chris carter trollin

One writer said that you have an air of confidence that could be interpreted as smugness. Are you smug?

“Gillian did an interview in which she said I was arrogant, and when I read the article I wondered, Why would someone think I’m arrogant? A friend of mine said, ‘If you don’t need something from somebody, if you’re independent, they’ll think you’re arrogant, Because that’s threatening.’ OK, I’ll take that. I’m a little like Holden Caulfield–the things I hate more than anything else are hypocrisy and pretension. They make my skin crawl. And I would put arrogance in the same category. To perceive myself as arrogant would hurt.”

David Duchovny, 'Playboy,’ 1998

After four years, the stars have worked out some tricky underwater patterns of their own. “It’s complicated,” Anderson says. “We can be very in sync. And then there are times when we are just in two different worlds and just coming in to do our work.”

Arena, March 1997
(picture: XF home video release party, 1996)