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Seijou as things my year has said
  • Oikawa: You doubt me? You fool, once I cut down unnecessary actions like sleeping I managed to finish the powerpoint we have to present in third period, did my chem and maths homework, tutored my brother AND look drop dead gorgeous today.
  • Matsukawa: Life goals: eat a can of pringles in less than 20 seconds, get some kickass facial hair, maybe do something about those A level things we have to do idk.
  • Hanamaki: It's not pink, it's rose gold! There is a HUGE difference between pink and rose gold!
  • Iwaizumi: You can talk shit about me, you can talk shit about my friends, but don't you DARE talk shit about Godzilla-senpai.
  • Yahaba: Not only do I have all the joys of incredible vanity, I can also kick your ass.
  • Watari: No, rubbing my head does NOT give you good luck.
  • Kindaichi: I just want someone to curl up with me and watch High School Musical and feed me pringles is that too much to ask?
  • Kunimi: What's the point of turning up if Cake Friday's cancelled?
  • Kyoutani: To be honest you annoy the living shit out of me and the only reason I hang out with you is your cute dog.

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writing prompt (if u want) : andrew and neil met before while neil was someone else and broke andrew's heart by leaving/vanishing/faking death/idfk and then neil just shows up like no ?? u are like chris or some name and u r dead what is going on and how dare u

so we’re going to pretend im not the shittiest person ever and didn’t take like a week to write this 2000 word thing but anyways hope u like it :)



The shock of the exy racquet crashing into Neil’s stomach was secondary to the shock that came from seeing Andrew Spear again.  While his lungs screamed for air, his brain screamed for an escape.  To run.  And never stop running again.

The edges of his vision turned as black as the shirt Andrew wore the first time they’d met those few years ago.  It had been a startlingly warm day, aided by the fact that Nathaniel and his mother had just migrated south again from Montreal.  California was everything and nothing that Nathaniel, no, Chris, had expected.  It was hot, and there was the smell of salt in the air from the Pacific Ocean – that Chris had known would be there.  He hadn’t counted on people being so open.  Maybe that’s why he was so drawn to Andrew, a spot of darkness against the ever sunny sky.  Andrew had never been an easy read.

The first time Andrew spoke to him, it was because he had gotten into a fight with a teacher.  Neil had left the classroom at the end of the day with his head down, hugging his books close to his body.  He didn’t know how long he’d stay here, but the fact that his mother had let him attend school was a good sign that they’d be in California for a while.  Still it wasn’t a good idea to make friends or have ties here.  Nobody should remember his face.

“You know,” Neil had heard him say as he passed a tree on the edge of the school’s property, “For someone who’s trying to keep a low profile you sure do love to get in a fight.”

He turned and came face to face with the blonde.  Andrew hadn’t mastered the look of complete apathy yet and his eyes revealed the tiny spark of interest Neil had put there.

“For someone who’s barely four feet tall you sure do love antagonizing people,” Neil responded.

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The Perks of Living on the Gulf Coast

Harvey is almost here, and I’m a wreck! I’m planning for the worst, but hoping for the best. Luckily, we live a bit further inland than coastal city’s, so our main issue will probably be flooding and power outages. (Fingers crossed, we don’t get any bad winds or worse.)

Needless to say, this might put me back a bit, productivity-wise. My top priority this morning is finishing up some patreon stuff before it gets too bad. I could be completely overreacting, and we might not even lose power all weekend, who knows! But as of right now, I’m planning to just do what I can, for as long as I can. If we lose power, I’ll make an update here. Wish us luck! Send your thoughts and prayers to people braving out the storm down here. UnU

Imagine Chris admitting he’s still in-love with you.

A/N: Lol, what’s a hiatus? This is based on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’ in his new album ‘Divide’. First of all, I’m in-love with that album. If you haven’t heard it, go listen to it right now. Actually, listen to the song while you’re reading this. I promise that it’ll trigger all the feels in the world. I know I usually write happy stuff, but this song is too good not to write to so- here’s a little bit of angst for y'all. (Relax, it ends sweet.) Grab some tissues. X

“Why are you doing this to yourself, man?”

“I just have to see her, Scott,” Chris mumbled into the phone; his brother sighed on the other end. “This month has been terrible and-” he cut himself off with a shake of his head. “I just have to see her,” he repeated. “She’s the one person I want to see right now.”

