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Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

Girls Dead Poets Society Fancast

Neil Perry by Robert Sean Leonard // Nell Perry by Yara Shahidi

Todd Anderson by Ethan Hawke // Tess Anderson by Rowan Blanchard

Charles Dalton by Gale Hansen // Charlotte Dalton by Kelsey Chow

Steven Meeks by Allelon Ruggiero // Stephanie Meeks by Stefanie Scott

Gerard Pitts by James Waterston // Geraldine Pitts by Hayley Kiyoko

Richard Cameron by Dylan Kussman // Cameron Richards by Camila Mardila

Knox Overstreet by Josh Charles // Lennox Overstreet by Amandla Stenberg

Chris Noel by Alexandra Powers // Chris Noel by Kiernan Shipka

Samwell Women’s Volleyball Sisterhood Traditions that have been around for Millions Of Years (about three)

  • Wet High Fives
    • “ew Kelsey that’s disgusting I’m not gonna lick my hand before i high five you, you fucking gremlin”
    • this tradition began April and March’s freshman year, when they were revving up for a really intense game and the captain, a senior at the time named Tina, had a weird pre-game ritual where she would lick one hand, and another teammate had a ritual where she would high five everyone. this game happened to be the only one that they won that season, and when April and March told this to Kelsey she was The Way She Is and now she bullies someone into a disgusting and sticky high five before every game. 
    • usually it’s Bailey or Caitlin who end up being the victims 
  • Double Date Policy
    • there’s a chart in April and March’s dorm that reads “DDP” in bright blue glitter, and it’s Very Important. 
    • on the chart there is a section for all the “Registered Couples” of the team (i.e Bailey and Kelsey, Chris and Caitlin, Sara and a very heavily whited out spot that currently reads “Jason”, “April and March FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY”, ect ect). The other columns are for each member of the team, names of potential significant others, and dates. 
    • basically, in the words of the spice girls, if you wanna be their lover, you gotta get with their friends. by the second or third date with a potential bf/gf/date mate, you gotta sign up for a double date with a registered couple or April won’t give you the Very Serious paperwork to become a registered couple on the DDP chart. 
    • (the Very Serious Paperwork is literally a sticky note to write your names on)
    • ((also as much as March rants about how important it is to make sure your dating life and team life “mesh well”, this is not mandatory. Kelsey swears that there is something satisfying about having your names on a chart though.))
  • Trivia Night 
    • aka Organized Chaos Hell Night
    • also also known as Friday
    • there are three teams. it gets fucking scary. they have t-shirts. one time Amanda didn’t speak to Jessie for a whole day because she was supposed to do the research for the 80′s TV/Media category and she forgot and researched 90′s Politics. March was literally crying at lunch. April had to use her mom voice. it was horrible
    • the teams are:
      •  Team Octopus: Kelsey, Bailey, Caitlin
      • Team Lioness: Jessie, Amanda, and Sara
      • Blue team: April, March, Molly, and Mallory 
    • notable Trivia Night Disasters:
      • Sara and Kelsey had got into a shot competition twenty minutes before one night, and took turns ruining their respective scores by answering every TV/Media question with One Direction songs drunkenly
      • the time molly and Mallory just. Didn’t show up. the next day at practice April made Mallory run laps for “breathing too loudly” and March made molly do fifty push ups for “thinking about not calling the ball, i can see it on your face traitor”
      • the time they tried to turn it into a drinking game and Jessie managed to finish the game even after throwing up two (2) times like a fucking champ
      • “Couples Trivia Night” where march encouraged everyone to bring a date and the night ended up with three boys crying and a small fire
  • Pasta For Everyone Policy
    • basically everyone on this team is an evil food thief but one time Bailey made spaghetti and they all live on the same floor so Sara smelled it and tried to mooch, which led to her going back to her’s and Amanda’s room with fresh pasta, and then Amanda had to get in on that action and it basically set off a horrible chain reaction and Bailey had to grumpily go buy more spaghetti and feed everyone.
    • she forced everyone to promise that if they ever made pasta they’d make enough for everyone too as payback, and since then every time someone wants pasta it turns into a whole Thing
    • they had to buy a Really big pot, and it’s a shared investment. 
  • The Leg Thing
    • This is a stupid game and no one likes it. 
    • the basic goal is simple: get your leg the highest. however, the simplicity is slowly chipping away as these idiots keep. adding. rules. 
    • the most horrible thing about the game is that no one knows how it begins. everyone seems to have a different idea as to how the game is set off.
      • Kelsey swears that the game can only start if April is wearing a red shirt, but bailey swears that one time they played and April was wearing a purple shirt
      • Caitlin says that the game starts whenever someone says “leg”. one time her and Amanda got in a fight about this, because Amanda said that was totally unrealistic, because leg is too common of a word. three hours later Caitlin was winning the leg game and googling “how often do you say ‘leg’” at the same time
      • one time Jessie made a petition and asked everyone around campus to sign it. she said that her cause was proving that the leg game starts when more than two people have freshly shaven legs that day
    • the rules are so stupid. like they just keep adding them. some of the best/worst rules:
      • in order to win, the leg height has to be held for at least three minutes. you also have to provide your own timer, and the alarm has to be a song where the chorus is in ¾ time
      • you’re not allowed to use any objects as leverage for your leg heightening, unless someone yells “peanut”, in which case you must immediately find something or someone to use as leverage 
      • if you fall on your left arm, you can keep playing, but if you fall on your right arm you’re out.
      • there is now a new player in the game. someone is declared “the leg police” and their job is to go around and try to get the players to fall over without touching them
      • if it’s Wednesday, you can’t play the leg game. or can you. 
      • if you win, you have to find a piece of chalk and write your initials somewhere in 9 minutes or less, or the runner up gets the crown
      • you’re not allowed to play the leg game if you’ve eaten an apple in the last 3 hours
    • they’re idiots and i love them

