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Okay but like imagine this: It's the very final episode of Teen Wolf ever, and the last of the credits have rolled, and then suddenly there's one final scene. It's coach out on the field, his whistle in his lips as he's bossing his lacrosse players around. Suddenly that name rolls off his tongue one last time in disgust... "Greenberg!" And the camera switches to everyone on the field and this Zac Efron looking guy turns around, gives the coach a wink, and suddenly gets knocked out by a flying lacrosse ball... The end
It ain't over yet!

He gave us Stiles’s name and all but there’s still one more mystery. WHO THE FUCK IS GREENBERG??????

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so anyway, where the hell is Deaton again?

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical | Cast

Chris McCarrell as Percy Jackson
Kristin Stokes as Annabeth Chase
George Salazar as Grover Underwood
Carrie Compere as Sally Jackson
James Hayden Rodriguez as Luke Castellan
Jonathan Raviv as Poseidon 


We’re all just really happy to be playing. We’ve been a band for a long time now and we’re all just really, really good friends. It’s kind of like almost we can’t quite believe that we are allowed to, you know, to do this! We get to play together every night, so yeah, it’s really fun, actually.


“It’s nice, because people haven’t gone, ‘Boo! Put the cape back on’“
- Florence Welch for Rolling Stone, 2015