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My body is so ready for the new theories of David Duchovny on why Mulder and Scully are married. 

No one will ever convince that man that his OTP never married.

  • David Duchovny: They were married in the last one we did (IWTB).
  • Gillian Anderson: Yeah, smoking a joint, laying in bed.
  • David Duchovny: I don’t think Chris is gonna want to divorce us.
  • Gillian Anderson: Were we actually married?
  • David Duchovny: We were married.
  • Gillian Anderson: Married, married? Like a ceremony of some kind?
  • David Duchovny: I think so.
  • Gillian Anderson: OK. I don’t remember that.
  • David Duchovny: That was my impression.

  • David Duchovny: Were we ever married? I get it wrong all the time.
  • Gillian Anderson: No. No.
  • David Duchovny: We were just living in sin?
  • Gillian Anderson: Yes.
  • David Duchovny: Right.
  • Gillian Anderson: Basically.
  • David Duchovny: And we had a baby? We did have a baby.
  • Gillian Anderson: Yes.
  • David Duchovny: Is it mine baby?
  • Gillian Anderson: Well, that’s debatable.It’s either yours or Gods.

Mulder had been diagnosed depressive by his wife, Doctor Scully.

You see that his marriage has not worked out.David Duchovny, on Mulder 

‘I get confused. But I think we were (married), and a man should know these things… Anyway, at the beginning of the new series, Mulder and Scully are not together and he’s just not clued-in to anything much anymore - he’s stopped shaving, and in TV-speak that signals that basically he’s given up. He’s not in a happy place at all. But I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that as time goes on, he’s going to get re-involved.’

“Duchovny also pointed out that shippers should enjoy the story, as it takes place while Mulder and Scully are still living as man and wife.”

4 days left, and the cast is gathering in Vancouver!!!! 


“I have never met anyone so passionate and dedicated to a belief as you. It’s so intense that sometimes it’s blinding.”


10 Actors for 12 Zodiac Signs  →  Gemini

Christopher Lee                May 27, 1922
Ian McKellen                     May 25, 1939
Johnny Depp                     June 9, 1963
Helena Bonham Carter     May 26, 1966
Angelina Jolie                   June 4, 1975
Chris Pratt                        June 21, 1979
Natalie Portman                June 9, 1981
Chris Evans                       June 13, 1981
Carey Mulligan                 May 28, 1985
Aaron Taylor-Johnson       June 13, 1990

The X-Files Revival: 5 Spoilers From Chris Carter (Mulder-Scully Sex?!) 

1. There’s “a big chance” the Lone Gunmen will join returning X-vets Mulder, Scully, Skinner and The Smoking Man.

2. Per X-Files tradition, the six episodes will blend “ongoing Mulder and Scully conspiracy saga” with “standalone episodes,” says Carter, adding, “It will all be of a piece, meaning that it won’t feel disconnected.”

3. Although Mulder and Scully will still be a couple, “When we come back we will find that [their] relationship is not where we left it,” Carter teases.

4. That elusive Mulder and Scully love scene may be nigh. “It was part of the mystery of The X-Files,” says Carter when asked why the pair’s relationship was never explicitly consummated (despite having a son together). “That relationship was kind of mysterious. Did they get together? Didn’t they get together? If they’ve got a child together, when did they get together? These are questions that we will deal with and answer in good time.”

5. The cold open, a staple of The X-Files that started with the pilot, will be back. “We had to get a special dispensation to do a teaser — a little two- or three-minute segment in the beginning that sets up the show,” explains Carter. They had done away with that approach on Fox, so they allowed us to go back to, I would call it, old-style.”

TV Line, April 2015 

The X-Files: The Collector’s Set will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on December 8 via Fox. That gives you just enough time to watch all 202 episodes before the new event series premieres on January 24.

Created by Chris Carter, the hit show aired from 1993 until 2002. The box set features more than 23 hours of content across all nine seasons. Read on for a list of special features.

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x-files fun facts pt.1

1. Chris Carter came up with the idea for The X-Files when he read a report saying 3.7 million people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens. 

2. Chris Carter traveled the world as a writer for Surfer magazine before coming up with inspiration for The X-Files. 

3. Mulder’s first name, Fox, was inspired by a childhood friend of Carter’s and is not, as many believe, a nod to the network the show played on. 

4. Mulder is the maiden name of Carter’s mother.

5. Dana Scully was named after legendary L.A. Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully 

6. Mulder is a believer and Scully is a skeptic when in real life the true is opposite for the actors who portray them.

7. The character of Dana Scully was inspired by Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. 

8. Jodie Foster voiced the talking tattoo in the Season 4 episode “Never Again.” 

9. According to Carter, Fox Network executives wanted to replace Anderson because they wanted a more “glamorous bombshell” for the part. 

10. Anderson was only 24 years old when was cast in the show.

I really. really. REALLY. want to write Chris Carter hate mail.

1. I’ll thank him tho’ for creating The X Files and giving us all life purpose.

2. I’ll tell him I’ve been hating him forever because the tension he created between Scully and Mulder and never gave us some damn sex scene. Seriously. We all got needs.