TriffonyArtwork. Amazing Ball jointed, porcelain art doll “Kalika Sphinx” 2016. Body has a 23 points of articulation, construction of ball joint allows to strike a human natural poses, parts are linked to the body with elastic cord. Kalika Sphinx is painted and blushed with ceramic china-paint which is impervious to fading, oils and chemicals. Joints are lined with natural leather. Shoes and accessories are handmade of 925 sterling silver with inserts of semi-precision stones. Height 13"

For the beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition
“Femme to Femme Fatale: The Feminine in Contemporary Art”

Exhibition Dates: 17 September - 8 October 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday 17 September, 2016
RSVP & more detail on the FB event page: Femme to Femme Fatale // Modern Eden Gallery // San Francisco // 17 Sep - 8 Oct 2016

Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich St,
San Francisco, CA 94133 USA

Jenny Bird Alcantara, Jaclyn Alderete, Erin Anderson, Glenn Arthur, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Kelsey Beckett, Chris Berens, Daniel Bilodeau, Graeme Balchin, Lauren Brevner, Jana Brike, Troy Brooks, Leilani Bustamante, Saturno Butto, Dorielle Caimi, Sandra Chevrier, Colin Christian, Young Chun, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Fin Dac, Vanessa Dakinsky, Sheri De Bow, Camilla d'Errico, Julia de Ville, Julie Filipenko, Michael Foulkrod, Alex Garant, Derek Gores, Mab Graves, Chris Guest, Handiedan, Hush, Sarah Joncas, Caia Koopman, Christy Langer, Marie Larkin, Joshua Lawyer, Edith Lebeau, Tracy Lewis, Sergio Lopez, Mahlimae, Alessandra Maria, Pippa McManus, Menton3, Philip Munoz, Tran Nguyen, Cate Rangel, Popovy Sisters, Tatiana Suarez, Ania Tomicka, Tatyana Trifonova, Brian M Viveros, Redd Walitzki, Helice Wen, Zoe Williams, Pamela Wilson, Bec Winnel, Hannah Yata, Chie Yoshii, Kate Zambrano

To enquire about this work, or to receive the full Collectors Preview email Gallery Director, Kim Larson


Chris Brown and Kelsey Lee showcase a Chinese and Black couple in Chris Brown’s video “Fine China”. Another example of Asian and Black couples in popular media.

