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Christopher Robert Evans is dangerous okay, he’s a dangerous man, because look at him, he’s annoyingly handsome, he’s built like a firefighter, he’s capable of growing a truly magnificent beard - he’s intimidatingly good looking. But he also is 35 years old and organises game nights with his friends bc he genuinely loves game nights, he gets so overwhelmed talking about his sports hero that he knocks over glasses of water, he’s smart and woke as hell and constantly educating himself on issues, he says things like “anything can be romantic, a nice sunset, y'know”, his dog shares a pillow with him and they wake up face to face,,,,like Chris Evans is dangerous bc I don’t think there’s anyone else quite like him out there but I don’t want to settle down with anyone unless they approach life the way Chris does

Hello everyone. my new song “College” is now out on all digital sites including Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and more! I would love for some of you to listen and show a friend. I have never been so proud of anything in my life. 

another clouded mind
another clouded sky
but your eyes shock me back to life
you say you don’t know why I’m sad
well I don’t know either
but I know something needs to mend
but my body won’t fix the havoc on my end

I don’t want to go home
but you need some time to grow on your own
I wonder why I can’t feel the same
but I only have myself to blame

and yes there’s days I cry
because my emotional integrity is as weak as the heart in me
when I try to say I’m fine
the future is frightening my fragmented mind
so why do I feel this way?
when all that long for is change
but I’m scared when nothing stays the same

I don’t want to run
I don’t want to hide
but I fear the world outside

will the ink on my body forever mean the same?
does my place inside your heart still pulse when you hear my name?

I don’t want to go home
but you need some time to grow on your own
I wonder why I can’t feel the same
but I only have myself to blame”

Songs to get fucked to:

Best ones are in Bold/Italic letter

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  • TIO - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Strange Love - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Young God - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Outside - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • Good For You - Selena Gomez (Good For You)
  • Chill - Trey Songz (Intermission I & II)
  • Ride - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Hold Tight - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Slow Motion - Trey Songz (Slow Motion)
  • Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd (Often Kygo Remix)
  • Nasty Naughty Boy - Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics)
  • All That Matters - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Rocket - Beyoncé (BEYONCÉ)
  • Robbers - The 1975 (The 1975)
  • SEX - The 1975 (SEX EP)
  • We Can Make Love - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Sex on fire - Kings of Leon (Only By The Night)
  • Do I Wanna Know? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Earned It - The Weeknd (Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • Trust - Justin Bieber (Purpose)
  • Pillow Talk - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Make Love - Chris Brown ( Royalty)
  • Back To Sleep - Chris Brown (Royalty)
  • Dangerous Woman - Arinana Grande (Dangerous Woman)
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Artic Monkeys
  • R U MINE? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
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  • Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Angel - The Weeknd (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Valerie - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
  • Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  • Only - Nicki Minaj ft Drake and Lil Wayne ( The Pink Print)

Fix Up

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where he finds an excuse to see you at your dad’s auto body shop.
Word count: 1194
Warnings: fluff, light smut
A/N: dedicated to My Valentine Vic™ - @pleasecallmecaptain - for being absolutely perfect. I love you, Vic! 

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Imagine being the person to debrief Chris Beck after his dangerous mission to Mars. As a scientist, you’re impressed with the amount of skill he showed during his long expedition. As a woman, you’re aroused - his intelligence, his ingenuity, his luscious hair. The flattery was dripping from your inquiries. You try to be subtle, but he must be catching on because the look on his face says he’s enjoying this interview as much as you are.

“So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

x Christopher McCandless in a letter to Ron Franz, April 1992

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Protector Pt.3

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Characters: Derek x Reader, Isaac, Argent.

Summary: Derek enlists the help of his old friend. Argent and the reader get some alone time and Derek comes to a realization.

A/N: Hello lovies! I know it’s been over a month since I’ve updated but I’m getting there. I hope this makes up for it!!! It’s over 4k words.

P.s. not as much login in this chapter but, it’s still alright.

Derek was staring straight ahead at the road as he drove, his knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. You’d been driving in silence for about an hour now.  

“What’s a Duecalion?” You asked gently. His mouth twitched upwards.

“He’s a… I guess you could say he’s a person.” His eyes narrowed “He’s one of the most demented people I’ve ever come in contact with.” He took his eyes off the road to glance at you, “The man calls himself the demon wolf.” You scoffed at that.

“His name is Duecalion. He was born to be evil.” You said as you looked out the window. Derek laughed lightly. You listened as his laughter died down and sighed. You had so many questions.

