chris cilla
EMERGENCE Kickstarter is launched!

This will be an amazing collection! Please go support the campaign on Kickstarter and help me make this thing happen.

Emergence will be the first book of its kind published by Neoglyphic Media and has been in production for about two years. It is a massive, over 200 page, fully colored, 9" x 11" hardcover book featuring a cast of cartoonists all from Cascadia’s burgeoning world of undergournd comics. This book offers a glimpse into the unique sub-culture of Cascadia, documenting our place in this world through the lens of some of today’s most radical and inventive artists.

Emergence will feature contributions from:

  • Aidan Koch
  • Blaise Larmee
  • Chris Cilla
  • Cullen Beckhorn
  • Daniel Duford
  • Danielle Burton
  • Drew Miller
  • Dunja Jankovic
  • Eroyn Franklin
  • Jason Overby
  • Joel Skavdahl
  • Jon Strongbow
  • Luke Ramsey
  • Martine Workman
  • Seamus Heffernan
  • Sean Christensen
  • Theo Ellsworth
He was devastated for two reasons: Elvis was still in love with her and he had lost control over her. Suddenly, Priscilla was in another man’s life and it made Elvis very, very angry. There were stories that he bought a gun and was going to do away with Mike Stone. He was a good man, but he went mad with rage.
—  Chris Hutchins (author of “Elvis: A personal Memoir”)