“And she’s the one person that doesn’t want to see you right now, Chris,” he painfully reminded Chris; this time is was Chris’ turn to sigh. “You broke her heart, the least you can do is let her move on in peace. Don’t go to that bar, turn around and go home. You’re not going to feel better seeing her happy with someone else, just go home.”

There was a short moment of silence where Chris stopped and thought about what Scott was telling him. He knew himself and he knew was going to the bar anyway, but he thought about it. “Do you think I’m ever going to happy again?” He heard himself ask; he was doubtful without you in his life, but he could use a lie.

“Yes,” Scott answered. “Now go home, Chris.”

Chris hung up and continued down 29th and Park, ignoring both Scott’s advice and the better part of him. He made his way towards Carlson’s Bar where he knew you’d be supporting your best friend’s band, just like any other typical Friday night. His heart ached when he remembered that just a month ago, he was the one you took with you to Spencer’s show and now it was Nick; a co-worker that’d wasted no time to claim the opportunity of a lifetime that Chris so carelessly tossed aside. It was his fault, Chris knew that. He’d done quite a bit to hurt you in the three years you were together, he had thought he’d a lifetime to make it up to you; he didn’t. As much as you loved him, you couldn’t spend your entire life waiting on him to commit.

Chris turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks; his blue eyes well with tears when he saw you in another’s arms. He was expecting it, but nothing could have braced his heart for what he laid eyes on. You were smiling, brighter than he’d seen in a while. Nick tightened his grip on you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear to make you laugh because there was no sound better than your laughter. Chris remembered when he used to do that, he used to be able to make you happy. He didn’t know when or why he stopped, he just knew it was the biggest mistake of his life. If he could go back, he would change everything so you’d be with him looking as happy- if not, happier than you were right now with Nick.

“Stop,” you laughed, squirming away from Nick’s clean shaven nuzzles. You tried not to let your smile falter when your heart reminded you of how Chris’ beard felt against your skin when he playfully nuzzled you. “Let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here.”

“Okay,” Nick smiled and pulled away from you to take your gloved hand.

You smiled as Nick held the door open for you. He was perfect, but it didn’t stop your mind from thinking of your Friday nights with Chris. It was never that simple with him, he always found a way to postpone joining the crowd because he preferred one on one time with you. He’d purposely walk slower or pretended he left something in his car so you’d have to turn back, only to find out that what he left was a kiss. As you walked inside, you found yourself remembering the way Chris would counter your “let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here” with a tighter hug that would “keep you warm, sweetheart.”

The more you thought about Chris, the worst you felt about being with Nick. It’d only been a month since you broke things off with him, how could be with someone else already? You spent three years with the man, the least you could’ve done was wait a little longer before you started to move on. Though it wasn’t likely that you were ever going to move on with anyone; Chris had ruined you for other men. If he had just shut up and committed, instead of making excuses and stalling- you’d be with him right now. You liked Nick, but your feelings for him were never going to compare with what you felt- still felt, despite how broken he left you- for Chris. He was the one for you, just as you were for him; the sad thing was he didn’t realize it until you walked out the door.

“I’m going to go grab a drink,” Nick told you and you nodded. “Do you want anything?” You shook your head; the last thing you needed was alcohol in your system. “Okay, I’ll be right back.” He gently squeezed your arm then disappeared into the crowd.

You scanned the room for familiar faces; it was the same group every Friday night. Spencer’s and yours mutual friends, as well as his other group of friends and his co-workers. It was always a good night, but it wasn’t until the first Friday night without Chris that you realized it was only always a good night because of him. You felt your vision blur as your heart wrenched in your chest; you really needed to get out of there.

The cold outside felt more inviting than the warm, slightly easing the emotional grief you’d been carrying on your shoulders since you broke up with Chris. The past month had been incredibly difficult for the both of you. The experience was about the same, neither of you liked living by yourself after living with each other for the past two years. It felt like a punch to your gut when you’d wake up without him by your side; the apartment you were now living in felt like it was constantly trying to suffocate you with isolation and loneliness. Every day, you’d wake up wondering if leaving him was the right thing to do. A month had passed and you still didn’t know if you were happier now, or happier with him.

