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I've read that houses can actually represent stages in your life? Like 4th house has something to do with home, so it can suggest what type of childhood home you had and how you were wth your family? Sorry! I'm a beginner and you're so wise.

Hey, anon! Pleaaase don’t call me wise omg, although I feel honored that you think so I’m actually very childish and my humor is ridiculous. So I don’t deserve that. lol But I’m always glad to help! :)

The 4th house is one of the most important in a chart, so although you gotta read it all to actually understand what it means by itself it will define a lot of things on it’s own. It’s part of the Angular houses, which means it’s stronger in its effects as well. That all being said, it involves a lot of meanings and they’ll change according to what kind of chart you’re reading (Solar Revolution, Horary, etc).

↳ trigger warning: death and abuse mentions

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PURE SEDUCTION; spotify (75 songs / 5h32m)

  • birthday sex (jeremih)
  • high for this (the weeknd)
  • neighbors know my name (trey songz)
  • grind with me (pretty ricky)
  • do not disturb (teyana taylor, chris brown)
  • the body (wade, jeremih)
  • do you there (skizzy mars, marc e. bassy)
  • devils touch (tiaan)
  • it won’t stop (sevyn streeter, chris brown)
  • i do it all for you (somo)
  • slow it down (the dream, fabolous)
  • na na (trey songz)
  • primetime (janelle monae, miguel)
  • promises (wiz khalifa)
  • ride (somo)
  • so blue (akon)
  • down on me (jeremih, 50 cent)
  • untitle (how does it feel) (d’angelo)
  • xox (elijah blake, common)
  • lovers and friends (lil jon, the east side boyz)
  • baby (ashanti)
  • under (pleasure p.)
  • time of your life (kid ink)
  • take care (drake, rihanna)
  • suffocate (j. holiday)
  • bedtime (usher)
  • get like me (nelly, nicki minal, pharrel williams)
  • in town (2 chaing, mike posner)
  • fine china (chris brown)
  • the zone (the weeknd, drake)
  • wet (omarion)
  • tonight (john legend, luacris)
  • feelin’ love (paula cole)
  • speechless (beyoncé)
  • i wanna know (joe)
  • wicked games (the weeknd)
  • nobody (keith sweat, athena cage)
  • skin (rihanna)
  • what you need (the weeknd)
  • trading places (usher)
  • up and down (pretty ricky)
  • take you down (chris brown)
  • shut it down (drake, the dream)
  • say it (ne-yo)
  • promise (ciara)
  • falsetto (the dream)
  • motivation (kelly rowland, lil wayne)
  • sexin on you (one chance)
  • take it of (pharrell williams)
  • lay you down (lloyd)
  • so anxious (ginwwine)
  • lay it down (usher)
  • signs of loke makin (tyrese)
  • deep (blackstreet)
  • make it last forever (keith swear, jacci mcghee)
  • feels so right (lloyd)
  • make love (keri hilson)
  •  seduction (usher)
  • doin’ it (ll cool j)
  • bump n’grind (r. kelly)
  • ready (lil rufus)
  • naked (lloyd)
  • meeting in my bedroom (silk)
  • someday is tonight (janet jackson)
  • jupiter love (trey songz)
  • freak me (silk)
  • music for love (mario)
  • number one (r kelly, keri hilson)
  • love faces (trey songz)
  • love like honey (pretty ricky)
  • until the end of time (justin timberlake, beyoncé)
  • get a little closer (joe)
  • strip for you (r kelly)
  • loving you (opal, querubyna)
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10. Part 2

Originally posted by sanders-ventura

Scrunching my face up as I moved onto my side, that sunlight is annoying me. Feeing the material catching onto my nipple piercing, this foreign feeling of a bed. My eyes shot open, staring at the empty bed, pushing the covers back exposing my naked body. The memories came back to me instantly, I actually had sex with him “you’re awake” Chris spoke, grabbing the covers and placing it over my body in shock “I woke up early, my bad. Morning though” I feel so shy, looking down at the bed, Jesus. I look a mess, my weave is a mess. I have morning breath, I am naked and full of Chris’ babies. Jesus, what is wrong with me “come, hurry up. I have been waiting for you to wake up” looking up at Chris, he was all up in my face and pressed a kiss to my lips out of nowhere “morning beautiful, you can wear this. Hurry, get this on” he placed a white tee on the bed “you coming straight out yeah?” rubbing my head “uhm yeah, I need to pee first. I will be out” he is looking at me like I am normal, I am a mess. Chris shuffled his way out of the room and a smile played on my face, I had the best night of my life “god” I said in a whisper smiling “Rylee, I will pick you out of that bed!” Chris spat, my eyes widened “ok dad! I am getting out of the bed” he is so demanding.

I have no hair ties, I just have to pray this bun stays in one place. I have wrapped my hair a few times, let me leave this bathroom before he comes back. Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, I just feel a mess and I have no toothbrush either. Peaking my head around the wall trying to see what he is up too, he has his back to me. Clearing my throat “I am here” walking out from the bedroom “finally” he went into the kitchen area “one second” what is he even doing, he has been awake for far too long I bet “did you even sleep?” I asked “yeah, I slept like a baby. I have never felt so comfy, you did hit me in the face one time. It was funny” my god, I am an animal “I held your hand and that didn’t happen again” I am cringing so much at myself “sorry, I am not the best person to sleep with” surprised I didn’t kick him “it’s fine babe” my mouth fell open as Chris walked out with a cake in hand “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you” he sang as he walked over to me “Happy Birthday dear Rylee! Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu!!” he cheesed at me “make a wish babe” he said, he is making my heart so full. Clasping my hands together at the side of my face as I closed my eyes and made my wish.