“Thank you.” He said reaching over to lace your fingers together. You turned your head to glance at him once again. “For being okay with all of this.”  

“I’m not sure I am.” You told him honestly with a squeeze of your hand. “I need to know something. Dead bodies don’t just turn up, and you told me yourself that you’re involved with these deaths. I need to know.” You didn’t even mention how weirded out by the fact that there was magic ash that kept people out of places. He took his eyes off the road once again and saw how serious you were. His eyes softened.

“Those kids that died, I knew three just like them, they were… recruits of mine… All fitting the same description. Two of them died because of me.” He gripped the steering wheel tighter and you heard a crack.

“Derek..” your voice barely above a whisper when you spoke. His grip on the steering wheel was loose almost immediately and he straightened up, as if remembering that he wasn’t supposed to act this way. You’d never seen him this stressed.

“The last one though,” he began

“Isaac.” You offered

“Right. I’ve been looking for him for some time. Which is why we’ve been traveling so much. Last I tracked he was headed East. I thought we could beat him and cut him off in Nebraska, but he hasn’t arrived yet, plus there’s been a lot of activity in the area.” He sighed. “Seems Isaac’s been killing. But, he’s not the type. I need to find the truth”

“What does this have to do with Duecalion?” You questioned.

“My thoughts exactly.” He said gruffly. “The fact that he was so close to you tonight.” He was back to gripping the steering wheel.

That was Duecalion?!” You broke him out of his trance and he nodded. “How does a blind man become the most devious person you’ve ever met?” You asked more to yourself than him.

“He’s not always blind” Derek said simply.

What the hell does that mean? Your questions were back.

The clock read 1 AM when you looked up from the game on your phone. Derek was enjoying the soft music coming out of the speakers and you were getting restless once you lost your game for the eighth time. The situations going on in your real life were much more interesting. You opened your mouth but you were cut off by Derek.

“Don’t say it.”

“What?” You whined.

“‘Are we there yet?’” he did an overly high version of your voice.

“I wasn’t!” He gave you a look and you crossed your arms “Well? Are we?” You grumbled as he burst out laughing, you couldn’t stop the smile that stretched across your face.

“We’ll be there soon. We’re meeting Argent at a bar so we can switch cars.” He said once he stopped laughing.

“And Argent is…?” You had no idea who this was. In all this time that you’ve been together you’ve never heard a mention of anyone named Argent. So why did he trust them after three dead bodies showing up?

“A friend. He’ll help us. We’ve been tracking Isaac together.” He told you quickly.

“So… He’s like you?” You asked, hoping to be able to get some more info about Derek. You sensed he still wasn’t telling her everything.

“No, he hunts those like me.” Derek said as if it didn’t matter.

“What?” Hunt? He’s not an animal. And why would he call him? “Do you trust him?”

“I trust him. I’ve known him for years.” He said firmly.

That was all the confirmation that you needed, a few minutes later you pulled into the seedy bar off the highway across from a truck stop so you figured the type of crowd you’d run into and prepared yourself once you both left the truck. You looked over at Derek as he did the same. You’d been in dive bars before so it’s not like this place was scary but, after today you weren’t taking any chances.

“Stay close” was all he said before pushing you behind him. You nodded and followed, gripping his hand as you did. Once at the door, you were hit with the stench of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. The place wasn’t too crowded but, it wasn’t dead either. Mostly truckers were inside however, a few women were scattered around.

You couldn’t help but feel self conscious as eyes trailed along your body, most of the men were watching you, all of the women watched Derek. It wasn’t like it was a rare occurrence for the both of you to be oggled, hell Derek told you how many of your neighbors eyes were glued to your ass the other night and how hard it was not to kill them, you didn’t know if he was serious. However, you were not used this many people at once, it was like you were under a spotlight. Neither was Derek apparently because he was growling. Literally growling.

You gripped his hand tighter and pushed yourself closer to him. The bar was dimly lit with a red glow to it, there was a small dance floor with a few people enjoying themselves on it. The tables were littered with people and there were a couple of patrons at the bar, you joined them. Derek ordered you two tequila shots each. You took them without a question and with a cheers.

A tall man with a greying beard walked in and Derek stood, you followed suit. “Argent!” He said with a rare grin, the man looked up at Derek and matched his.

“Derek!” He stretched out his name a little. The two embraced each other in a strong bro hug.

“Long time no see” Derek said as they pulled away.

