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‘Guardians’ Cast on Expanding Baby Groot’s Vocabulary

I think some of you are missing the point about today’s clip with Eva and Chris. It’s not about them being in love, or them being endgame. It’s about Eva Kviig Mohn and her journey. This is not the girl we met in season 1 who felt like she needed to have a boyfriend in order to feel complete. This is a girl who set out to find herself and through the help of her friends was able to do so. Sure, her and Chris have fun and he makes her laugh when he’s around, but she no longer feels like she needs a boy around to feel validated. Eva Kviig Mohn is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need no cheating fuckboy.

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CP 14 Days of Love #11: Social Media (shenanigans, mishaps, accidents, chirps, announcements, etc)

A/N: I apologize for the super lateness of this. It’s been a tough, busy couple of weeks. shut up group chats totally count as social media

The Best Friends Gang

Shitty: *sidles up to Jackie poo* guess what day it is next week

Holster: *sidles up to Ransy-poo* hey bae

Ransom: omg shut the fuck up

Holster: GASP

Holster: YOU DARE?!!?



Ransom: bruh, chill you know I gotchu

Shitty: you BETTER ill fight u

Holster: <33

Jack: it’s Valentine’s day, Shits

Shitty: your FIRST

Jack: I’m 26. It’s my 26th valentine.

Jack: *valentine’s




Ransom: bruh, just tell us what you’re getting Bitty

Holster: yeah, man, we’re bros. we gotta make sure.

Jack: make sure what?

Shitty: that you haven’t planned something like a nice dinner

Jack: um

Holster: OMG JACK

Jack: haha

Jack: relax

Jack: not just a dinner but I’m not telling you

Jack: it’s secret ;-)

Shitty: Jack

Shitty: Jack, do you not trust us

Shitty: Jack

Shitty: Jack

arts and farts

Jack: gray suit…red or blue tie

Nursey: dark or light

Jack: dark

Nursey: red

Lardo: nice

Will Poindexter

Jack: you know how to cook right?

Dex: yeah

Jack: teach me

Jack: please

Dex: ok. I’m free Friday at three.

Jack: I’ll pick you up.

Dex: ok

SMH group chat


Holster: WHAT

Shitty: WHAT

Nursey: WHAT

Nursey: wait, who?

Dex: Jack and Bitty

Shitty: YOU KNEW?!?

Dex: Yeah.

Dex: well, I guessed correctly.

Holster: when?

Lardo: when he taught Jack how to cook


Lardo: careful, Shits


Shitty: *huffs*

Shitty: can’t beleve you didn’t tell me

Shitty: Jack is my bro


Lardo: he is still dumbass

Ransom: Paris, huh? Nice.

Shitty: I know! So romantic. <3333

Nursey: yeah, bro. i mean, PARIS. that’s like Goals™

What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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Thoughts for the day

Me: Wow, I can’t believe Skam is ending in a couple of days. That must mean we’re going to tie up all the loose ends of the many storylines Julie created this season.

Skam: *introduces new relationship drama with Eva, Jonas, Emma, and PChris*


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So this is apparently how deep I’m into Karamel

I had a bio test yesterday… I studied hard and on the day of the test, I was at university doing my last minute revision. It was worth 40% of my final grade & the test screwed me over. I came back home after grabbing myself a cuppa coffee.. sat down in my room, thinking how screwed I am if I don’t nail every other course work.

I had to clear my head so I turned to YouTube. And there was just SO MANY recommended Karamel fan videos & scenes.. all the laughter, fights, caring, bickering and mistakes… after an hour or so… It got me thinking:

-MonEl lost his entire planet but he found a connection to Earth. He survived.

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-Kara felt alone in this planet. She found MonEl, and now she doesn’t need to hold herself back. She’s happy.

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-MonEl didn’t want to be a hero, but now he wants to help Kara keep the word spinning. Oh, the hero at heart and soul!

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-Kara keeps inspiring everyone around her including MonEl. Starting to learn from her mistakes and finding forgiveness.

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-MonEl sacrificed himself.. his happiness.. and everything he found on earth to keep Kara safe

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-Kara went back for him because she couldn’t bear losing him forever

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-They are both happy!

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I can go on and on forever about what I find beautiful in this relationship.

I know what you’re thinking, "how does this relate to this person screwing up the bio test?“. Because I was so close to loosing my mind when I got back home.. but binge watching Kara and MonEl’s relationship made me happy. I was sitting there, smiling & giggling alone in my room instead of a breakdown.

So I just wanted to say… Thank you for everyone out there who keeps making those amazing videos. Thank you for those out there compiling Karamel scenes together. Thank you for investing your time in making all the GIFS and photos and discussing amazing theories. Thank you for bringing a whole bunch of awesome fans that I can have a friendly conversation with. Thank you, supergirl writers for giving me a show that portrays a healthy relationship that has its own fair share of ups and downs. Thank you for the actors who has an amazing chemistry on screen. Just…

THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart for making my day sweet, just like Karamel. Because how can you not? It is a sweet treat that goes on everything.

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