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Common headcanon: Chris Chow is a li’l baby and his team treats him accordingly.

Reverse headcanon: Chris Chow is an 18-year-old boy but his team treats him like a 40-year-old man.

Shitty walks into the Haus. “oH THANK FUCK cHOWDER’S HERE. cAN YOU HELP ME DO MY TAXES, BRUH?”

Chowder: …No?

Bitty unironically calls him Pops. So does the rest of the team.

Bitty bakes him a cake for his birthday but no one knows how many candles to put on it, so Jack just buys, like, ten packs of candles and they put them all on there. Chowder is insulted, but also kinda stoked because he gets to eat a fire hazard for his birthday.  

Dex asks Chowder if he wants to help build a deck and Chowder is super confused. He wouldn’t trust himself with a hammer, tbh.

Holster keeps going to Chowder for worldly life advice, but Chowder’s suggestions typically boil down to “If you like a girl, buy her a giant plush shark and then marry her. That’s what I’m doing. (Don’t tell Cait.)”

“Haha, how many tattoos do you have, Chowder?”

“I turned 18 literally four weeks ago and I have no money. How many tattoos do you think I have, Nursey?”



But then it really starts to get into Chowder’s head and he starts thinking like a Grown Ass  Man™. “Get off my lawn!” he bellows when a puck gets too close to his goal. 

Johnson sheds a single manly tear. “They grow up so fast.”

A Simple Guide for Tagging Your Dan & Phil Posts:

-Does it have Dan and/or Phil in the post? Yes! Tag them!
-Is Pj Liguori/kickthepj in the post? No! Don’t tag kickthepj!
-Is Chris Kendall/crabstickz in the post? No! Don’t tag crabstickz! 

When to tag kickthepj/crabstickz:

-Is crabstickz in this post? Yes! Tag crabstickz!
- Is kickthepj in this post? Yes! Tag kickthepj!

this has been a guide on tagging by your friendly neighborhood oscarsass


Wear What You Watch’s picks for BEST DRESSED MEN on the Red Carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards (in no particular order):

-Eddie Redmayne (Alexander McQueen)

-Ansel Elgort (Prada)

-Jared Leto (Givenchy)

-David Oyelowo (Dolce & Gabbana)

-Common (Prada)

-Chris Pine (Giorgio Armani)

-Channing Tatum (Dolce & Gabbana)

-Chris Pratt (Tom Ford)

-Kevin Hart

-Benedict Cumberbatch


88th Academy Awards Fashion: Black Men Edition

Chris Rock


The Weeknd

Michael B. Jordan

Abraham Attah

Orlando Jones

Kevin Hart

Pharrell Williams (Helen Lasichanh)

Writing Trans: Common Pitfalls - Trans Antagonists

Or rather, how to avoid writing yourself into them!  For my eighth common pitfalls article I’ll be going over a few basic points to help you navigate some of the most common problems that occur when writing trans and nonbinary antagonists. This is something that was touched on briefly in the first Gender Expression Common Pitfalls article.

  • If you’re a cis author you need to tread on very thin ice if your villain/antagonist is trans. Very thin. For most I’d suggest just not. It’s going to be really hard not to misstep here.
  • Don’t make a villain or antagonist trans or nonbinary to emphasize their villainy and set them apart. To show how Other they are. Just don’t. (Articles on Othering part one and part two.) 
  • If your antagonist, or one of them, is trans or nonbinary, make sure they are’t the only trans or nonbinary character in your story. It’s always a good idea to have multiple trans or nonbinary characters anyways, it makes writing a lot easier.
  • Your antagonist should have flaws, just because they’re trans or nonbinary doesn’t mean you should be shy about that or them. It does mean that you should be careful to avoid stereotyping your character, or linking those flaws to their gender or vice versa.
  • Do not set up the narrative between your trans and nonbinary characters to be anywhere near the “good trans” versus the “bad trans.” 
  • In general, the antagonist’s gender shouldn’t be the reason they’re the antagonist.  While their experiences will obviously inform why they’re there don’t set things up so that it’s anywhere near. “I’m trans therefore I’m the antagonist.” or “I’m an antagonist because I’m trans.”

If you like this common pitfalls article feel free to peruse the others:  Other IdentitiesNonbinary |Relationships | Gender Expression | Trans Feminine| Coming Out | General

Please feel free to send us your favorite trans authors, a little bit about your favorite trans characters, or any questions or topics you’d like to see me address, too. For some of our new followers, you can find past Writing Trans articles here in the tag.