“Way too long, friend” the man-Argent said to Derek. His eyes landed on you, “No wonder.” The way that Argent looked at you wasn’t like the other men in the bar, it was appreciative.  “This beautiful lady must be Y/N.” He smiled at you. He was handsome for a man in his late 30s/early 40s, you noted. “Chris. Chris Argent” he held his hand out for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you.” You smiled at him and shook his hand. So Argent is a last name. You all made your way back to the bar and ordered another round for each of you before purchasing beers.

“I’ve heard a lot about you” Chris said once you were all tucked away at a table in the corner.

“Funny, Derek doesn’t tell me a thing” you rose your eyebrow in his direction. Derek clenched his jaw.

“Y/N.” He warned and you just smirked.

“Still?” Chris said to Derek, seemingly surprised. Derek snapped his head in his direction.

“There hasn’t been time” Derek said curtly.“Plus it’s dangerous”

Chris clearly didn’t agree but he wasn’t going to to make a big deal about it. So he changed the subject and said. “So what have you found out?”

This launched you and Derek into telling him everything that happened over the past three days. The bodies; you noted how they had mountain ash coming from their eyes but, how the last one -the one representing Isaac- looked as if he was dug up from a cemetery, not recently killed. The note;How they left it along with the spiral, which according to Chris and Derek meant revenge. Katrina; you told him how she came to your house with Duecalion. As you began describing her, you were interrupted.

“If she’s who I think she is we have a lot to worry about.” Chris said, rubbing his chin.

“Why?” Derek huffed, his hand resting on your knee.

“She’s an emissary, she used to be a hunter.” Chris narrowed his eyes

“She was playing both sides of the fence?” Derek asked incredulously.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Chris said, you gathered that he was talking about himself after Derek nodded.“She’s gonna need to fight” he said after a while. You figured that they were talking about Katrina.

“She can’t. It’s too dangerous” Derek gave one shake of his head, nope that were talking about you. They started going back and forth with pros and cons.

“I think that’s up to me to decide.” You spoke up, Derek scoffed.

“She’s gonna need to be able to protect herself. Don’t wait sixteen years like me.” He took a drink of his beer.

“That’s different. This is not my daughter and she wasn’t born into this.” Derek said quickly, squeezing your thigh. “She can’t even shoot” he said as if that would kill the argument.

“Neither could Allison.” Chris said firmly.

“I can’t shoot but…” You stood and both pairs of eyes watched you curiously as you walked to the bar and snuck a knife. You pointed to the dart board that was fifteen feet away and made sure they were paying attention before you threw the knife directly into the bullseye. Derek’s jaw hung open before he recollected to an impressed smirk. You had one as well when you sauntered back to them.

“Party trick.” You bit your lip.

“When were you going to tell me you could do that?” Derek said and pulled you into a kiss. Chris cleared his throat.

“We don’t go to many parties, darling” you shrugged, your arms draped his shoulders lazily.

“That was so fucking hot” he whispered into your ear and squeezed your ass. Chris was louder with his throat clearing this time.

“We can use this” Chris said with a nod.

“I’m against this” Derek went back to glaring.

“I don’t care, I want to help.” You sighed. Maybe it was naive but, if he was going to risk his life for you, you’d do the same for him. Derek was grinding his teeth together when the bar tender walked up to your table with the knife that you threw. Derek stood in front of you nearly blocking your view, the bartender faltered a bit but didn’t back down.

“Hey, you guys gotta leave” he said simply, running his free hand through his thin black hair.

“And why is that?” Chris spoke up now standing next to Derek. People were looking at you now and you groaned. It looked like they were gearing up for a fight.

“That was cool and all” he smiled and nodded at you, Derek grunted “but you can’t just go around throwing knives” he rubbed the back of his neck. The poor guy didn’t want to do this. The men just stared at the lanky boy and you groaned.

“Come on, we have things to do anyway” you began pulling Derek by the wrist, he glared at the bartender the entire way out. Chris followed suit shaking his head in amusement all the way to the parking lot.

“You go with him. I have to ditch the truck.” Derek said as he began putting bags from your truck to Argents SUV. You did the same and looked at one of Argents bags that was unzipped.Holy shit that’s a lot of guns. You thought.

“Or… We can both go together” you placed your hands on his chest and looked up at him. You were a little nervous about being in the car alone with Chris.

“I have to get back by myself, trust me, it won’t be long” he said as he placed his hands on your hips. “You’ll be fine. I trust him” he reassured you after noticing your wary glance towards Argent in the front seat, “I love you” he smiled down at you.

“I love you back.” You pressed your lips to his roughly and he kissed you back fiercely. He bit your bottom lip and you did the same to him. Your tongues were tangled in each other’s in seconds. You pulled away before it became impossible.

