chris dobson

Shitty drawing time. 

So Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson, DarkSydePhil, and Chris Chan have all come out against GamerGate. Gee, they really have the best supporters one could hope for on their side!

A crappy cartoonist, gaming’s biggest scrub, and the internet’s biggest manbaby. Might as well call it quits now. 

MovieBob’s PIXELS review is a transcendent piece of media. 

He frantically bounces between being the total embodiment of every negative criticism he’s ever lobbed at gaming and gamers (elitist, entitled, man-children who care too much about some perceived sense of ownership over an entire hobby) and desperately trying to maintain his facade as a high-brow intellectual and progressive who must be insulted because the movie has plotholes and no strong female characters.

Fuck’s sake.. It’s centipede and qbert and bunch of other old as fuck Atari and Nintendo games. They are important as a part of gaming history, but these aren’t holy icons. Just because they made GAME REFERENCE: THE MOVIE doesn’t mean they’ve desecrated sacred ground… But you wouldn’t be able to guess that after listening to Bob have a 10 minute emotional meltdown because of this movie.

I can only assume that some of his frustration comes from how bad the movie is, because it’s an Adam Sandler Movie, but so much of his spastic rage comes from the fact that he wants to hate this movie on a technical level, but he can’t keep himself in check long enough to not spew insults and aimless hatred like an impotent 10 year old being told he has to get off the xbox and do his homework while he’s in the middle of an important Call of Duty match.

Bob goes to great lengths to portray himself as more sophisticated, mature, and thoughtful than the rest of the gaming public. His entire persona across every video series and article he’s ever made oozes smug pretentiousness, because Bob sees himself as both a fan extraordinaire, and also a sort of wizened outsider who can cut through all the nonsense with a few insightful observations… Those observations usually being some social justice bullshit or how all gamers are whiny entitled manbabies.

And then this “review” comes along and he just spills his spaghetti like the spergiest, least self-aware, emotionally stunted man-child to ever waddle the earth. I have to wonder if this movie gave him PTSD flashbacks to the first console wars, since he said that was his vietnam in his horrendous autobiography.

But it’s still important to remember that Bob is not a journalist or even a critic, for that matter. He’s an entertainer, and just like Burch, Dobson, Chris-Chan, and so many others, his constant failures as a human being become a constant source of entertainment for the rest of us.