chris freaking pine!


January Book Discussion Challenge: Day 9


I read a lot of fantasy which means that like half of everything I read involves royalty, but my favorite fictional princess is actually a contemporary, teen fiction one.

Mia Thermopolis. There’s a lot you could say about Mia, but I’ll leave it at this: she’s hilarious and a mess and I love her. I really like that The Princess Diaries series has 11 books (and a million novellas) and that we get to see Mia from the beginning of high school to her marriage. There’s something so special about a character you get to watch grow like that.

Anyways, the books’ gimmick is that Mia finds out that she’s a princess, and there’s plenty of princess things happening in them, but they manage to be the least interesting parts of the story. What really makes these books are the characters and the AWESOME romance that was glimpsed in the first movie adaptation and totally disrespected in the 2nd (Salty? Who, me?).

I would totally still read the books if they were just called The Mia Thermopolis Diaries. Even with all the completely dated pop culture references in the earlier books.


So, Chris Pine is perfect, yeah?