chris guise


It’s finally to the point I feel like I have to say something: I swear to god. If I see one more “fan” of Chris Colfer bitch about and diss his boyfriend, who I’ve met and found to be very sweet and adorable, and who seems to completely love Chris…I will slap the shit out of someone. You don’t get to choose who he dates. Yes his boyfriend made some bad decisions about stuff he posted. People change. It’s not YOUR job to rip apart Chris’ happiness in the guise of “protecting him” it’s your job to SUPPORT HIS FUCKING HAPPINESS. Chris has fought to be able to be himself and he FINALLY is able to be able to find someone he can be PROUD to be seen with when just a few years ago in interviews he said he was sure he was going to be single forever. So don’t you DARE say you care about Chris, and take a picture that is precious to him, and a person who is obviously previous to him AND SEND HIM DIRECT HATE. Don’t like it, DON’T LOOK, BUT DO NOT BE CRUEL, and face the facts. He is an actor. It is his job to make it seem like his CHARACTER is in love with another CHARACTER. HE IS NOT HIS CHARACTER. If you don’t like who he’s with, fine. But when he obviously looks as happy and having fun with his boyfriend, like in the pictures, get real. Quit pushing your fantasies on a REAL PERSON WHO HAS REAL FEELINGS AND INSECURITIES. He should not have to be afraid for his lover’s safety, because you can’t handle the truth.