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  • Phandom: *crying because of TABINOF & TATINOF*
  • kickthepj's fandom/kickthestickz fandom: *is extremely happy about Oscar's Hotel every Tuesday wooooo*
  • Connor's fandom/Franta family: *is so proud of Connor and the thirst project atm*
  • Tyler's people: *patiently waits for Binge to be released*
  • ptx/superfruit fandom: *happily awaits ptx's new album*
  • me, in all of these fandoms: well it looks I'll never see the light of day again
Remember Me

Remember Me | Teens Dan Howell and Phil Lester made a pact to get married when Phil turned thirty, if they were both still single, not long before they lost touch for good. Today is Phil Lester’s birthday, and all he really wants to do it get back in touch with his old friend.  | Phan | Teen | Written for insanityplaysfics | Words:  2,423

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this is real etc. ect.

A/N: Even though it’s not technically ‘til tomorrow, this is an early birthday present for my friend theinsanityplays (Happy birthday Eliza!!!!) I hope you enjoy :)

Phil stared at the address written on the slip of paper in his hand. Was he really going to do this? It was stupid, he probably wasn’t even single anymore - if he remembered the deal at all. After all, it had been twelve years. A lot has changed over twelve years.

Phil had a job, an apartment, had moved to London after attending the University of Manchester. Somewhere along all of that, the two of them had lost touch.

Dan Howell.

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