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New icon!

Courtesy of the amazingly talented Jade Sarson, creator of webcomic Cafe Suada which is fucking. AMAZING. 

You should check out her stuff at as well as the interview I did with her today at the MCM Expo for MCM Buzz at

And for a better look at it…Here :):

Chrisfest XXI AKA Chris' Birthday enters the Twitterverse.

Hi guys and girls, I know this sounds silly, but I turn 21 tomorrow (April 19th 2012) and I would very much like a happy birthday or two…but I not just from you guys I mean, I would very much like someone I look up to to acknowledge my presence and give me a happy 21st birthday…

…I mean, it’s just a message less than 140 characters long from someone, but…in the few interactions I’ve had with someone I admire on Twitter (Kevin Smith and Dan Harmon for example…) it really *really* made my day :D

So I do hope I can get that tomorrow for my birthday :D

Basically if I remember/get the opportunity to, I shall head onto Twitter (@CinephileChris by the way ;D) and not *mass* message, but throw out a request or two to a few people and see if they’ll indulge me and bring a smile to my face :)

Basically I’d like to mainly try:

  • Danny Pudi @dannypudi (And see if he could message ‘Chris is Abed now’ or something which would *REALLY* make my day)
  • Dan Harmon @danharmon
  • Kevin Smith @thatkevinsmith
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt @hitRECordJoe
  • Alison Brie @alisonbrie (OF COURSE)

But there’s a few more who you can find at!/CinephileChris/following 

Basically Community cast and crew members (like MEGAN GANZ :O), Aziz Ansari, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat…And other cool TV and film people I admire…

Extra man points if I can get a Sasha Grey or Katie Morgan response :P

Um. Yeah.

Basically I’m saying this because I don’t know…Maybe someone could help me out here?…I know I don’t have that many followers (or friends for that matter…) so I know there is no way people could flood and annoy these lovely wonderful people…

…But I just want to feel special tomorrow :) It’s my 21st birthday, which I only get one of…And I have had a rather horrendous 366 days since my last birthday…So I want another fresh start as I turn 21 with nice things and nice people and nice words…Especially from Community people…It’s only a teeny tiny exaggeration to say that show saved my life, because truly that show has brought me happiness and closer to most of you awesome people…Same can be said to Doctor Who and Sherlock, but *mainly* Community…Because oh my god…Dan Harmon is me in the future and Abed is the me of the now…

And it would be nice to know I register on their radar. Even for the few seconds it takes to tweet me @CinephileChris

So yeah. I’m pretty much just stating my mission statement for tomorrow. All in the lead-up to what I can imagine will be an *AMAZING* episode of Community in the Dreamatorium tomorrow night on my birthday (Thank you stars for lining up in that way :P)

Hmm. Yeah. Just saying.

If you would *like* to boost the message or help me out or even just remember that it’s my birthday tomorrow…I would very much appreciate that :)

I don’t want my birthday to be the start of Sixteen Candles :P

New camera!

Here is a picture of me showing it off in front of my MacBook:

And here I am taking a picture of my MacBook preparing to take a picture of me showing off my new camera:

And here is my iPad taking a picture of me taking a picture of my Macbook taking a picture of me showing off my new camera:

Obviously, those were taken fast :P Who needs proper lighting and setting up and junk? :P

I shall probably take a better picture of my camera, as well as pictures *from* my camera, soon. But not that many more pictures of me taking pictures. Sadly :P

Also say hello to some of my bedroom walls back home! :P Collect all 4! :P

I still love my screenwriting tutor

We talked about Community and Dan Harmon today :D He also brought up ‘A Bit of a Chat With Ken Plume’, one of my favourite podcasts. He also complemented my, what he described as a 'good perception of humour’ instead of 'good sense of humour’ in regards to how I write.

He can see the power of my writing so much more in the script and he has no problems with my formatting and writing and such…Though he *did* tell me to show and not tell, something I do agree with…And he also told me I was being *too* expositional introducing my characters in the first episode…which is also true…

I really do love the sound of my characters voices…I am very much a dialogue guy, so I can understand that he suggests that I dial it back and have more punchy action instead…

Already have a few ideas of that…Will capitalise on them later tonight hopefully :D

He also said not to worry about the page count. It is so much better to have too much than too little…

I also felt I kinda let him down today because a girl in our group was trying to plan out her sitcom episode. She made too many mistakes/similarities which crossed over my circuitry leading me into not being very helpful because of the connections I made to things.

For example, a character named Phoebe instantly evoked me replacing her character with Phoebe from Friends. Naming her friend 'Bertha’ who the main guy flirts with to try and make jealous led me to replace her character with a 'Big Bertha’ sort of character, very much not glamourous as opposed to what I assume she was.

The situations went from Friends-territory to Coupling-territory very fast, it seemed like a wholesome-ish sitcom and then all of a sudden it was sweary and sex-filled and generally it was coming off more and more British comedy but not a sort of comedy I could truly connect with.

For the most part I am very much stuck with the whole American sitcom way of things with tastes and writing right now, so I kept feeling I couldn’t really help or contribute, which must have let Ewen down…

The problem is my mind was processing so many jokes, references, situations, comparisons to other sitcoms and other characters and other lines and everything that I was overwhelmed in the whole getting something solid out there.

That’s the problem being a pop culture computer, sometimes you try to be too clever or try to be “original” you have to compare and reference every single piece of data you have in order to create a new formula.

My god it must be weird if you could read my brain. I just imagine the entire contents of a DVD store cramming up most of the room while all the other functions of the brain are trying to work around that huge space-filler :P