at the lovable oaf that was my daughter’s Godfather.

(Well, technically Godfather, since Mackie was also Co-Godfather- it was almost a civil war in of itself on who got to be the little tikes father if Sebastian and I were to die.)

“Where’s my ladybug?” Chris asked and I pointed to the door leading out to the brutally hot Atlanta heat which I was trying to keep Pheebs from. She was standing at the door- pushing on it with sheer will in opening it with those tiny muscles in her three year old body. 

She was out of luck though, since the door had a the latch up above her head that opened it, and she’d need a couple years of growing in order to reach it, much to her dismay. Chris laughed at her, clutching his chest tightly as he went to clutch his left boob as per normal. I giggled a bit at her huffs and puffs from pushing on that damn door so hard.

“What is she even doing?” Shaking my head I let out a sigh and held my head in my cheeks, rubbing my jaw a bit, trying to relieve the tight tension in it.

“Trying to go outside. She thinkings Sebastian’s outside, I didn’t want her to see the porno going on a few doors down,” Pointing behind me, Chris smirked at my words and giggled like a tween, pissing my hormonal body off a bit more-

 “What’s so funny about my husband’s face stuffed a goof friend of mine’s vagina? You would be too happy if-”

          “Hey, hey! I’m not laughin’ at ya, I’m just… yeah. It’s pretty pornographic, isn’t it?” Turning around, I nodded at the scene that was about to be repeated again, grimacing until I heard Chris mumble behind me to himself. “Sebastian always said that jealousy looks good on you, he was right.” I gave him the evil eye with a bit of a wink when I turned around but quickly let my eyes rest on something more horrific than watching my husband get scissored by someone else.  

      Hearing a loud thump and then a shrieking cry that I would know from a thousand miles away, I took off to find my baby laying the floor, on her belly in front of the unopening door. 


Running over to her I saw her screeching in tears as she clutched her head, crying tears that made my eyes water up too. I hated when she was in pain. It almost put me in physical pain in seeing my baby hurt. I went to my knees as Chris joined me along with a couple of crew members standing by.

“Muma! Mu, Ma! My-” Phoebe went into another screeching spell, unable to say she hurt her head. I knew immediately what had happened as soon as I saw her position on the floor; she must’ve slipped and hit her head hard against the hard door. Falling onto the concrete studio floor.

Chris stumbled behind me, bewildered in the situation he wanted to solve but anxiously had no idea on how to do so.

“Wha-what should I do! YN, what can I do-” I interrupted him in order to scream at my husband whom froze from the screech that echoed off the studio walls, “Call 911, you motherfucker!- Sebastian! Anthony-l taie! Ia-ți fundul aici, chiar acum Sebastian!” I yelled in Romanian so Phoebe wouldn’t know I was swearing, pissed as fuck at her father.

Translation was basically:

I could hear nothing but Phoebe’s cries while I slowly lifted her and then picked her up to rest on my hip. My eyes were blurred with tears but I let them go too see my daughter clearly. She clutched my tank top tightly, letting her tiny nails dig into my skin. She still held her hand to the left of her forehead. 

          Cooing, I gently guided Phoebe’s head to lean on my chest as I rocked us back and forth. Trying to sooth her in any way that I could. With a shaky breath, I tried to pull of the calmest Mommy voice my vocal chords could produce. 

 “Baby? Can you let Muma see? Drăguţă, lemme see? Let Muma see… please?”

Gently I placed my hand on top of her tiny one that held the spot she’d bumped against the door, slowly I got her to drop it down so I could take a look at the situation. It was bloody, and Phoebe was not good with blood. 

Especially when she saw it came from her and was all over her hand.

“MUMA! NO! I DON’T LIKE IT! MUMA! NO RED! I DON’T LIKE IT! NO! NO!” Clenching my teeth from her loud shrieks, I tried to keep her in my arms best as well as I could with only one arm to keep her steady.

       Gently rocking her I started walking towards the couch that was in the backstage area near the snacks. Grabbing my sunhat and sunglasses, as well as her Iron Man blankey, draping it over her head to block the sun from her eyes.