The plan was to drive a few miles to the crappy motel in the next town, Derek followed about halfway there but then veered off to the right. You needed to put as much space as possible between you and whatever danger was lurking about.

“So, Derek said you hunted guys like him?” You asked, twiddling your thumbs in the passenger seat.You decided to take the chance to get to know as much about him as possible, he might even spill the beans about Derek.

“Among other things.” Chris said, placing a cryptic smile on his face. “I’m an international arms dealer.” He shrugged, well that explains the guns.

“So how do you know Derek?” You asked the question that had been plaguing you for a while.

“Speaking of hunting, we were hunting Derek. Thought he killed one of ours” He said nonchalantly, you choked on your spit. “He didn’t!” He assured quickly. “Misunderstanding” he nodded.

You were rendered speechless at that. Deciding not to ask the question that was playing on the tip of your tongue. Has Derek killed someone? Argent only specified that he didn’t kill one of his people what if Derek was in the mob and this guy was a dirty cop? What if Argent was a murderer? Arms dealer my ass. You thought after taking a sideways glance at him.

You broke your train of thought once you pulled up to a dusty motel on the highway next to a sign that said ‘WELCOME TO DENVER.’ You smiled at the fact that you had gotten the hell out of Nebraska. You followed Argent through check-in and stood rigid as he only got on room with two queen beds. The elderly desk woman must have noticed your apprehension because she grabbed your hand before you grabbed your room key and said.

“If you need anything, just call the front desk and we’ll pick up right away.” She gave you a kind smile. “We’re open 24/7” her tone now picking up harshness as she directed the information to Argent who nodded, not oblivious to her warning. You smiled greatfully and left to your room. Once you reached your room you and Argent grabbed your respective overnight bags as well as your bag of food. There was a pregnant silence as you sat on the chair provided in the room and Argent sat the edge of his bed. Until his stomach growled and you laughed at the groan he gave.

“Here, take your pick.” You said, tossing the food bag at Chris and twiddling your thumbs. Where the hell is Derek?

“Thanks.” He nodded, taking a microwave burrito and a bag of chips before standing and using the microwave.

You both heated up your respective frozen meals and turned on the television. You weren’t moving from your seat near the door just in case but, you had a more relaxed aura in the room. To the point where you were having an actual conversation. Turns out, both Chris and Derek were born into the lives they now both live. You wanted to know so much more and you were determined to learn, until you heard a distant deep howl in the distance. But, the howl wasn’t what stopped you from speaking, it was the way that Chris responded to it. He stood up abruptly and pulled out a rather large gun, handing you two equally large knives.

“Still got that aim?” you nodded and sucked in a breath when you heard another howl, this one much higher sounding than the first. Chris motioned for you to move towards the back of the room and you did as he instructed. You didn’t know why you were so on edge, the howls sounded as if they were miles away, besides wolves can’t open doors. You were trying to give yourself some comic relief but it didn’t stop your heart from pounding or the bead of sweat that was making its way down your face.

Minutes later the door swung open and you saw the unmistakable figure of Derek with someone draped over his shoulder, he was trying to control his breathing as he bounded through the door, laying the limp boy on the bed where Argent previously sat. Derek’s eyes met yours and he gave you a once-over, making sure you were untouched.

“Isaac.” Argent spoke gravely after shutting the door. Your eyes snapped to the blonde boy at the mention of his familiar name. He looked just like the boy that was dug up, only a few years older and prettier.

“I found him lying next to a sewer drain a few miles out.” Derek said as he worked on tearing off the boy’s already tattered shirt. “He’s got a few deep scratches. He’s been out there for days” Derek told him moving around effortlessly.

“He’ll heal, soon.” Argent said completely positive.

“That’s not all.” Derek said slowly before turning Isaac on his side to reveal a gunshot wound with green smoke coming out.

All Argent did was groan and go to his car. When he came back he had a kit with him and began his work on Isaac, who was now groaning in pain. You moved closer and gasped when you saw how bad Isaac really was. He had four scratches on either side of his chest, they looked as if they were half healed. A few scratches? The boy looked like he was mauled by a wild animal. Is this why Duecalion calls himself the demon wolf? Because he finds enjoyment out of getting animals to attack people?

“Is he… Is he going to be okay?” You asked aloud and all eyes snapped in your direction as if they’d forgotten you were in the room. You’d almost forgotten, too. It was like you were seeing everything through a keyhole in the door. Like you didn’t belong and were looking in on someone’s private life.

“I hope so.” Derek said truthfully, looking at you with eyes that begged forgiveness. As if he’d done something wrong.

