chris colfer let me love you down

Still side eyeing the hair and/or make-up department. Kurt’s early hairstyle is the easiest thing to nail aside from his wardrobe. There’s nothing else that can be done about Christopher’s height difference / more prominent cheekbones / leaner frame / broader shoulders, but please tell me his hair won’t stay gelled down like that for the whole block of flashback scenes :( The real 2009 Kurt’s hair was much less severe:

Chris on Booze:

For the signing, I gave Chris a copy of THIS BOOK, which is a collection of drink recipes based on English and American literature. It’s a drink-loving bibliophile’s wet dream. I was fully prepared for an “eh, another silly gift,” response, but the man who wrote Mother Goose didn’t let me down.

Me: Hi! I’m sure you don’t need more stuff, but this seemed like something you might appreciate. 

Chris: Oh! *big eyes and happy surprise* Tequila Mockingbird!  I’m going to use that tonight…

Alla: *laughs and takes the book*

Me: So, do you have a go-drink? If we’re raising a glass to Chris Colfer, what should we be drinking?

Chris: Hmmmm. Well, I do like a vodka cranberry with Sprite and I’ll go for strawberry margaritas . . 

Me: Very nice. 

Chris: And for shots, definitely tequila.

I thanked him for sharing and he laughed as I hurried away, prepared for Chris Colfer themed revelry. 

Title: There’s Some Things We Always Knew (Read on AO3)

Pairing: Chris/Darren

Rating: PG

Summary: Not many people really understand. When he first told his best friend that he didn’t want to get married, she replied with a confused look, then a fit of laughter.
(Title from ‘All She Wants’ by MIKA)

A/N: So I was really inspired by Chris’ quote saying how he doesn’t want to get married and that everyone expects him to. Like, really inspired. I didn’t plan this. Woops. ~1860 words


Chris shouldn’t feel bad about it. He shouldn’t. If he can respect his friends’ beliefs and values, they should offer him the same courtesy— plain and simple. He shouldn’t feel like his heart is falling to his stomach every time someone gives him those pitying stares and tries to tell him what he should want for his life. He shouldn’t feel doubt creeping into his mind when his mother excitedly and wistfully talks about attending her son’s wedding someday, about the planning and the colors and the whole shebang. And he really shouldn’t feel like his insides are threatening to make an appearance in the outside world with every playful suggestion, smirk, nudge, or quip.

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