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Because crashing your own goddamn cars wasn’t enough, right kennedy?


Honoring Late Night Royalty- Chris Hardwick
Talking Dead (2011 - Present)  @midnight (2013 - Present)
Comedy is so important. It’s a defense mechanism, you know? Comedy is armor to protect us from the smoldering shitwich that is life sometimes. It helps us connect with other humans. It helps us subvert power. It helps us deal with tragedy. 


“A work of art.”
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a special shoutout to @victoriel, a kind soul who has given so sooo much to a lot of fandoms, including daiya. Happy belated bday vic!!

so my brothers and my step dad have played the borderlands and now im like trying to get my mom to at least play tales from the borderlands so like i can talk about the game to everyone in my family 

And here’s Steve Rodgers as our Oakleaf Knight!

I literally considered not posting this, but since I already put several hours worth of work into it… yeah. Faces, hands, AND armor… literally my top three things on my “things I hate drawing” list… but I prevailed

once again, thanks to handwritingofgod for the idea! i hope you dont mind that my tablet started acting up towards the end and that I neglected some parts…

this headcanon makes me ship horace and will even more… 

Unbreakable Captain America

“we’ve never actually talked about our lives back on Earth.” Chris stated.

“what do you want to know?”

“oh i dont know. lets start off with…” Chris pretended he was thinking, “boyfriend? husband? lover?”

“no. no. and no.” you laughed.


“there’s this one girl i like but she’s not technically on Earth right now so it doesnt count.” Chris.

“you know Lewis has a guy already right?” you teased, knowing he was talking about you.

“Ha ha.” he said sarcastically.

Unpopular opinion: I want my loving-caring!kurt back instead of mean-sarcastic!kurt