chris conner

Okay you know what I want? I want a huge Super family, I want all of Lois and Clark’s kids alive and well, okay?

I want Jon-Jon as the baby

Chris as a little older (12) who’s joined at the hip with Jon, they fight, get into trouble back each other up, you know brothers

Conner is the cool older high school brother who baby sits some times and the littles bug the shit out of be he adores them (though he’d never admit it)

and Mia is the super cool, older sister in college who always is willing to drive you anywhere, buys the kids stuff they technically shouldn’t have and is super lax about rule enforcement when she babysits 

and poor Lois and Clark are the long suffering parents of 4 dramatic over the top, wild and stupid Superkids 

  • Person: I'm like a total Superman and Dc Comics fan
  • Me: Cool! Do you like the Superfam?
  • Person: Are you talking about Clark, Lois, and Jon?
  • Me: Well, there's also Kon and Cir-el and Jon LANE Kent and sometimes Kara and Chris and well a few others
  • Person: What??
  • Me: *takes out stash of Superfam fanart, headcanons, and research* LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY PRECIOUS AND SAD FAMILY

Nico can’t remember what Bianca’s voice sounded like
Drew, Lacy, Mitchell, Valentina and the rest of the Aphrodite cabin can’t remember Silena’s voice
Will, Kayla, Austin and the rest of the Apollo can’t remember Michael’s or Lee’s voice
Nyssa, Harley, Jake and the rest of Cabin Nine can’t remember Charlie’s voice
Pollux can’t remember Castor’s voice even through they sounded the same
Chris, the Stolls, Cecil, Alice, and Julie can’t remember Luke’s voice and probably don’t want to
Annabeth had forgotten Thalia’s voice until Thalia was back

Because the first thing you forget about a dead person is their voice

But can you imagine the Superfam on vacation together??
Like Clark is that dorky dad who’s wearing the Hawaiian shirt and making friends with locals while embarrassing his kids
Kara is totally the most adventurous person ever and is trying to get everyone to go hiking or surfing with her
Conner is like that surly teenager who definitely doesn’t want to be there doing the family activities. He’s wearing all black even though it’s so hot outside and he’s complaining about the heat the entire time, but ignores Clark whenever he tells him to just go change
Chris is like super excited about everything. He’s asking questions about everything he sees “What’s that animal! Do we have them at home?!” “Chris that’s literally a squirrel”
Jon is that little brat who’s trying to push everyone into the pool. Despite them all being supers he manages to catch Kon by surprise and shove him in, clothes and all.

@elders-pricingham wanted Arnold Appreciation Day for her birthday.

So I drew 17 Arnolds. 


I might be missing some because like…. have you ever tried digging through 5 years of social media?! And like some of the Arnolds make Google go “this guy played Arnold too! Close enough!” No it’s not, Google!!!

I’m also not sure if the Standby!Cunninghams at BOM!AU have gone on yet. 

1st Row: Will Blum, Jordan Matthew Brown, Michael Buchanan, David O’Reilly

2nd Row: John Finley, Lee Slobotkin, A.J. Holmes, Nyk Bielak

3rd Row: Cale Krise, Jared Gertner, Coby Getzug, Brian Sears, Cody Jamison Strand

4th Row: Ben Platt, Chris O’Neill, Conner Peirson, Josh Gad.

Some of them could have a stronger likeness. Some faces are easier to draw than others. 

Let's take a moment to look at Chris' face here:

He’s just like: “I am so much cooler, hotter, talented, and damned better than you and you fucking know it, you peasant”

And he is