chris is abed now

bottomskylo-deactivated20160502  asked:

Beth telling Melissa that Chris has abs and Mark overhearing it and now he wants to touch Beck's stomach so bad because he is curious and when he finally does, Vogel and Martinez (and of course Beck) are like ??????????????

lmao because obviously he has to do it in public, where everyone can see his hand flying across the space and time and then landing on Beck’s abdomen while they are all eating lunch. Rick and Alex stay calm, looking at him with lifted eyebrows and so, while Chris just stares at Mark’s hand on his stomach and when the room starts to feel heavy, he smiles: “No, I don’t have an alien there”

Mark then wakes up from his short ‘gonna touch those abs’ possession and looks at him, his hand still feeling the hardness of Beck’s body and smiles almost shyly. “Ah, glad to know buddy!”

His hand is still there.

After a moment, he realizes that and his expression changes to horror when everyone starts laughing. The girls are working together in one of the labs and they took the time to hang out together in the kitchen area, laughing their asses off at how weir Mark can be in some situations. Then, he tries to explain himself, making everything worse because ‘why on earth would you want to know if it’s true anyway?’ and jesus f. christ why him?

Then at some point, Beth knows about this incident and she can’t let Mark life thought it. So she takes pictures of her boyfriend and then husband’s naked abs and send it to Mark like ‘hey, today they look also amazing!’ and Mark just stares with that expression that defines a man who regrets his life decisions.

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First scene involving a plastic shower curtain that pops up into your cute little head... anddddd go!

Chris is a homebody. He likes being home, he likes his home. He’s the asshole who will stop drinking hours before everyone else because he can tell everyone else is planning on crashing and he wants to be able to drive himself home. He’s the guy who will turn down an event if it’s a little too far away and would mean a hotel room. He doesn’t sleep well in a bed that isn’t his own and the sense of newness all around him, the unfamiliarity of surroundings, it just puts him on edge in ways he’ll go great lengths to avoid. 

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