chris hayden


“It’s nice, because people haven’t gone, ‘Boo! Put the cape back on’“
- Florence Welch for Rolling Stone, 2015


1) “Recording Dog Days” (By Rob)

2) “I can’t remember if this was Bataclan or Cigalle” (By Rob)

3) “Isa was only 8 when she began touring. I miss that boot tho” (By Rob)

4) “Pete Doherty came on stage with us once. Walked on, stubbed his cigarette out on my brand new amp and sang with Flo. What a skank!“ (By Rob)

5) “days of days of days” (By Rob)


“Now we come to the ceremony of the Ceremonials tour, the grand ritual! And we all have to do it together, every single one of us! [nudging Chris with her foot] Except for you, you don’t have to do it ‘cause you have to play the drums. One day … [points at Tom] You could do it!”

Florence + The Machine in Berlin (December 1, 2012)


Album 3 is complete and nearly ready to go! Chris Hayden of Florence and the Machine has exclusively revealed to Florence + The Machine Fan Club PL that album three is complete, and is definitely going to be released in 2015, and NOT this year. According to him, he says it’s going to be much more up-beat and happy! Via fatmfanclubpl.