chris charles

[Steve keeps trying to call Tony who refuses to answer]

Radio: The next one’s dedicated to Tony from Steve. Tony, he wants you to know he’s deeply sorry for what he did and he hopes you can find it in your heart to forgive him.

[With or Without You plays]

[Tony seems touched. He pauses for a moment, then picks up the phone and starts to dial. Cut to Steve in Wakanda.]

Radio:  Uh, we’ve just gotten a call from Tony, and he told us what Steve did. It’s pretty appalling, and Steve, if you’re listening, I don’t wanna play your song anymore. Why don’t we devote our time to a couple that stands a chance? Charles, Erik’s sorry he hit you with his car and he hopes you two will work it out.


My boyzzzzzzz know how to grooooooooove XD

List of gender neutral names with meanings and origins:

So, I was going to send this as a message to @oabuckvu, but instead I thought I’d post this here since others may also find it helpful!


Addison- child of Adam- English
Adina- slender- Hebrew
Alby- from Alba- Latin
Ally- friend- English
Ash- ash tree clearing- English
Azra- pure- Israeli
Asa- physician- Hebrew
Arin- enlightened- Hebrew
Arlo- army, hill- old English or barberry tree- Spanish
Avery- elf ruler- English
Alex- defender of mankind- Greek
Arlen- promise, oath- Irish
Ambrose- immortal- Latin
Aspen- tree- English
August- dignity, vulnerable- German


Blaine- yellow- Scottish
Blake- blonde, dark- English
Bryce- swift- Celtic
Brooklyn- broken land- English
Bradley- clearing in a woods- English
Bailey- bailiff- English
Beck- brook, stream- Norse


Chyler- beloved- English
Cody- child of cuidightheach- English
Charlie- charles- English
Chris- christ- English
Coby- supplanter- Latin
Casey- brave- Gaelic
Corin- spear bearer- Irish
Cameron- crooked nose- Scottish
Colby- town, dark- Norse


Dakota- friend- Native American
Devon- poet- Irish
Delaney- descendent of the challenger- Irish
Drew- manly- English
Denham- habitation- English
Dael- knowledge of God- Hebrew
Danny- God has judged- Scottish


Ellis- Jehova is God- Greek
Ellery- from the elder tree island- English
Evan- youth warrior- Irish
Emery- brave, powerful- German
Eden- delight- Hebrew
Ellison- child of elder- English


Farron- iron grey- Anglo Saxon
Freddie- peaceful ruler- German
Frankie- free one- French
Fynn- river in Ghana- African
Finch- bird- English
Flynn- child of red hair- Irish


Gene- well born- English
Gale- cheerful, pleasant- English
Glade- shining- English
Glen- valley- Gaelic


Hollis- Holly tree dweller- English
Harlow- rock, army, hill- English
Halley- lived near a grove- English
Hadley- Heather field- English


Isa- devoted to God- Teutonic
Ives- archers bow- English
Iggy- firey one- English


Juniper- youth producing, evergreen- Latin
Jesse- gift- Hebrew
Jo- God is gracious- English/German/French
Joey- may Jehova add- Hebrew
Jordan- river flow- Macedonian
Jet- black gemstone- German


Kellam- at the ridges- Norse
Kelsey- from the ships island- English
Kendall- royal valley- English
Kai- sea- Hawaii


Logan- hollow- Scottish
Leslie- garden of holly- Scottish
Lee- dweller near the wood- English
Lane- path- English
Luca- bringer of light- Italy
Lirit- poetic- Hebrew
Lex- defender- Greek
Lakota- friends- Siouan


Mattie- strength in battle- German
Morgan- sea defender- English
Misha- God live- Russia
Max- greatest- Latin
Mattise- gift of god- French
Monroe- from the mouth of the river Roe- Irish


Newlyn- from the new spring- Celtic
Noel- Christmas- French
Nicky- victory- English
Nat- gift of god- English
Nova- chases butterfly- Native American


Oakley- from the oak tree meadow- English
Oak- tree- English


Perry- dwells by the pear tree- English
Piper- one who plays the pipe- Scandinavian
Pema- lotus- Tibetan
Puck- unknown meaning- Dutch
Parker- park keeper- English


Quinn- fifth- Irish
Quinta- fifth- Spanish


Reese- firey- Welsh
Rey- king- Spanish
Reed- red, clearing- English
Rune- secret- Norse
Rue- herb, regret- English
Rain- blessings- American
Riley- dweller by the Rye field- English
River- river- English
Rowan- red- Gaelic
Rory- red king- Gaelic
Ronson- child of ron- English


Sawyer- cuts timber- Celtic
Stevie- crown- English
Shiloh- owner- Hebrew
Sage- wise one- French
Saxon- knife- Teutonic
Sammy- bright sun- Finnish
Scout- to listen- French
Shane- gift from God- Irish


Tex- texas- American
Toni- worthy of praise- Latin
Theo- God given- Greek
Taylor- to cut- French
Tyne- a river in england- English
Tyler- maker of tiles- English
Terry- powerful ruler- English


Umber- shade- French


Wyatt- guide- English
Willow- graceful- English
Wynne- fair- English
Wren- song bird- English


Xen- religious- Japanese


Yael- mountain goat- Hebrew


Zen- meditative state- Japanese

I put ‘Alexander Hamilton’ in Google Translate and put it through a ton of languages and this is what happened.

The bastard, bastard orphaned

I remember the place and the Caribbean and the poor Scottish Providence

And suffering, is the hero of the scientists?

Mother of the mass ten dollars

It was a very difficult task,

It is much wiser to have someone with initiative

It was a business letter

And every day, his descendants slashed

Surfing and war, and wait

In other words, you need some of it

Brother begging, stealing, credit or exchange

Typhoon hits and removal

We saw the water coming

It was his head like a pencil and knit

He made the first song, this covenant.

Well, the word came out that my son is crazy

Collect, collect only dintlhakhutlogo

Do not forget to get education, you will

The world knows its name

your name?


My name is Alexander HAMILTONS

A million, i no

But wait, wait

I am 10 and my father, debit, credit,

Two years later, Alex and his mother went to

“Patient dies, rich aroma

Alex, but soon went to his mother

I am your cousin, his cousin, questioning

Pride and questions can be something very sad,

Alex will fight for you.

Please read the economic crisis and shelves

They can do something that is less smart

Ieshiliiitu had been seductant, dead or alive for years

Mother started working on the rods for rent

The cartoons and the fruit and the traditional dishes

“You can find the book”

Just start new countries to see new countries where their future plans are mountainous, and

New York

New York can be used

New York can be used

New York can be used

New York can be used

Wait, you know

Alcsndr hmiltean

Our position and wait for money

You can not hide

If you do not know, your time

Seven, alcsndr hmiltean

If it’s you

What are you last night?

Do you know that the game started again?

Oh how the world has never been

Free Lucjusz

This kind of animal


New PU is eight Jehovah, nishtava Jehovah Forhot United States

Kenneth will fight Jehovah


I think this person,

I want to

Yes, I killed him, I swear donc com-

I have a million things


By Cao.

Alexander Hamilton

//Holy Shit what if Lin saw this omg//