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I’m writing a stupid fic, enjoy it!

Summary: The Miranda Household decided it was time to host a party.When a drunken Lin, Anthony, Daveed and Groffsauce decide to go into the attic, something strange happens to them…

Warnings: Drinking, Guns (that’s it so-far)

you can read the first chapter here on AO3 or under the cut

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Chris Evans’ part in Biodiversity: Wild About Life! (1997)

This is “a docu-drama about four teenagers who discover the value of the variety of life on earth, from wolves to plants and wetlands to deserts, and are inspired by positive actions to safeguard it.” The plot revolves around the teens looking through tapes to put together their own film for a student film contest. Basically, it’s an after school special.

Since the original special is an hour long due to nature footage, I’ve edited it down to only Chris’ scenes. Sorry for the bad video quality! It was produced in 1997 – so unless they sat on his scenes for 4 years, he should be 15/16, not 12. :P Enjoy!