“Y/N,” you heard Chris’ voice and you flinched. You shook your head, not wanting to turn around because there was no- “Y/N,” his hand wrapped around your wrist and he turned you around; you swallowed the urge to start crying.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, yanking your wrist out of his grip. You knew you’d break if he continued to touch you, you’d just melt right back into his arms despite everything he’d put you through. “We said clean break,” you reminded him.

“No.” He shook his head, his pretty blues glistened under the flickering street lights. “You said clean break, I told you I didn’t want to break up.” You turned away from him, taking slow, deep breaths; he didn’t need to see you cry.

“You didn’t want to commit either,” you bit as you turned back to him. “We were together for three years, Chris. We lived together for two. But still, whenever you were asked- you couldn’t admit you were in a relationship. You went out and partied like a bachelor, traveling the world like you had no one waiting on you at home.”

“Y/N, it was part-”

“It’s part of your job,” you cut him off. “Yeah, I know. That was always the excuse, wasn’t it?” Tears rolled down your cheeks and you quickly wiped them away. “I didn’t know being an actor meant you couldn’t be a boyfriend- that you couldn’t be a husband. But I do now, so- thank you, I’ll know better next time than to fall in-love with an actor.”

“I was just trying to protect you-”

“From what?” You scoffed. “From the media, from your fans? Newsflash, Chris- I knew what I was getting into when Captain freakin’ America asked me out. I didn’t need protection, I needed you to be proud to be in a relationship. I stood by you through everything; your work schedule, the distance, the tabloids and the rumors because- I loved and trusted you. But I guess all that wasn’t enough to be able to be Chris Evans’ girlfriend. You say you were protecting me, but you were just protecting yourself from commitment.”

“I know,” he nodded, agreeing with you for the first time. “I was stupid,” he said, taking your hands in his. “I wasn’t ready to settle down. I thought if I kept it from the media then- it wouldn’t be real and if we ever broke up- I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I thought if I could just get through my Marvel contract then- I don’t know, Y/N! I don’t know what I was thinking, I just-” He started to cry, making you cry. “I made a mistake, I was an idiot who didn’t know any better. But I do now, I am so in-love with you and I can’t- I can’t do this without you.”

“Am I meant to just forgive you?” You didn’t pull your hands away because you’d missed his touch. “You broke my heart, Chris,” you told him and he nodded in acknowledgment. “Do you know how much it sucked hearing people talk about how I was in a relationship with a man who couldn’t even admit he was taken? Do you know how much it hurt to see you with a fan who thinks it’s okay to get touchy because you’re apparently single? Do you realize how many of my friends’ weddings we’ve attended in our three years together? I can’t keep waiting for you to commit, Chris. I don’t want to,” you shook your head.

“I know, I’m sorry- I’m so sorry, Y/N. I just- I know how much I’ve hurt you, but I also know that no one is going to love you as much as I do. I made a mistake, that’s all- and I’m going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Just-” he pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Please,” he begged, crying. “Please let me.”

“I’m with Nick,” you cried softly, fighting the urge to just hug him back. It broke your heart to see him like this, and God- you just wanted to kiss his sorrows away. “I’m with someone else, Chris.” You repeated and he started crying harder, clutching onto you like you were his oxygen. “I can’t-” you gently pushed Chris away, “it’s not fair on him.”

“I know,” he whispered, wiping his tears away with the back of his hand. “And it’s not fair on you either, you deserve better than me.” You tried not to cry at that. “Are you happier with him?” He asked and cupped your face in his hands, gently brushing your tears away.

“Yes,” you lied with a nod.

“Okay,” he managed a smile. “Just know that- If he breaks your heart, I’m going to be waiting right here for you.” You nodded, crying softly as Chris pressed a kiss against your forehead. “I’ll see you, Y/N.” He said as he reluctantly pulled his hands away.

You closed your eyes as he walked off into the night because you knew you’d run after him if you watched him leave. You’d rather be with Chris, everyone- including Nick, who had watched the whole thing go down from the inside- knew that. So why didn’t you go with him? Why were you so stubborn? Why didn’t Chris stay and fight for you? Nick didn’t get it, none of your friends watching did. Then, it was as though a jolt of lightning went off in both yours and Chris’ brains. You opened your eyes and started towards his direction, just as he turned around and ran back towards you. You met halfway and shared an embrace that ended in a kiss so passionate and deep that on lookers blushed.