The Electricity

Summary: A late night game of spin the bottle leads to a kiss that no one will ever forget.
Word Count: 1607
Warnings: Minor cursing
Genre: Fluff!

It was chilly and the sun had vacated the London skyline. Phil was wise and had worn layers. He had a printed blue jumper on, and a black jacket on top. Dan, however, was more concerned about his outfit’s aesthetic appeal than it’s abilities to protect him from the chill in the October air. His tight black skinny jeans were perfectly paired up with a tight black t-shirt. He desperately tried to hide his shivers from his best friend who would certainly mock him for his poor outfit choice. Dan wasn’t in the mood for it, and even more so, he wasn’t in the mood for this party. They hadn’t seen any of their friends in ages, so they couldn’t miss it, or at least that’s what Phil said. The location was a friend’s house, and was only a few blocks away. It was a twenty minute walk at best, but it felt like an eternity for Dan. His arms were folded up as tightly as they could be. He could see his breath when he spoke, so he chose to stay quiet. Dan found it best to avoid yet another reminder that he still had ten minutes left of walking to do in his own personal icy hell.

Phil was wondering why Dan was being so quiet. Phil shoved his hand into his jacket pocket for his phone, in search of a distraction. He was shocked by the absence of it’s presence.

“Shit” Phil cursed as he continued to search his pockets.

“What?” Dan finally spoke, watching the fog expell from both their lips.

“I left my phone on the counter.” Phil turned to face his friend. “Oh my god, Dan. You look like you’re about to freeze to death!”

“I’m fine, really.” Dan tried to reassure Phil.

“Dan, you aren’t a polar bear! You aren’t equipped for this kind of climate!” Phil exclaimed as he wrested his way out of his jacket and handed it to Dan. “Here! You need this more than I do!”

“No, It’s fine. You’ll get cold. I’m good.” Dan protested. Phil ignored him and continued to shake the jacket in his face.

“I still have this jumper, I’m really warm any way.” Dan ignored his friend and kept walking. “Take it!”

“No.” Dan said.

“Fine. If you aren’t going to put in on, I’ll do it for you!” Phil stated as he draped the jacket Dan’s shoulders. Dan couldn’t help but smile at the intrusion.

“Thanks” He muttered, staring at the ground. He was smiling on the inside. It always felt nice to feel cared for, and Phil was very good at making people feel that way.

The rest of their walk was uneventful. Dan was happy to be wrapped in Phil’s jacket, it was so comforting, it smelled just like him. He took solace in that moment. It was suddenly a beautiful night, and Dan looked to Phil with a smile, which Phil gladly returned. The two arrived at the party fashionably late (as usual). They greeted their friends and found a seat at a couple of chairs in the corner. Neither really felt like socializing, and were there more out of obligation than anything. PJ came over and made small talk before returning to the other side of the room to smash back drinks with Chris. Dan and Phil laughed as they watched their friends get shitfaced but decided not to participate. Phil said he wasn’t feeling well, and Dan just plainly said he wasn’t in the mood. After being called ‘party poopers’ by numerous friends, the two decided to agree to a party game. However, they probably would not have been so willing to play if they had known what the game in question was.

“Alright, circle up everyone!” Chris ordered, and everyone sat in a circle on the floor like little kids. Dan, of course, sat next to Phil. A female friend, Kelsey, crowded in between Dan and Chris. To make room, Dan slid himself very close to Phil, who refused to budge. Maybe he didn’t get the hint that social etiquette called for him to allow Dan some room. Maybe he just liked the new found lack of distance between the two. Either way, the physical closeness was not something they weren’t used to. The two often found themselves very close together. Whether it was during a video or interview, or just spending time on the sofa, Dan and Phil never seemed to have a personal bubble around each other. Dan, however, had allotted quite a large bubble for Chris’ new friend Kelsey. There was nearly a foot between Dan and Kelsey. Of course, maybe that was due to the fact that she beared an alarming resemblance to Kristen Stewart.

