chris keller does not like this!

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in OTH I am SO proud of the writers To not have tried to put Haley & Lucas together! I feel as if any other show would've done that!

It’s one of my favorite things about the show. Literally in Haley’s first scene in the pilot she clearly states this will “not be a Joey loves Dawson thing because that would be creepy” and they stick to that, to the very end. 

What is also great about Haley’s character (among many other things) is that she finds a relationship in S1 (with the jock, no less, and it looks like it’s going to be that stereotypical Jock/Nerd trope…but nope) and stays with that same person throughout the entirety of the series. Does she kiss Chris Keller? Sure. Does she go on tour and is she estranged from Nathan for awhile? Sure. But she never dates someone else, sleeps with someone else, falls in love with someone else, etc. He is it for her, and they are together for the entirety of the series. No typical “Why can’t they be together NOW” storylines, besides a small blip in S2/3 when she goes on tour (which I honestly think was just because she actually was on tour at the time so they had to write the storyline that way). And the same goes for Nathan, to be honest (in some aspects even more so). As soon as he finds Haley, he doesn’t even stray from her for a second, completely destroying the “asshole jock” typical trope that is so popular in TV series, like the writers think “Oh well this guy is popular and plays sports so obviously he has to cheat on his girlfriend. He’s charming though so the audience will forgive him.” Not in OTH, no sir-ee. 

I love that subtly, OTH breaks through so many typical TV tropes via characterization and at first you don’t even realize it but when you break it down you’re like damn, this show is so progressive sometimes (and occasionally not, but what can ya do)!

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I mean ..... yes Naley was definitely an anchor couple . But they still had their problems . Even when they were married Haley stilled kissed Chris Keller ..... but they eventually worked trough it . Your saying that you don't want that kind of thing to happen to bughead .... but what difference does it make if the endgame is the same ?

i’m not really understanding this message. lol. are you comparing haley and chris kissing to partner swapping between the riverdale core four? cause it’s not even remotely the same. i also don’t recalling saying i wanted betty and jughead to be a carbon copy of nathan and haley. i said i wanted them to have a relationship like nathan and haley in terms of anchor couple status and working through their troubles together