“I’m happier with you,” you whispered when Chris broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“And I’m only happy with you,” he responded then kissed you again, smiling. “Come with me to the premiere of Gifted,” he told you. “We’ll walk the carpet together, we’ll announce our engagement.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face; it was finally happening. “Just let me show you off to the world, let me tell everyone I’m taken.”

“But we’re not engaged,” you chuckled softly.

“Not yet,” he smiled. “The ring’s at home so I can’t-”

“Yes,” you nodded and his smile widened. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” You told him and he hugged you tightly, breathing you in. The engagement was long overdue, he wished he’d done it earlier so he didn’t cause you as much grief as he did but- he was happy things ended the way it did.

“I’m never letting you go again.”

“Me neither,” you agreed, smiling.

Imagine your water breaking while arguing with Chris.

A/N: Part 4, yo. Hehe, even the cutest of couples fight. Read the previous parts of this chapter here (‘Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3’), and the first two chapters of the whole series here ('Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’) Enjoooooy. X

You strolled to the kitchen with Dodger trailing behind you, tail wagging excitedly for his breakfast. You looked down at him and smiled, but that smile faltered when you entered the kitchen. You walked in and immediately sighed; Chris’ little get together with his friends last night left the kitchen and the living room- where Chris had spent his night- a complete mess.

You should have been used to it by now, it was always the same deal when the game was on; Chris and his buddies will drink a little too much, eat a bunch of crap, and yell at the TV until their wives/girlfriends called them home, and in Chris’ case- until he passed out on the couch. Usually you’d help with the clean up, make some coffee and breakfast to help him with his hangover, but today you weren’t having any of it.

In your defense, you were nine months pregnant and due any day now; your feet were swollen, your back was aching, and you were just- tired of being pregnant. The last thing you needed was a messy house to deal with, especially when it wasn’t your mess to clean.

“Get up,” you tossed a roll of garbage bags at Chris and he groaned, rolling from his stomach onto his back. “I don’t care how hungover you are, you’re going to get up and clean your mess up.” He opened his eyes and quickly winced at the sunlight peeking through the curtains, groaning louder than before. “I mean it, get up.” You struggled but you managed to nudge him with your foot.

“What time is it?” He mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his hands.

“Time to get up and clean,” you bit with narrowed eyes. “How can four guys can make such a huge mess?” You looked around and shook your head, annoyed and disgusted. “I mean- is it really that hard to put your beer bottles and burger wrappers in the bin as soon as you’re done with them?” You continued to lecture your husband, who had sighed and sat up. “It’s not even that far away, Chris. You guys do this almost every weekend and I’m sick of it, either tighten up or go to a bar and watch the game.”

“Sweetheart-” Chris tried to reason with you but you didn’t give him much of a chance.

“Don’t call me sweetheart until you clean up your mess,” you stormed out of the living room, leaving him and Dodger behind. “Now, Chris!” You called as you made your way up the stairs so you didn’t have to look at the chaos that was your house.

“If she kills me, buddy,” Chris whispered softly to Dodger. “Just know that I love you.” He reached out and tried to pet Dodger but got barked at instead; the pup was on your side, as he’d been since the day he met you. “Seriously?” He frowned at Dodger who padded out of the living room to join you upstairs. “You know you’re my dog, right?” He called after Dodger then sighed and grabbed the roll of garbage bags you’d thrown at him earlier. 

• • • • • • • • 

Chris made sure he made downstairs spotless before he went upstairs to you and Dodger; the two of you sat on the bed while you work on your latest script. You didn’t have to look up to see Chris standing in the doorway, trying to assess your mood before he approached. You spoke without taking your eye off your laptop, “is my kitchen a kitchen again?”

“Is my wife my wife again?” He retorted, trying to be cute but coming off more smart-assy than cute. You looked up and shot him a dirty look; he pressed his lips together and winced. “Sorry,” he mumbled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“I don’t know if you realize this, Chris, but I am pregnant.” You began, closing the lid of your laptop. “It is an incredibly exhausting thing to be, not that you’d know.” You bit and he sighed. “The worst part is- I’m not doing this for myself.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself; it wasn’t true but you were just incredibly wound up. “You’re the reason I’m having a child, the least you can do is be a little more considerate.”

