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Anon wanted more Pliroy with Victuuri parents and who am I to deny this beautiful AU to them
Or, I was inspired by an ask to make this post, I gotchu covered anon
  • OK SO, all the other skaters know that if u wanna ask Yurio out you gotta ask The Parents (aka Victor and Yuuri) first and they’ll deem u WORTHY (or not) of dating their son
  • They think Victor is the most chill about Yurio dating but OH THEYRE WRONG
  • “Don’t date other skaters, they’ll shatter your heart in an instant.” “VIKTOR DON’T SCARE HIM. Just. Choose wisely ok Yurio? We don’t want you getting hurt!”
  • Yurio: I hate both of you and I hope you know that
  • most of the time Yurio isn’t even in on it, he’s just v clueless about people wanting to ask him out (like, he’s aware of his good looks, but dating doesn’t cross his mind much since he’s more focused on skating)
  • So when Best Bros JJ and Chris (ya that’s gonna be my hc until the anime disproves it) are talking and JJ goes “Man I’m gonna ask Plisetsky out tonight, he’s a real beauty.” “Oh, don’t you know??” 
  • Even after Chris tells him, JJ goes in anyway bc no king was gonna get intimidated by Mista living legend and his somehow-not-husband-yet
  • Yurio is taken aback for a moment because he’s like “wait,,, they actually let you?? huh…”
  • Im a fan of the hc that Yurio doesn’t yet have feelings for JJ so he doesn’t accept right away
  • But you know what they say about characters who don’t have feelings for each other
  • what do you mean no one says that
  • what’s in it for JJ though? He won’t deny he was looking for a pretty face to show off when first approaching Yurio but he’s liking this plan of his ok
  • “wait, you wouldn’t accept so easily, whats gotten into you?” “what, now I can’t help a fellow skater out? I’m wounded–”
  • “Okay, how bout this Kitty, I play into your pretend dating game, and you help me out” “I KNEW IT, what is it you sick fuck want–” “You come help with the charity work when Skating season is over” 
  • “wait what”
  • “Yeah, we’re in need of volunteers.” “…no ulterior motive?” “I’m a man of my word”
  • Cue Yurio and JJ start “dating” so he can prove to his not-parents that he’s got this
  • spoilers: he dont got this
  • “Out of EVERYONE who’s tried to date you, he’S THE WORST OF ALL”
  • Yurio plays into it like “But he does charity work! (:”
  • “…I can do charity work….” Victor mumbles under his breath
  • BONUS: Phichit is the Cool Uncle who is helping Yurio get laid and covers for him with Victor and Yuuri
| Flirty | Josh Washington x Reader ~ Until Dawn

“I sneaked in to this huge house party for some free food but you asked me how I knew the host and the first excuse I could think of was that I’m dating their sibling, so basically I just lied to you about going out with you” au with Josh omg please 

Warnings: Severe flirting from Josh, Akwardness, mentions of nsfw, implied sex, swearing

Part 2

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I decided I wanted to flex some fluff muscles so have some fluffy bros being bros~

“Hey, Cochise?”

They’re sprawled on the couch, controllers in hand, the remains of two large pizzas scattered around them. Josh has his legs curled up underneath him, and Chris’ long limbs are spread out as far as he can get them.

“Yeah, dude?” Chris glances at Josh, turning his head slightly and risking a look away from the intense GTA session they got going.

“When I’m with you, I feel no pain.” Josh says it with a straight face, doesn’t even turn to look at the blonde, just keeps hijacking an old lady’s car. Chris feels his heart pound a little harder than it should, and he fights the urge to make an ‘aw’ sound.

“Dude, that’s–”

“You’re my ibubrofen.”

Silence. Josh’s lips curl up into a crooked grin, letting the joke set into Chris’s mind. The spectacled boy snorts, and nudges his friend with his foot.

“Dude, that was so bad.”

“You love my shitty jokes, dude. Like you have a better one.”

“I do! Uh…oh, got it. I never need protein shakes when I’m with you, dude. You’re all the strength I need.” Laughter bubbles out of their mouths, mingling in the air, and Josh hides his mouth with his t-shirt like he always does when he laughs too hard.

“Cochise, are you religious? Cuz you’re the answer to all my prayers.”

“Josh, we’re like that play we read in english class…we’re Bromeo and Dude-iet.”

They dissolve into a fit of giggles, and Josh worms his way over closer to Chris, flopping over and resting his head on the blonde’s shoulder. The mood calms almost instantly, and Chris gives his friend a concerned look.

“You’re my best bro, bro. I’m really glad you’re around.”

Chris smiles, feeling his cheeks heat up, and he leans his head on top of Josh’s, feeling his hair scratch against his cheek. “Yeah, man, me too.”