“What the fuck is going on! Move! Get the fuc- YN?”

I whipped my head angrily at Sebastian who looked taken aback at my not so loving tone and attitude. I grumbled for him to get his stuff and walked towards the other exit of the Studio that was nearest to the entrance were the ambulance would arrive.

Not taking a second to think, he shuffled some papers out of his chair, letting them scatter to the floor and grabbed his sunglasses and wallet.

Running to catch up with Chris and I.

“I need something to cover it, to S-T-O-P the…” Chris and Sebastian knew what I was gesturing for, so as to not make Phoebe any more terrified and upset than she already was. Sebastian ran ahead of us to a bathroom that was open, coming out he had paper towels in his hands.

He hadn’t even gotten to see Phoebe yet since we arrived only an hour ago and it just so happened to be the hour he was going to be shooting back to back fighting scenes. I didn’t want Phoebe seeing that, and she didn’t like seeing her Da in fake pain. So I kept her from Sebastian and the set until it was ending time for them to cut Sebastian loose for the rest of the day.

Since her eyes were shut while she cried into my chest. He rubbed her back softly, and used two fingers to crawl up her arm- something he always did when he went to surprise her from behind her back.

Opening one eye she saw her Da and had a moment of contentment. Getting the tears and jerking around to stop so I was able to use the paper towels and slowly press them too her forehead as gently as I could do stop the bleeding and clot it as best as I could without making her scream in pain. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and hearing her cry out in pain because of me would send me over the edge.

She was too mesmerized by her father she’d completely forgotten the blood, and reached out for his fingers. She loved hooking her hands around them when they took their morning walks when Sebastian wasn’t shooting.

“..Da?” She sniffled and he let out a smile, nodding. It was such a sad, guilt ridden smile. Holding her bloodied hand, Sebastian used an extra paper towel, softly wiping away what he could of the red staining her hand.

“I didn’t even know you and Muma were gonna be here my, rățușcă. You surprised me!”

He was trying to give her excitement in hopes of distracting the three year old. I saw a small smile reach her damp lips that had drool and snot and tears from her sobbing. She was still tucked into my neck and wasn’t planning on letting go, even as Sebastian continued to soothe her as the ambulance arrived promptly, letting us climb in together. Even though the EMT was adamant on only one person allowed to travel with Phoebe, Sebastian wouldn’t move an inch from Phoebe. Nor was I. She held eye contact with Sebastian the whole ride as he told stories in hopes of distracting her, but never left my arms. Refusing even when the EMT insisted she be laid down on the stretcher, but I knew if I made her lay there she’d find a way out. She was like a wiggle worm.

        He held that tiny red stained hand all the way to Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. He was there even when she got her butterfly stitches in her cut that the doctor said wasn’t showing any signs of internal bleeding or brain damage. He still ordered a CAT and X-RAY of her brain to make sure.

We had to wait in the room next to where Phoebe was getting her CAT scan done. Neither of us had said a word to each other since I cried out for him back at the studio. Not even in the ambulance, all our attention rested on our little duck in the cradle, getting music put into her ears so she could hear the loud noises.

All we did was hold each other. I tucked myself in Sebastian’s arms which he accepted immediately, kissing my head, smoothing out my hair and rubbing circles into my back.

As she finally when into the scanner, I let myself cry out of panic and stress in the last two hours of sheer torture to watch. From the cries to the tears to the blood- it felt almost unbearable. It wasn’t until now as he rubbed small then large circles all down my aching back, that I realized he was still in his Winter Soldier uniform.

Sebastian beat me to the punch though when I was about to question the feeling of his hand on my back. “I didn’t have time to change, and grab any of my clothes. So it looks like I’m gonna be Mr. Barnes for the next 24-48 hours. I smiled into his chest and bent my head up, letting out a sigh of relief in seeing his face stare down at me in a teary smile. He was here. I was here. Phoebe was here. We were here right now all in this moment together.