“Hold up,” he frowned as he pushed himself off the doorframe. “Did you seriously just say that?” You did, and you didn’t mean it, but you were too stubborn to take it back. “I’m not the one who made the call, Y/N. I told you I wanted a child but not if you weren’t ready for it. I was fine waiting until you were, and you told me you were and now you’re suddenly 'not doing this for yourself’? Are you kidding me?”

“Ugh,” you groaned as you rose to your feet, “shut up, Chris. Aren’t you just the perfect gentleman? I’ll wait until you’re ready, Y/N,” you mocked him. “You and my mom manipulated me into being ready, I was still thinking but you kept pushing and pushing until I couldn’t take it anymore. Why else would a person like me agree to have a child?!”

“A person like you?” He chuckled and scoffed at the same time. “What is that even suppose to mean? You don’t even hate children, Y/N. I know you, a lot better than you know yourself, and being pregnant has made you happier than I’ve ever seen you before. You want this, you were just too afraid of change as per usual.”

“You know me better than I know myself?” You quizzed rhetorically. “If that is so, you wouldn’t have left the house the way you left it.” You bit and he groaned. “Oh stop groaning, you jerk. This fight is your fault, if you’d just cleaned up last night then we wouldn’t even be having this fight.”

“What’s the difference, Y/N?” He narrowed his eyes at you. “It’s not like I was going to just disappear the next morning. And I’ve already clean it all up, so why are you still yelling at me? I get it, okay? I was inconsiderate. You’re pregnant and tired and you shouldn’t have to deal with all of it. I’m sorry, I won’t leave the house like that anymore. Happy now?”

“Happy now?” You scoffed. “You call that an apology? Oh my God, you’ll be the-” You were cut off when you felt and heard a soft pop, then a gush of warm fluid rushing down your legs. “Oh no,” your hand moved to touch your belly. “No no no,” you breathed and looked up at your husband.

“What is it?” His tone softened as he took a step towards you, taking your hands in his as his eyes narrowed with deep concern. “Are you in pain?” You shook your head with your lips slightly parted, still unable to speak because you were in shock. “Hey, talk to me.”

“My water just broke.”

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Screenshot anon!! (Sorry if these come so often ;w;)

HEY YOU…and it’s fine! I actually enjoy them quite a bit hehe

Anyway uhhh. Haha. Ha. Hahaha.

I started rewatching Sonic X and then I started thinking of a sorta future AU where Shadow comes to live with an older Chris and then…this happened

Shadow likes listening to him go on long, complex rants about science-y stuff


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 8.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Sometimes a familiar face doesn’t mean a good thing.
Warning: Attempted rape.
Word Count: 3,110
Author’s Note: BIG thank you to @talina-boyaci for this idea! I wanted to speed this process up, so there is a significant amount of time that passes from the previous chapter to this one. I needed more Negan and Simon in this fic, so let’s see how things change now that the zombie apocalypse is in full effect! Enjoy! 

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It had been a year. A year since this apocalypse happened.

You had thought that everything was going to go back to normal. You assumed the government would contain this big of a mess, but after a month of no progress, you knew that this world was never going to be what it was like before.

The phone call with Negan and Simon was the only thing you found yourself remembering the night the apocalypse happened. You wished your phone hadn’t died. You wished you didn’t have a meltdown. You wished you were able to ask them where they were going because with them, you felt the safest.

You didn’t know that going to the woods would be your biggest mistake yet.

You thought seeing a familiar face would calm you down and put you at ease, but knowing Chris’s true intentions caused you to cry every night. It was as if the apocalypse changed his entire personality.

You had been with Chris since the beginning and you thought being surrounded by him and two of his other friends would make you feel safe, but it made you feel the complete opposite.

As the months passed, you were losing hope in bumping into Simon and Negan. You forced yourself to believe that you were stuck with these three men that you wished you had the guts to kill. You believed that there was no one else out in this world.

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Drabble: I Want a Kitten

So this Drabble was inspired by a photo of two adorable black and white kittens that @mewsiex reblogged.

Title: I Want a Kitten
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: G
Warnings: none


The little girl’s nose had been pressed against the glass of the pet store for nearly ten minutes now and not even the promise of an ice cream cone could pull her away.

“Take the girls to the mall,” Chris Evans mimicked his wife under his breath. He sighed and shifted his youngest daughter on his hip. “Ok, bug, it’s time to go.”

