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Riz Ahmed - ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA couture
Tarell Alvin McCraney - GROOM
Ryan Gosling - GUCCI
Viggo Mortensen - DIOR HOMME
Mahershala Ali - ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA couture
David Oyelowo - DOLCE&GABBANA

if u arent a sharks fan, join us!!!! here is 10 reasons why u should be a sharks fan (id attach pictures to complete the clickbait-y theme but im on mobile so)

1) dads. theyre all dads. sweet old men who just want (and deserve imho) a cup

2) theyre pretty good! theyre overall a strong team and know how to play well and balance both offense and defense (unless theyre playing a bad team then they forget how to hockey but it is what it is)

3) have u seen baby pavelski and babies burns??? cutest babies. the sharks have the cutest babies

4) the mascot is a shark like. how cool. and when they take the ice at home games they go thru a giant shark head. its rad

5) along with the dads, there’s also cutie pies like chris tierney and logan couture and Aaron dell! and tomas hertl is an angel tbh hes the cutest and sweetest and happiest little dude.

6) saved martin jones from the kings. he went undrafted and was the kings backup for a couple years (he won a cup with them and i have mixed emotions about it). and now hes our starter!!!! and he’s super good!!!!! and super nice!!!!! and super cute if u ignore the dead shark eyes he gets during losses and how he forgets to blink sometimes. he also really likes avocados and venturing outside of his crease

7) all of the kids??? the barracuda and the rookies??????????? are beautiful. theyre all beautiful and adorable and sweet. plus the barracuda are a really good team.

8) brent burns is single handedly saving the jersey number 88. whatta guy. hes also third in points overall!!!!! and he’s a defenseman!!!!!!!!!! the only guys in front of him are mcdavid and crosby so he’s first in points of real actual human beings in the nhl!!!

9) the players are super funny and unproblematic and theres no drama. theyre just a bunch of chill dudes playin hockey and havin a good time doing it. the most problematic thing is how confusing the captaincy situation has been over the past few years

10) overall just!!! the best team!!! theyre so good. the fans are great the org is great the players are great. please love them!!!


Cannes 2017; the Chinese singer & actress Li Yuchun, also known as Chris Lee, at the opening ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival in Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano, Look 11 from the Spring 2017 collection. © Getty Images

Maison Margiela: “The look is composed of a black cropped wool jacket with red embroidered buttonhole fringing, a white décortiqué poplin shirt, black wool shorts, a frontier hat, a necklace in high-polish chrome and black leather boots.”

My very gay reading list

So I’m a book hoarder, and I have MANY unread books (gay!) waiting for me to get around to them so here they are, feel free to tell me if you’ve read something on it, and if you liked it 

again, let me know if you’ve read any of these and let me know what I should read! :) thanks!