chris fee


Les Amis Modern Era


Aaron Tveit as Enjolras

Ramin Karimloo as Combeferre

Fra Fee as Courfeyrac

Chris McCarrell as Joly

Kyle Scatliffe as Bossuet

George Blagden as Grantaire

Hadley Fraser as Bahorel

Alistair Brammer as Jehan

Jason Forbach as Feuilly

In her 24 years of life, Fee has never seen her dad cry. She’s seen her pop cry a fair few times; despite his reputation as a cold, heartless bastard–one he has carefully cultivated–Sherlock can be very emotional when it comes to his family, like the time John had been caught in a minor explosion and ended up in hospital for two weeks, or when she’d won first place in her very first piano competition, or the year when John had surprised him with a cruise on a restored pirate ship for their anniversary, or the day she had come home to show them the ring Chris had put on her finger.

Her dad, on the other hand, she can’t recall having ever seen him cry even once. She and John had sat by Sherlock’s hospital bed when he’d been stabbed (three times), poisoned (just the once), shot (once), and fallen severely ill (twice), all with potentially fatal consequences. John had stayed calmly at Sherlock’s side, clutching his hand in a vice grip, sometimes murmuring words softly into his ear when he thought she was sleeping, but she never saw a single tear fall. Nor had he cried at her wedding–though Sherlock had been a mess of happy tears–or even that time she’d been in that car collision back when she was fourteen. She’d seen him bursting with joy, shaking with anger, beaming with pride, numb with sorrow, but through it all, she’d never once seen him cry.

When she was a girl, she had thought it strange. She’d even gotten up the courage to ask Sherlock about it once, and he had told her that he could count on his fingers the number of times he’d seen John cry in all the time they’d known one another, which had been more than fifteen years at the time (now going on thirty). She’d eventually come to accept that it wasn’t so strange after all, that that is just how her dad is, that his tears are very rare and very private.

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Students took to the streets in cities across Australia today to protest against Christopher Pyne and the Liberals’ plan to deregulate tertiary education and open the way for higher-fees. Pyne has twice failed to get his proposals through the Senate, but has promised to keep coming back until he succeeds. These photos are of the Melbourne rally.

Photos taken by Corey Oakley, editor of Red Flag newspaper.