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Just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and let me just say a few things:

-It was REALLY good
-Like, legit laugh out loud funny
-HOT DANG Chris Pratt’s body
-The end credits: stay through them
-Nebula and Gamora: I thought my relationship with my sister was rocky.
-OH NO HE DIDN’T! (This is probably not what you think unless you’ve seen it already)
-Drax’s laugh was hilarious
-Mantis: fantastic addition!
-The songs weren’t as popular or memorable as the last one but I recognized some of them!
-The gold people’s makeup was fantastic

Thank you that is all.


Chris Evans’ part in Biodiversity: Wild About Life! (1997)

This is “a docu-drama about four teenagers who discover the value of the variety of life on earth, from wolves to plants and wetlands to deserts, and are inspired by positive actions to safeguard it.” The plot revolves around the teens looking through tapes to put together their own film for a student film contest. Basically, it’s an after school special.

Since the original special is an hour long due to nature footage, I’ve edited it down to only Chris’ scenes. Sorry for the bad video quality! It was produced in 1997 – so unless they sat on his scenes for 4 years, he should be 15/16, not 12. :P Enjoy!


Isaac: “Where were you? What were you doing? And what about this dress?! I thought you weren’t one of those girls who feel the need to show their body to everyone!”

Carrie Lynn: “I was at a fancy restaurant, eating my dinner, dammit.”

Isaac: “Who went with you? Don’t say you went with Priscilla, I’ve seen her coming home earlier.”

Carrie Lynn: “And why should I go with her? I have literally no reason to do that right now! I was with Chris.”

Isaac: “Who’s Chris?”

Carrie Lynn: “Dang it, dad, he’s just my boyfriend, yes, he’s treating me well, no, we didn’t do anything stupid and no, he did not see me naked. Yet. Is this an interrogation?!”

I've been saying it all night.

Patient’s pacemaker is failing to sense.

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We got new 10 mL flushes. They are harder to open.

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I dropped my pen.

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Patient’s PTT was sub therapeutic.

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The vending machine didn’t have the jumbo Kit-Kats. The lab says my SST tube  hemolyzed.  The underwire of my bra is poking through just enough to be annoying. I ran out of the flushes that I hate after a blood draw.  We ran out of pillowcases.  Slow work internet is slow.  The contact in my right eye is being weird.  The list goes on and on.

My poor coworkers.  I couldn’t stand the sound of myself by the end of the night.