“So do I” Isaac whispered softly with a chuckle before screaming in pain and launching up as Chris started digging into his wound for a bullet. You could have sworn his eyes turned an unnatural yellow color. But when you blinked it was gone and Derek was holding him down whispering to him inaudibly.

Once Isaac was calm after being injected with something to calm him down. He sat with bandages across his chest and a distant look in his eye.

“What the hell did you give him?” You wanted to know whatever it was that had Isaac going from convulsing to looking like he was having the best time of his life.

“Wolvesbane.” Chris said, packing his gear back up. Derek grunted. “Well, that’s the non scientific name for it, at least” Chris smiled, seemingly correcting himself. “This particular strain is used for hallucinations” He took his bag and made his way back to the car.

The instant that Argent turned his back, Derek strode over to you, taking your face in his hands. It took one look in those bright green eyes for you to crumble. You began crying softly and Derek wrapped you in his arms, shushing and rocking you all the ways.

“What’s happening?” You whispered to him.

“Shh… It’ll all be over soon, baby.” He said, kissing your forehead. You nodded and held him close for a few minutes, letting your tears dry.

Chris opened the door with an armful of extra blankets, you suspected he did so to give you and Derek a little privacy. Well about as much privacy as you can get with a guy who’s high off his ass and giggling to himself on the bed next to you.

Derek had agreed to take first watch of Isaac and you decided to stay up with him, letting Chris have the bed leaving you and Derek to the makeshift cot of blankets on the floor. The soft yellow glow of street lights breaking through the blinds was the only light littering the room. Once both Chris and Isaac were fast asleep you felt Derek push his body up against yours from behind. Your breathing hitched as he inhaled and wrapped himself to you.

“I probably don’t smell that wonderful” you whispered, thinking about the events that transpired earlier.

“You always smell wonderful” he whispered back, rolling you to face him. You didn’t look at him for fear that you would begin bawling. Derek noticed immediately and began rubbing his thumb across your cheek. Your eyes fluttered open to see his searching your face.

“Derek..” you began softly. “We’re like this often, now.” the slow tears falling from your eyes betraying you.

Your statement rang true and Derek knew. It was all slowly making sense now that you knew that you were looking for Isaac all this time. The fact that he uprooted you both to travel state to state was clear as day when you thought about it. When you and Derek began dating he was in a townhouse that was larger than life, then you moved into your cute little two bedroom apartment that he purchased outright. Then moving from hotel to hotel to ending up in the trailer. Now here you were again.

“I’m sorry” he told you gently.

“Yeah..” you turned away from him and let your tears fall freely. You felt him shift to pull himself closer again. “Don’t.” You warned seriously and made a show of putting space between you two with a pillow.

You cried next to Derek until you reluctantly let yourself give in to exhaustion.


I ran a hand through my hair as I watched Y/N fall asleep. I feel terrible for what I was doing to her.  It took everything in me to hold back the anger in myself, she was beginning to break and it was because of me. I never thought that I’d lay next to this girl while she cried her eyes out and not be able to do anything. And the worst part of it all was that it was because of me.

“Don’t you think it’s time, Derek?” My head snapped to Chris’s deep voice intruding my alone time.

“You don’t get a say in this, Argent” I bit back at him. He may be helping me with Duecalion but, I didn’t need his input on my personal life.

“Don’t you think she should?” He said as he stood. I followed suit in full defense mode. What was he planning? “Calm down. I’m just moving so she can take the bed” he walked to Isaac to monitor his wounds.

“Sorry” I said as I lifted Y/N into my arms gently and lay her on the bed. “She just… She means everything to me” I said seriously as I brushed strands of hair from her face.

“I’m sure you mean the same to her.” He said, taking the chair provided in the room. “You should tell her though. She needs to know what she’s up against. What are you afraid of?” He questioned.

“I know, I can’t lose her though, Argent. I won’t.” I said, sitting at the edge of the bed. “No one’s loved me like this before, not as fiercely as she has” I was looking at my hands now.

Argent and I were never really talkers but, if anyone knew what I was going through it was him. I knew he was right, if I didn’t tell her soon I would lose her for good, she didn’t even want me to touch her tonight for Christ’s sake. And if she left, she’d be in more danger now than ever.

“Derek” he called and I raised my eyes to meet his “I don’t think anyone has loved another as fiercely as this woman loves you.” He was being truthful, and there was a hint of jealousy. That had to be hard to admit. He’d been married to his wife for over twenty years. “She deserves to know. Could you be with someone who you knew was lying to you for three years?”