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3. I’ll tell him I do love him for his crazy good and clever writing.

4. I’ll tell him I’ll hate him for forgetting about that good writing in this damned. Season 10.

— and off I go.

He had so much to work with and in some moments he did. BUT HE KNEW HE HAD SIX EPISODE. SIX. SIX. The ‘My Struggle’ arc could have lasted six episodes. And really. Some episodes were amusing especially the monster one. That one was just so clever so I enjoyed watching but others were just full of bullsht especially if you know you only got 6 episodes.

Why bring in those damn useless Einstein en wherever his name was characters. WHY!? Entertainment purpose? The show was more entertaining without them for years. Why don’t they get that Scully and Mulder are the heart of this show and that fans come back for them. And that all the storylines are great but they are great because they are written around Scully and Mulder.

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Seriously I could manage them being characters in one episode (Einstein etc) but why bother bringing them up. You only have 45 minutes and 6 episodes why bother us with getting to know and like new characters !? (especially if they can’t act). It just felt  forced. And like the network was preparing us for a new series with scully and mulder 2.0 (and they suck). So thanks for coming but bye.

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Also, why so much talk. The dialogue was so badly written at times. All such a cliché. And its not because its 2015. Cause I’ve seen the series a few years ago. And it worked. The X files is timeless and thats why its so strong. But now at times it felt like i was watching a B-movie. This, also, because of the bad editing at times. Seriously… Who edited that… cause for example that fight scene… you may cut faster you know….

And then, Scully and Mulder..HOW ON EARTH DID THEY HANDLE THEM!? I mean it never felt like they were really back. They hardly got any alone screen time. Is Chris afraid to write for them!? Too stubborn to let them really be together. And everytime i felt like they were going somewhere he threw in William or some cliché line. I’m all for exploring William’s story but you need to do that if you got the time for it. Or if you want to create the time for it.

They should have put more effort in this story. Not just create separate stories. Create 6 episodes; with different smaller storylines but overal the “my struggle” storyline should have been in all 6. It was just so forced and out of the blue for it to come back in the last episode. Mulder and Scully just learned about a huge cover up and then decide to let it rest for 4 episodes!? LMAO. Seriously, give your viewer some credit. Also Scully trying to save the world with a bit of her blood and magically finding the cure while TCSM as been working on his evil plan for years… REALLY!? I mean scully is superwoman. No really she is. But that is just redic.

I am just so upset because if CC knew this is the end why not cover up your story. Thats what fans have been waiting for; thats why it came back. To give us closure. Closure he never gave and closure that is needed. Its like he can’t let it go, but do the show some good and let go of your own issues and give us what we want. And deserve. And what your characters deserve.

He had six episodes to give us, mulder and scully, about William, Mulders sister etc. But instead he filled it with, at times, useless info. Explore Mulder and Scully’s relationship cause i still don’t know where they are at.

Also, if Mulder and Scully broke up and were finally together after all these years I’d expect more tension between them. Instead of them suddenly making a walk in the garden hand in hand. Just give me some tension. Just like the old days. Also, in my opinion, she wasn’t worried enough about Mulder in the finale. (its even weird to call it a finale)

And if you know that this isn’t the end and there is a new season coming. TELL US. Cause then we’d be less upset. The whole season i was thinking: ‘ok this is nice, this is fun, but why are we seeing THIS if we only got 6 episodes. Who in his right mind is making this show’

I’m sorry. I wish I had loved it all but.. this wasn’t good.

And if this really was the end. You all had us fooled with your new season ideas Mr. Carter. I wish you had left it alone then. I really do.

And your interview didn’t help either

— “What would you say to fans who feel cheated by the lack of resolution?”

“I’ll go back to what I just said: We’ve always ended with a cliffhanger. This isn’t a movie; it’s a TV series. Any resolution would have to lead to more stories to tell. If they feel cheated, they’re not familiar with how we’ve done the show. I think they’d feel more cheated if we resolved it and didn’t come back at all.”

LMAO. Sorry. Ok. Thank you for taking the gamble that you’ll come back. Thank you Mr. Carter. If you would know for sure that you’re coming back, this is a different conversation. But no. YOU DON’T. So that is just so cocky and rude to say. Also you probably think you’re coming back but you don’t know when. You just expect us to always come back. Expect your actors to. Sorry but it definitely took some time for Gillian and (especially David) to get into character and you could sense that. I don’t want to see them together when they’re 70.

And again, you don’t have to answer all your questions. That cliffhanger could have worked; but it needed building up to and you had to answer at least some questions. Maybe they could have found William and go from there idk. I’m not the writer but this wasn’t good. That much I know.  And sure, TXF always had cliffhangers. But so did others shows. Lost for example, even more so than TXF, and they had the dignity to give their viewers some closure. This now just feels so stretched. End it with a bang. And don’t try to make more money out of it or just expect us to always come back because you can't” let go. Maybe we are ready.

and now I’m gonna cry in a corner and watch old TXF episodes.

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This season was really, My Struggle.

I enjoyed it being back but thats the only reason why I enjoyed it. 

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