“But daddy, I want a kitten,” his little girl whined, finally pulling her eyes away from the four kittens that were cuddled into a pillow in the window.

“I know you do,” he said for what seemed like the hundredth time that afternoon. “But we have to talk to mom first.”

His daughter frowned at him, her brow furrowed in frustration. Then the smell of a dirty diaper hit both her nose and Chris’s. “Ew,” she cried, covering her nose with her hands.

Thirty minutes later, Chris was driving home with one daughter pouting over not getting a kitten while the other was upset because it was past her nap time.

Arriving home, he greeted you by handing over the baby, grabbing a beer and then heading into the man cave with the family’s only pet, Dodger, following him.

Once you’d gotten the baby down for her nap, you listened to your older daughter talk about the kittens at the pet store and how she desperately wanted a kitten just like her best friend at school. You assured her that you and Chris would talk about it, but told her that if it happened, you would adopt a cat from an animal shelter.

With your daughter appeased with the conversation, you left her in the kitchen to color while you went in to see Chris. Leaving the door open slightly in case either girl needed you, you made your way to him and climbed onto his lap in his recliner.

“She wants a kitten,” he stated. “As if having the world’s greatest dog isn’t good enough for her.”

“Her best friend at school has a new kitten,” you explained. “And it might do Dodger some good to have another animal in the house.”

Chris studied you for a second before he sighed. “You want a kitten too, don’t you?” He asked.

“They’re so cute and cuddly,” you stated as you laid your head against his chest. “And we can rescue one and all of its shots and stuff will be done.”

“Fine we can get a kitten,” Chris caved.

An excited squeal came from the doorway and you smiled as your daughter ran into the room saying thank you repeatedly. Then the little angelic face said, “My friend Bailey has two kittens….”

You covered your mouth and laughed while Chris groaned.

The next day, you stayed home with the baby while Chris took your older daughter out to the local animal shelter. You’d offered to take her, but Chris said he didn’t trust you to only bring home one kitten. So it came as a complete shock to you when they got home with not one but two kittens.

“Just shut up,” Chris muttered to you as you grinned at him. “She picked out one of them and both kittens started to cry when we separated them. Then she started to cry. And…”

“And you’re an amazing dad,” you stated, kissing his cheek. You then lowered yourself to the floor to meet the newest members of the family: Mickey and Minnie, two black and white kittens. Later, after the girls were in bed, Chris would tell you about their horrific backstory, but for now you were in kitten heaven. Even Chris got in on it when Mickey decided that Chris was his new best friend.

I was rewatching the sg season one finale with my dad and when the pod landed I screeched and started flipping out because I knew it was Chris. Anyways I’m like “THAT’S MY MAN THE LOML THE LOVE OF KARA’S LIFE I STARTED THE SHOW FOR HIM ASFHKI GUESS WHO?!” And my dad just goes “Let me guess, it’s a really hot guy?” I died laughing but like also where is tHe LiE ?

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My only request is that y'all don’t bombard me about what’s going on with the blog right now or how my backlog queue looks as far as commissions go cause I’m still working through some things and I can’t afford to throw myself into a panic; I’ve been doing so good, I want to keep up this pace and productivity. Please be patient with me for just a little longer. I missed y'all.

I dream about the day Chris Evans is in a discussion about politics or something of the works and he just says… “ya know what I don’t know enough about this so I’ll be quiet”…listen y'all, I know it’s just a Fantasy but… Chris shutting the fuck up would be the most attractive thing he’s ever done


Jupiter (Chris Beck x Reader)

Prompt: I was driving home from my job, and I work 3rd shift, so the sky was gorgeous and I saw Jupiter and I immediately started crying. I love space, and then all I could think of was Chris Beck, So here I am. 😊


Word Count: 1,083

“Chris?” You sat up in the dark room, realizing that your bed was empty. Reaching over you turn on the bedside lamp to confirm that the room was empty. You climbed out of bed and towards the open bedroom door. “Have you been murdered? Because that’s be unfortunate.”

You headed down stairs and walked towards the kitchen. “Babe?” Sometimes Chris would walk up in the middle of the night to make a snack since his body systems were always messed up from space, but this wasn’t one of those nights. You looked in the living room and dining room, and still no Chris. You began panicking a bit when you saw the back door open and Chris sitting on one of patio chairs, looking up. You grabbed one of his sweaters hanging up by the door and walked outside.

