chris epting

“Although I’ve got a way to go, I have inherited some amazing philosophies and experiences along the way, onstage and off. If I can manifest them positively before I die and show that the lessons actually stuck, then and only then will my microscopic pinpoint of existence in this universe have really mattered.”
–“Adrenalized”, Phil Collen w/ Chris Epting

Alright. Just finished the novel. I was planning on articulating my words like any other book review I have done in the last few years, but this piece of literary goodness deserves a different kind of praise. Maybe I’m biased. Maybe you can blame it on how I’m getting to meet Phil Collen in February and he plays in one of my favourite bands, but I think differently. There were times during this autobiography where I swore I was reading my own writing. In particular, during the “Coda”, in which Collen writes about his religious/spiritual views…That resonated with me so much–so much more than anything I have ever read. There were even sentences where I thought to myself, “Hey, that sounds awfully similar to that line I used in…”.

I find it ironic that he states how difficult he had trying to find another person who resonated with him on a psychological level, because I sure didn’t have a hard time doing that with him. Then again, I have consistently experienced the same issue. Like peering through a looking-glass. Besides the above, I have found a new-found respect in Collen. From his short remarks on the misogyny and homophobic nature of the hard rock industry to his reminiscences of seeing Bowie live during his “Aladdin Sane” tour, all executed within a monologue that I read in a Hackney London accent…This entire piece was very evocative and thought-provoking.

In conclusion… Highly recommend!