Chris leaned forward and slapped an empty Malibu Rum bottle in the center of the circle. Dan’s thoughts can only be described as the following: Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

“Spin the bottle, e'rry body!” Chris cheered. Dan gave him the most evil death stare he possibly could. Phil fiddled nervously with his thumbs and stared at the floor. He was silent, and was obviously feeling very nervous about the party game they were about to partake in.

They played several rounds, which were mostly uneventful. PJ shared a peck on the lips with a pretty young red head that neither Dan or Phil had met before. Their friend William had to kiss his cousin James (which was alarmingly less awkward than it should have been). Chris thought he had the luckiest turn of the night. He spun and landed on his potential sweetheart Kelsey, even though everyone else thought the bottle looked slightly closer to Dan. It was unanimous among the crowd that Dan should be honored with the last spin. Neither him or Phil had been kissed or had kissed anyone, but they decided to pick on Dan because Phil was skilled at faking a good stomach ache.

Dan leaned forward and gave the empty rum bottle a spin. His heart was racing a thousand miles per hour as he watched the bottle whirl around. Phil’s eyes were also glued to the old bottle, already feeling jealous that he would have to watch Dan kiss someone. The bottle’s spin grew slower and slower. The twirl came to a halt and had unmistakably picked a victim: Phil Lester. Both Dan and Phil’s hearts stopped as the crowd roared with laughter. Dan looked at Phil apologetically and Phil gave him a half smile, signaling that it was okay. Everyone’s eyes were glued to Dan and Phil, waiting for the fateful kiss.

Dan’s eyes locked with Phil’s. He could feel the heat building in his cheeks and knew he must have been blushing furiously. He was desperately trying to read his friend’s reaction. Phil’s face was painted, half with a dorky smile, and half with fear. Dan leaned forward, feeling Phil’s warmth closing in on him. Dan closed his eyes as his lip’s connected with Phil’s. Suddenly the room went silent, or at least Dan could have sworn it did. He went to pull away but Phil kissed him back, colliding their lips together again, which Dan had not expected. A few ooh’s and ahh’s could be heard throughout the room, but everyone was mostly quiet with shock. They pulled away slowly, each of them with flushed faces. Phil couldn’t believe he let himself get so caught up in the moment, but he still didn’t regret it. It was worth every minute. The moment his lips touched Dan’s he could feel the electricity. The chemistry was palpable, and neither of them wanted it to end.

The world was moving around him, but Phil was sitting still. The bottle was retrieved from the floor, and everyone resumed their previous positions, but Phil remained sitting on the floor. He couldn’t believe what had just occurred. He was still entranced by the taste of Dan’s lips. It was a sweet mixture, something like cherry chap stick and coca cola. Phil savored the flavor that still resided on his lips. He was forced to snap out of it when he looked up and saw Dan standing there with an outstretched hand, “Come on, Phil. We should get going. It’s getting late”. Phil accepted his friend’s hand and Dan helped pull him up off of the floor. The two said their goodbyes, which was quite awkward considering the turn of events the night had taken.

They stepped out of the door and Phil held his jacket out for Dan to slide into. Dan slipped his left arm in, and then his right as Phil pulled the jacket over him.  Dan thanked him with a smile, and the two were on their way. Dan buried his hands in the jacket’s pockets and they continued their walk in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence, just a peaceful one. Neither really knew what they should say, but in a moment like this, words weren’t really all that necessary. Dan felt the familiar heat building in his cheeks again when he felt Phil slip his hand into Dan’s left jacket pocket. Phil gently gripped Dan’s hand, turning to face the younger man to gauge his reaction. Their fingers intertwined and Dan replied with a smile. They could feel the electricity again, it could no longer be ignored, or muted by the doubts that used to plague them both.