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Masterpost (hesitant-blurryface)

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Andy Biersack Imagines

Blind date or


Blue hair black heart


Special place


A day at warped tour





Ashley Purdy Imagines


Snow and cupcake

Not this way


Just a bite


Too late

Ya talking back to me

Christian Coma Imagines





This isn’t pain

Kill or kiss?

Curry and cologne

Ashleys sister

A fairy tale

A glistening white coffin

The farthest lunch table

Jake Pitts Imagines


The mermaid

Having fun

The rollercoaster

Both ugly

Jinxx Imagines

“Best friend”

It means nothing

Love Jinxx

First date

The werewolf

You x Person One shots

Brendon Urie - One hell of a date

Boy x Boy One Shots

(Andley wont be written anymore since Ashley doesn’t like it)

Andy x Ashley - Auf 

Andy x Ashley - I have feelings for him

CC x Ashley - Fuck.My.Life

Andy x Kellin - Caught

Chris x Rciky - Stormy Weather

Chris x Ricky - Movie cuddles

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Do you ever just get really emotional that a certain band member exists?

Thoughts about the Apma's

These are my thoughts on the Apma’s remind you they are my thoughts and yes some of them are very disrespectful. Let’s start by saying Andy Biersack did not sound a few people told me he was sick and if that’s true then I give him props for going out and performing still. trace cyrus you are a fucking idiot haha lets just be real you should have never opened your mouth and for that you got served by Brandon Urie. Juliet Simms why were you there? honestly to me she had no business being there but whatever and my real problem with juliet was she was wearing a bindi yet again. i mean come on juliet it’s like you want people to give you hate and just be rude to you and for once they have a reason you are disrespecting an entire culture. On top of that your outfit was a train wreck and who ever told you to wear that jacket lied to you. I prefered your outfit from last year. now on to alex and jack hosting this year i was actually pretty excited because those two together in my opinion are so fucking funny but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. Ash Costello and Ryan Ashley (Josh Balz’s Girlfriend) SLayed. I mean let’s just be real those two are the most beautiful women ever. panic at the disco they slayed like fucking crazy XD Brandon made Trace Cyrus his bitch XD. Black veil brides i thought it was the sweetest thing ever that they dedicated the award to Chris Holley. simple plan is back!!!!!! thats enough said right there XD now on to my favorite part of the night. Motionless in white, They fucking slayed on the red carpet and they slayed on stage. Chris Motionless needs to teach Juliet or whoever did Juliet’s hair and makeup how to do hair and makeup because that perfect mother fucker slayed everyone.

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Can you guys help me find the one like this for Motionless In White? I need it for something and I can’t find it.

If you find it can you please submit it to me? I really need it and I’ve been looking for it for days and I can’t find it

I need it for a project I’m doing Found it. Thanks for the help guys. Also, credit to whoever made this. I’d link you but this was on my phone so I don’t know who to credit