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🌵Lay down with me until the nightlights start to shine🌵 🐈 aka V trying to take photos of the sunshine but his black cat boyfriend wants to sleep more ~
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Happy Pride Month!! Some Until Dawn Babies and my LGBT+ headcanons

(Pansexual Jess, Demisexual Emily, Lesbian Beth, Bisexual Sam, Gay Josh, Nonbinary Ashley, Trans Chris, Polysexual Mike, Queer Matt)

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Bonus Hannah:

(Sorry Hannah, but you’r a good ally at least)

My Ranking of the Fast and the Furious Film Series

After watching all eight Fast and the Furious movies with @craniumhurricane over the last month, I’ve finalized my current rankings of the series. These could change once the next two come out, but that’s a couple years off. For now, here’s my completely biased opinion. Han and Gisele forever!!

Other Rankings: Quentin Tarantino

The Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film Begins Filming

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller mockingly made the announcement on Twitter that the Han Solo spin-off movie’s first day of production has begun along with the text “Han Shot First”. The film is apparently using the working title of “Star Wars: Red Cup” as a ‘Solo’ pun until an official title is chosen. 

Star Wars: Red Cup is slated for theaters on May 25, 2018.

About this whole Han Solo thing

Really though, to be dead honest, this whole saga about Han Solo reflects terribly on Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s professionalism (or apparent lack thereof).

Say what you will about the mentality behind these kind of big budget franchise pictures, at the end of the day, Lord and Miller worked for Kennedy and Kasden. Lawrence Kasden wrote the screenplays for The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens, along with at least a dozen other screenplays, and the screenplay to Han Solo, and therefore his frustration at their apparent disregard of his work is justified. I know that I wrote a screenplay, for a character I knew very well, and the n had some guys come in, toss it out and start improvising entirely new stuff (stuff that apparently was changing the very fabric and tone of the film’s narrative), I’d get rightly pissed off to.

And then, when Lord and Miller were told to try and get at least 12 or 15 set ups ready for filming a day (which is very much standard on this sort of big budget movie), they only managed to get 2 or 3 set ups ready, and only shoot with one camera, when this kind of film usually requires at least four or more, in order to get the right amount of coverage. That’s insanely inefficient, and above all, expensive, since you’re basically paying the cast and crew to sit around, while Lord and Miller go noodling and twiddling around.

And lastly, you have to come to the acknowledgement that in the end, this isn’t the same kind of movie as 21 Jump Street or The Lego Movie. This isn’t something more or less entirely new, but rather something connected to a firmly established canon and tone, and so you can’t just go and play with it willy nilly, you have to, for better of or for worse, submit to what your boss is asking you to do, since you are for hire, Lord and Miller. You were picked for this, you didn’t pick it. You are an employee, and you gotta learn to submit, and compromise.

Also, you know stuff must have been bad when the entire crew apparently cheered when they announced Ron Howard was gonna replace Lord and Miller. Imagine, Lord and Miller got so bad that they cheered when you got replaced.