“Babe, what are you doing? It’s freezing.” The quiet thuds of your feet against the stone patio were the only sound to be had in between the two of you.

Chris looked over at you. “Y/N, come here!” He ushered you over and you obligated. He grabbed your hand and pulled you onto his lap. You looked at him and his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy shop when he looked back at the sky. He wrapped his left arm around you, giving you a squeeze before using his right hand to point at a bright star in the sky. “See that bright one right there?”


“That’s Jupiter. It’s only visible with human eyes tonight, so I wanted to come out here.”

He wrapped his other arm around you and rubbed your arms. You settle back into his chest still looking at the sky, catching random shooting stars.

“There must be a meteor shower, there’s a lot of shooting stars.” You spoke quietly, afraid to disturb Chris in his element. You sat with him for a few minutes, comfortable silence falling between you two, Chris drawing patterns into your thigh.

“Chris, it’s almost 4am.”

“I know, but it’s the perfect time to stargaze.”

“Um, baby, I don’t want to be the one to tell you, but you do know you travel through space, right? Like you know you’re an astronaut. You don’t have to stargaze, you’re literally going to Mars.”

Chris laughed and pinched your thigh lightly. “Shut up, it’s just great to see from down here. Plus, there’s a meteor shower tonight, and it’s safer to observe down here, than up there.”

Chris put his head on your shoulder and place a small kiss, before looking back to the sky.

“Chris?” You kept your eyes fixed on the stars. Chris hummed in response, lost in the sky. “Don’t you get scared? Ya know, to go up there.”

“Yeah. Every time. It can be hard sometimes to forget that something could go wrong at any point but, you can’t let fear control you. So, I do my job, marvel at the amazing sights, and get the hell outta there so I can come home to my girls.” Chris placed a soft kiss against the exposed skin on the base of your neck.

“I hate to ruin the moment, but I’m actually freezing and I can barely feel my feet. Can we go back inside?” You chuckled and Chris grabbed a hold of you and stood up. “What are you doing?”

“Well I don’t want your feet getting colder from walking.”  You just smiled at the man and he winked at you. “I’m the greatest boyfriend to walk the Earth, you’re really lucky.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Once you were inside, Chris set you down before closing the door and turning the lights off. You made it back to your room and sat on your side of the bed, tucking yourself under the blanket. Chris came in a few minutes later and closed the door.  He sat at your feet and pulled the blanket down, exposing your legs.

“Here let me warm your feet up.” He grabbed one of your legs and began rubbing your foot, warming it up. You watched your fiancée intently, taking in moments like this for when he leaves. You really thought you were the luckiest girl, and while you dropped out of med school, meeting Chris was the highlight of that 2-year mistake.

When he finished with your right foot, he grabbed the other, repeating his actions. He eyes met you and he smiled. “Whatcha thinking about?”

“Do you ever wish you’re still a doctor? Like ya know, not in space?”

“Not really, I always loved space, so when the opportunity arose, I jumped to it. Being able to be in space and just be there, it’s truly gorgeous Y/N. The second most stunning sight I’ve ever seen.”

“The first being?”

“Definitely the cat. Pluto is the love of my life.” Chris chuckled and smiled down at you.

“Ha. Ha. You’re very funny.”

As if on command, Pluto jumped on the bed and settled herself in the front corner. Chris laid down, pulling you over so you were laying on his chest. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it up, your feet warmed up.

“Do a favor for me?” You spoke, watching Chris run his fingers over your arm laying on his chest.

“Anything baby doll.”

“Come back from Mars in one piece, and god forbid, you miss you flight back and get stranded.” You started fiddling with your engagement ring. “Because I will not hesitate to remarry.” You lifted your head and set your chin on his chest, looking at his amused expression. Chris grabbed you and brought you lips to his, placing a soft, but passionate kiss to you.

“No promises, maybe I’ll fall in love with an alien or space rocks? I’m open to anything.”

You laughed and put your head back onto his chest. Pluto’s purrs filled the room but you focused on Chris’ heart. Studying every beat, how it slowed as he relaxed and fell back into sleep. You wanted to remember and cherish the sound, knowing that in 3 days the bed would be colder and the nights, quieter.