chris joseph

some jackass: joseph is terrible
me: yeah ikr
some jackass: because of the cul–
me: he named his kids chris when his last name is also chris like who the fuck does that it’s like a trying hard pre-evolved version of moon moon on your kids and he has 4 he had 4 chances to not fuck that up but he still did

Dream Daddy Asks!
  • 1: Which dad did you romance first? If you have not romanced a dad yet, which one would you want to romance?
  • 2: Favorite dad?
  • 3: Least favorite dad?
  • 4: Dad that surprised you the most?
  • 5: Dad that grew on you the most?
  • 6: Any dad(s) that is (are) your type?
  • 7: Any dad that you aspire to be more like?
  • 8: Favorite date?
  • 9: Favorite series of dates?
  • 10: Any date(s) that you completely messed up?
  • 11: Any date(s) that you completely aced?
  • 12: Any date in the game that you would want to go on?
  • 13: Favorite child?
  • 14: Favorite side character?
  • 15: Favorite minigame?
  • 16: Least favorite minigame?
  • 17: Favorite dad pun?
  • 18: Name of your Dad-sona(s)?
  • 19: Did you make your Dad-sona a physical reflection of yourself?
  • 20: Did you see any of yourself in the personality of your Dad-sona?
  • 21: Would you actually parent like your Dad-sona?
  • 22: Would you consider your Dad-sona a "good dad"?
  • 23: How much time have you logged into the game?
  • 24: Any particular moment(s) that resonated with,impacted, or affected you?
  • 25: Did the game live up to, transcend, or fall short of your expectations?

//NOT MINE AT ALL, NOT MY ART// Credit: Begsy @odetofew/via twitter/got images from Pinterest

/Eh, haven’t posted in a while/

~Twenty One Pilots~

“Are you searching for purpose? Then write something, yeah it might be worthless. Then paint something then, it might be wordless.”

mothman still a bullshit

Mary Christiansen, going into labor with her forth child: Well at least Joseph cant name this one some variation of his own last name again

Mary Christiansen after the pain medication wears off: He named my baby W H A T


NEVER trust anybody!
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