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aaaaa so i made an animatic on lifeboat amd people are accusing me of copying you.. i dont remember fully of your lifeboat animatic amd yes, i had some inspiration from you since youre the one that inspired me to do animatics but?? im nervous and anxious if people end up calling me a copycat of you ://

yeah i think ik who u are(i hope? this is the video im referring to and if it’s not you then im rlly sorry abhjdf) . someone tweeted to me about this and i saw a comment of someone harassing you and i’m really sorry about that. and?? our animatics literally only have 2 things in common: the lightning and the shadow figures– which of course i obviously don’t mind at all??? seriously what is wrong with people. they shouldn’t exaggerate so much to say that it’s “an exact copy” when theres literally just 2 things in common.

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AAAHH, you ship Logurt too, this made my day! :D I love them both way, as best friend buddies and having more between them. And now, thanks to you, I only see Kurt grinning wildly like an idiot when it comes to Logan :D (like Chris did) Thanks for the picture! :D

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys that idea!  I think one of the reasons why the idea came to my mind was because Kurt has a LOT in common with Chris Traeger (optimistic, excessively kind and cheerful, relentless people-pleaser, uses his charm to hide insecurities).  Granted, Logan and Andy have very little in common, but the whole scene feels very true to Logan and Kurt to me. XD 

One of the things that I enjoy most about Logurt is that every now and then, Logan does or says something that seems as if he’s lowkey hitting on Kurt.  And Kurt it totally oblivious to it, haha.


Chirs knew he was being unusually quiet for the entirety of the panel with Simon and Tobi. He answered questions here and there, mostly forced a chuckle when fans would ask for a follow on Twitter and such, and the occasional banter back and forth, but ultimately he didn’t feel like doing much talking.

That didn’t got un-noticed either; there were Tweets from fans whom were watching streams or there in person, all aiming towards him being particuarly quiet and to himself. 

What’s so different than normal that made Chris not want to speak up? He was perfectly fine on the first day of the event. 

They didn’t know, but he did. 

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Bonding - Chris and Zig Fanfic

Hello folks. Here is my entry for the Choices Creates carnival Round 7. The prompt is “KITCHEN.” 

It’s been a while since I wrote anything or shared what I wrote, so this is a bit anxiety producing for me. But, it’s time.

There really isn’t a pairing here. This is basically about Chris and Zig having a little heart to heart from Chris’ POV. There is also some implied Zig x MC toward the end, but nothing super dramatic.

This fic is rated T. And I think that’s about all the set up you need. So, here goes nothing!

Chris stared down at the array of peppers before him and swallowed hard. He tried to remind himself of where he was. He knew this kitchen well. He and his suitemates had many late night snack binges here. They’d had their first college party in this space. It was the heart of their little home. But in that moment, it felt like the least safe place he could possibly be.

Zig had handed him a knife and he was at a loss for what to do with it. He felt like he was on a reality television show, where he’d get yelled at and kicked out of he did this wrong. So he tried to buy himself some time to think. After a moment of turning one pepper, laying it on its side, and then standing it up and gazing at it from several angles, Zig interrupted his stalling by clearing his throat.

“Hey, Chris…you know you don’t have to examine the peppers before you chop them, right?”

Chris eyed Zig sheepishly, standing upright. He knew the comment was meant to be teasing but he really was stressed out about it. “Are you sure you want me as your sous chef? I’m pretty bad at this.”

Zig regarded him silently before joining him at the counter.  “Give it to me straight. You’ve never cut a bell pepper before, have you?”

Chris paused, briefly considering stretching the truth a little so he wouldn’t look as stupid as he felt. But, eventually he sighed in defeat as he shook his head and Zig nodded, chuckling.

“No worries…all you had to do was say so. There’s a process to it but it’s pretty simple. Here, watch this.” He took the knife and a pepper, and demonstrated by first cutting the top off the pepper. Then he reached inside and pulled the core and seeds out. He placed the pepper top down and sliced it in half and then began to cut each half into long slices. Then he lined up all the slices and cut those into smaller pieces. Before long, he had a pile of nearly identical tiny bell pepper squares. Once he finished, he placed the knife back down on the counter and wiped off his hands.

“Voila! Diced bell pepper.”

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Marry Me

REQUEST: Can you write a Seb x reader imagine where he usually wakes up before the reader but this time reader woke up first and he finds her dancing wearing just his shirt in the kitchen making him breakfast and she doesn’t notice him there and he realizes how lucky he is to have her and he proposes or something with a lot of fluff please


Sebastian was an early riser. Always had been.

When he woke up that Wednesday morning, he was extremely surprised that you weren’t right there next to him. He normally woke up before you and was often given the task of trying to get you out of bed. You loved your valued sleep time.

Rolling onto his back, he lied in bed and wondered if you had left to do something that morning. He couldn’t remember if you mentioned that you had an errand to run or anything.

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Ok but no jokes here :

I really need Viktor / Chris / JJ interactions.

Like I want Viktor and Chris to be talking in french to each other and JJ overhears them and reflexively reply to one of their sentence in french.

The two of them are shocked like “JJ you speak french ?” and he’s like “uh… of course ?” And Chris is like “Wait you’re québécois ?” and JJ is a bit vexed “My name’s Jean-Jacques Leroy and I’m from Canada how could I NOT be québécois ?” (note: “Jean-Jacques” isn’t a common name nowaday for a young french guy. It sounds a bit old. But most québécois names -like a lot of their expressions/words- are often older). And they’re both like “Oh, true…” especially when hearing his accent.

I think that he doesn’t have a super thick accent. Enough to be noticeable, especially with the expressions he uses, but not as much to be truly impossible to understand for a french-speaking person.

And then I want them to sit down and JJ starts to have them guess the meaning of québécois expressions (there’s several of these videos on youtube where a guy from Québec have a guy from France guess expressions from Québec). And they’re just like… “HOW ??”

I want them to bond over their common language. Chris and Viktor often gently mocking JJ’s accent but actually finding it funny to have someone else speaking french. 

The three of them fighting over how some things are truly called (like “lollipops”, or “kids”, or “phone”, etc…)

I want them to interact in french.


88th Academy Awards Fashion: Black Men Edition

Chris Rock


The Weeknd

Michael B. Jordan

Abraham Attah

Orlando Jones

Kevin Hart

Pharrell Williams (Helen Lasichanh)