chris demaris


Hello world! Yes I am alive. Been kind of out of the country for the past 5 weeks, but I am back. 

I feel obliged to share some photo’s with you. The ones you see here where from before I left. 


Supanova Perth 2015. Some friends and I booked a hotel in the city, where we could walk to the convention center, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. I got to meet Chris and Josh at my first bar (a gaming bar, super awesome) experience, for a Roo Teeth meet (Roosterteeth in Australia). Then the convention happened. Had my photo taken with Nathon Fillion and Danielle Panabaker from The Flash. Hung out at the Hanabee booth with the Roosterteeth/Hanabee gang for pretty much 80% of the time. The guy with the Afro is Cameron from Hanabee, super nice guy. Handed two signed copies of RWBY volume 2 from when Arryn and Barbara where down as just random gift, as well as the lanyard (Free RTXAU promotional merch plus bonus keying.) enjoyed a couple of panels, went to the afterparty. And just had a genuinely awesome time. 

10/10 Would go again. 


Gonna split this up into two posts! So the highlight of RTX was meeting thelindsayjones, Chris, and Aaron!!!! I met Lindsay Friday and it was so amazing! My cousin quirky smiled while I low-key fangirled and was so happy when she asked for a hug! She’s a pure cinnamon roll!!!! And then Aaron and Chris were just delightful! My best friend will love me for getting her shirt signed! Plus the Guardians at that signing? They were so awesome! I loved these past two days at RTX and am sad I couldn’t go Sunday! I’m just so, so happy I met them! I wish I could’ve met more people but I’m just so happy! Sorry for the long rant!