“I missed your eyes.” I whimpered up to him, my chin quivering as tears flooded my cheeks. He kissed my lips unexpectedly as a soothing way to calm my concerns, just like he normally did back home. 

“My dragă, I don’t think you know how much I missed my ladies…” His head tilted up to see Phoebe coming slowly out of the machine, getting ready to be unlocked and let back into our concerned arms again.

“You mean, you didn’t miss your little secret as well? Whom, I should say is not liking it here and is kicking the shit out of my bladder and kidneys.” His eyes brightened and immediately moved his eyes down to the beginning to get quite expanded belly.

He held one hand over the top of it and felt the harsh kicks that I’d been receiving since we’d stepped off of the airplane. Now I think he was just doing it to spite me.

“Any new names for the kicker?” I just smiled and put my hand over Sebastian’s that rested on my stomach, tilting my head up to lock my eyes with his shining blue ones.

“No. Still the same.” I shook my head, giggling.

“You two… God..” Rubbing my eyes, I hugged myself into Sebastian even more, letting his smell bring me back down to earth, grounding my anxiety-filled balloon.

“What about us?” He giggled,

“Your both the most stubborn head-sharks I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have my hands full if this one comes out like you two!” I gestured to the rambunctious baby boy rolling around in my head, I could tell he was going to be a runner as soon as his feet could hit the floor.

I felt a kick and grimaced a bit from the sharp stab of his foot. “Ugh, tell your boy to calm down. He’s kickin’ like a mad fetus!” Chuckling, Sebastian bent down and rubbed the side of my belly where he was situated more, “Hey there, lil’ băiat, can you calm down for Muma? Little Maximilian Evander Stan.” I smirked at the new middle name Sebastian had added onto Max’s name.

“So you really are on board with Maximilian?” I nodded at the doe eyed Sebastian below me. I reached down and gently caressed his cheek with one hand and lifted my other off of my belly to run it through his long chocolate locks, making sure not to snag the extensions in there. Sebastian beamed a smile so bright it was shining like a star, that little Astronomy nerd.

“I told you, doll. Stan’s are determined people. How do you think I got you?”

“With you three times begging me and then a date in central park. Add that all onto that magnificent intelligence under your gorgeous hair and looks which still stun me every morning I wake up, Sebastian. That’s not determination, baby… that’s just you.”

Coming up slowly he tenderly held my tensed jaw which eased under his hand and pulled my head in, letting our lips catch each others. Stimulating electric shocks in each of our bodies, just like the first time we had kissed. The kiss didn’t last as long as we both wanted it too, but then again, we had our whole world all ready to come out and get signed out of the emergency room.

       Finally, after six hours in there and two horrid cups of midnight cafeteria coffee to keep our brains functioning while the doctors fed us information-

     We were all tired and ready to fall asleep together in our godly bed. The doctor told us to keep Phoebe with us at all times tonight, and wake her up every two hours for some water or anything to make sure she can walk normally, hold a coherent conversation, and can think about things from her past. It was about to be dawn in two hours and Sebastian was going to have to return to work in six.

“We’ll come to set, and just sit on that comfy couch, I’ll bring my laptop and her little technology and functional stuff to keep her busy. Some crayons will be easy to fi-”  I felt lips on mine again as Sebastian pulled me in again to silence my racing thoughts.

Holding my puffy cheeks from the crying earlier, he made our eyes fixate on each others. “Baby, we’re here. We’re all here, we’re all okay. We are all going to be just fine. Let’s just take it two hours at a time, okay.” Looking at each other, so intimately, with our bodies holding the other lovingly always made each other level out whenever either of us had anxious thoughts or feelings.

We balanced each other so well when we were together. We made the other present in the moments we were living each day. We saw the pediatric emergency care doctor come around the corner with our precious girl in his arms. She was sucking her thumbs, her eyes fluttering as she fought sleep.

The doc put Phoebe in Sebastian’s arms and told us all was good.

All was good, right here, now and forever more.


Six Months Later 

Maximilian Evander Stan  - born April 5, 2016


Drăguţă - baby

Rățușcă - duckling

Dragă - love, dear

Băiat - boy

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