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(1/2) i always like to imagine the seating arrangements of supermega and oneyplays since they don't have facecam. when matt and ryan record together, they're usually cuddled up together with matt's head on ryan's shoulder sharing a mic. When the oneyplays boys record, chris is on one side of the couch while julien is on the other side with his feet in chris's lap (which is why chris yelled at julien for poking him in the stomach with his toe) and dingdong is off on the side in another chair lol.

(2/2) but when all 5 of them colab together, matt is on chris’s lap, and chris’s hands are around his waist holding the controller when he’s playing and his head is on matt’s shoulder. Dingdong and ryan are cuddled up on the other side of the couch, probably with dingdong using ryan as a pillow bc he’s a Soft Boy. And julien is just in the middle of the couch between them having a great time.

Wondering how the Anti Hero team spent their summer vacation? Wonder no more! The bros once again surprised the world today by dropping 10-minutes of unexpected tour footage on Thrasher Mag’s site that’s better than many videos that take people years to make. (Sadly, no drone video footage though, if that’s your thing…) 

Click on through to to see Daan Van Der Linden continue his 2016 pillaging of spots along with tons of bangers from a stacked crew of TNT, Pfanner, Julien, Hewitt, Raney & more. 

Filmed by P Stone

It’s the most~ wonderful~ time~ of the year~

TSOIP preview time! <3 

Part 16 and FINAL, Ten Little Hunters, will be coming soon to a website near you!

“You didn’t tell me who I could bring to your Conclave,” Stiles says to Jim. “It’s not like you’re the only Stoddard here. There’s got to be four or five of you, plus the freelancers who work with your family. So why are you allowed to bring all of them, but I’m expected to come all alone and vulnerable?”

“Bringing your entire pack is a sign of aggression.” Jim Stoddard’s teeth are clenched.

“No, it isn’t. You know enough about werewolf packs to know that separation is uncomfortable for us, so bringing them along everywhere I go is pretty much just par for the course. Also, packs get very unhappy when their alpha walks into danger without them.”

“The whole idea is learning to show that we’re on the same side,” Jim says.

“Then fucking show me, Stoddard,” Stiles says, getting in his face. “Because from where I’m standing, it’s you guys who need to start making that clear. Not me.”

~ ~ ~ ~

“You know that scene in Independence Day where Will Smith suddenly shouts ‘I could’ve been at a barbecue?’” Jackson says, staring at the wall where a door is supposed to be. “I’ve never related so fucking hard to that before now.”

“Preach,” Danny says. “I’m feeling that shit on a molecular level.”

“You’re the one who got me into this, asshole.”

“Oh, right!” Danny rolls his eyes. “I twisted your arm into learning black magic from a psychopath because of your feelings of inferiority. Leave me out of this, Jackson.”

There’s a long pause before Jackson says, “Yeah, that’s fair.” 

~ ~ ~ ~

Derek squeezes Stiles’ shoulder but directs his comments to Jim Stoddard. “Your heartbeat skyrocketed the minute that Tom brought up sending people back to the mainland. You’re hiding something, and I think we’d all like to know what.”

After a few moments to sulk, Jim heaves an irritated sigh. “The bridge is out.”

There’s a round of confused blinks before Chris says, “What do you mean ‘out’?”

“I guess a better way to put it would be, the bridge is gone,” Jim says.

Stiles thinks of that enormous roll of thunder that morning. It hadn’t been thunder at all. The bridge had collapsed, probably under the strain of the weather, although more direct sabotage was certainly an option. “Oh boy.”

~ ~ ~ ~

“What, what’d you find?” Boyd asks, looking over.

“A dead body,” Sam says.

“That’s hardly new this week,” Erica says with a snort.

“This one is … moving,” Sam says.

The others all look over. Sam has an impressive looking handgun up and pointed already, but he hasn’t fired.

“I know him,” he says. “One of my dad’s guys. He got killed by the ghouls on the first day.”

“Seriously?” Erica says. “I mean, come on now. Seriously.”

~ ~ ~ ~

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about this Conclave,” Jim says. “A bunch of bleeding hearts are going to get together and weep and moan over the ‘good’ werewolves that they want to protect. They can make whatever decisions they want. I don’t care what other people do on their territory, as long as they don’t tell me what to do on mine.”

Tom keeps a blank face and an even voice. “But that’s the point we’re coming to, isn’t it?” he says. “The point where people are going to start making you justify your actions and demand accountability.”

“They can demand whatever they want. That doesn’t mean I have to comply.”

Tom sits back in his chair. “I see. You think I’m an idiot.” 

~ ~ ~ ~

As soon as they’re on their feet, Stiles barrels towards the staircase at the end of the hallway. He emerges in the hallway on the third floor to find a dead body and –

and a –

“Holy shit,” he says, as the creatures turns and looks at him. It’s a velociraptor, identical to the ones in every Jurassic Park movie he’s ever watched a dozen times, with a dismembered arm in its mouth. It blinks at him, and he’s suddenly sure that he’s closer to death than he’s ever been before –

and then the dinosaur smiles at him, the arm falling out of its mouth and hitting the floor with a sick thump.

A moment later, it’s dissolved in a flash of greenish gray dust, and a man is standing there, identical to Stiles in every way, right down to the red hoodie. “Stiles!” he says. 

~ ~ ~ ~

“A werewolf bite takes twenty-four hours to heal,” Ravinder says, “therefore, what has been done must be a result of magic, not any of the alphas here.”

“But that’s impossible,” Stella shouts. “We all have protection spells, and even if one or two of them were faulty, it wouldn’t have been enough to get all of us, and why the hell are all of them fine?” she adds, gesturing viciously to where Chris and Julien are standing with Mikael. Wednesday is sitting in Sketch’s lap, and it looks like she’s enjoying the show.

“That’s actually a good question,” Stiles says, frowning. “It looks like the people who have been affected are only the ones who, er, have a problem with werewolves.”

“Very tactful,” his father says, somewhat amused.

Ned Stoddard suddenly starts swearing. “The trickster.”

“The trickster?” Chris asks.

~ ~ ~ ~

Chris takes a deep breath and says to Justin, “I understand where you’re coming from. But Jim is going to pay for his crimes. We’re going to make sure of that.”

“Look, that’s swell,” Justin says, “and amazingly, I actually do believe that you mean it. So, you know, thanks for your consideration, but hard pass.”

It’s clear that Chris doesn’t know what to say to that. Hannah Winchester speaks up, saying, “We can’t just execute him.”

“Would you like to give me one fucking reason why not?” Justin asks. “For decades, fucking centuries, you assholes have been happy to execute us, given the least provocation.”

~ ~ ~ ~

The atmosphere in the dining hall is tense. Hostilities flare twice, once when someone makes a nasty comment about something that happened during the search, and once over the last piece of roast beef. The fact that tempers are already that frayed worries Stiles.

“This is so bad,” he says, as the pack hunches over their sandwiches. “The isolation, the darkness, the danger combined with the boredom, this is the perfect recipe for a bunch of people to kill each other even if there weren’t supernatural nasties everywhere.”

Tom is nodding. “This place is a powder keg. And almost anything could qualify as a match.”

Not sure if this is the spot but Chris Pfanner has a great story about the first time he came to SF. Julien Stranger dropped Chris off at a loading dock and while Chris was skating it Julien forgot he left Pfanner behind and accidentally drove off and left him behind. Classic.