Opening my eyes slowly, Chris smiling at me watching me intently with such love. Blowing the candles out “thank you so much handsome” placing my hand on the side of his face and tiptoeing, pressing a kiss to his lips “thank you so much, I have had two cakes now. It looks delicious too” he walked off “we can eat it after, but I wanted to do this. It’s you know, intimate” he is so damn cute, I want to hug him “I also got you a little something” his hands behind his back as he walked back out of the kitchen area “Chris no! Stop it, I don’t want gifts. This is just perfect, please stop” why is he not listening to me “this makes me want to spend when you do that, it’s just a little something I remembered” he stopped in front of me “I remember when I gave you the tour of my home, I said that we are destined to be. You was doing something at that moment when I said that” frowning at him “hmmmm, something about tattoos and the stars” he bought forward a rather large leather box, he held it out to me “just open it, when you see it you will understand” he is doing too much “Chris, I don’t deserve this at all” lifting the box open “oh no, oh Chris” I gasped placing my hand over my mouth “you remembered when I said it” his memory “yeah, I said to you I would get you a Black Pyramid chain. Small version but you’re the first female” what am I going to do with him “stop doing this, thank you so much Chris. I can’t repay you” wrapping my arms around his neck.

Chris is so odd, he has a real obsession with my legs “you legit got no panties on though?” he asked again, shaking my head while flicking through the channels on the TV. Reaching over and placing the remote down, Chris lifted up my tee a little “stop!” grabbing his hand “let me see the cooch ma” he pulled his hand away “no more coochie for you, you’re already getting addicted” I pointed, Chris placed his hand on my leg “do you have like a fetish?” I asked, it does look like he does “with your legs I do, they are so nice!! Beautiful as fuck” he made sure my legs were over his lap, he lightly ran his hand down my leg “so fine and all mine” he placed his hand over my feet “you happy with me? Am I making you happy? Like, am I a guy you would show to your parents? I mean I get it, I know they see that bad guy but I am not like that and you know it” he is tickling my feet and I want to giggle “I have honestly seen a guy that has shocked me, you make me so happy. I have had the best birthday ever. You’re a little romantic at heart and yes, you are a man I want to show to my family. I am just scared, I don’t want anyone to upset you. You mean a lot to me, I am just scared that someone will take this away from me and this was all a dream” Chris chuckled “What, Chris Brown touching your feet and wanting to eat you out again is a dream?” smirking at him, moving my legs off of his lap and slowly getting up “I need to go back” I really do “come here baby, show me some ass” looking behind me and flashed him my butt as I ran into the bedroom.

Chris held out the cake for me to eat, eating some of the chocolate cake “I really shouldn’t be eating cake for breakfast, but it’s so nice. Thank you” chewing the cake “its ok, I will clean up the apartment for you” he licked his fingers, he look so fine. Pressing a kiss to his cheek “I am so fucked, you put a hickey in my neck too” pulling the collars up on his Camouflage jacket “let me see” he reached up and pushed the collars down to see “I like it, it looks so sexy” he looks so happy seeing the hickey “remember me, that will make you remember me, keep my jacket too. Shame you can’t hide your legs though” Chris slowly wrapped his arms around me, placing his face in the crook of my neck “you remember this pussy” I said, feeling Chris pressing kisses to my neck, I can’t stop smiling.

Sitting in Chris’ Lamborghini as he drove “I have so many messages” shaking my head, I can’t have a good time without this mess “I am just going to call Bailey ok?” I said to Chris “cool” pressing the dial button, I hope she picks up anyways “Rylee! You’re back with us” she is so dramatic “I am fine thank you, I am happy but I need to know quickly. What happened and what did you tell those two?” I need the story to be the same “well uhh, I don’t know. It was hard because Chris left and then you. It was obvious, I just said you wasn’t feeling good and went to rest, they kind of know. Lo said to me I shouldn’t have let you go, they made Lo go to Chris’ home but obviously you wasn’t there and neither was he” shaking my head lightly “just tell them you wasn’t feeling good or just tell them the truth, but good luck” there is about to be an argument in that place.

I don’t want to go into that apartment now, I just know what it’s going to be about “you good? You seem a little off after that call?” staring at the building “it’s not you, just I have very volatile brother’s. They don’t listen to anyone but my dad, they are going to be on case” I just need to tell them to accept it or fuck off basically, sighing out “you want me to come with you? Rylee, I am serious with you. I don’t want no other woman, I will tell them” shaking my head “no, because they will end up saying mean things to you. Let me, ok? Thank you though, stop being so sweet” he reached down to the side of him “I bought this with us, take it with you” he bought the chain with him “thank you so much” taking the box from him “I am going to miss you, can I see you tonight? Before you go please” how am I even going to meet him “erm, I will see how it goes. I will call you” leaning over to him “you better and I am going to be thinking about you so much, last night was amazing” pressing a kiss to his lips “same, you made my birthday the best” I mumbled against his lips “birthday sex” grinning wide.

I feel like a dirty stop out, I look like I have had sex and I can’t hide it. I really can’t, I am wearing Chris’ jacket and tee. My heels from last night, my dress in hand and I have a hickey on my neck. I can’t hide this, I need to suck it up though and get it done with. Pushing the apartment door open, if it is Nathan, I can deal with him but Blake, he is a guy that is just so rude when on the wrong side of him. Closing the door behind me slowly as I made my way into the open planned room “nice of you to come back” had to be Blake “I didn’t feel good” scratching the back of my head making my way to the room “where you going baby sister?” I stopped in my tracks, I have them both. Him blocking me and then him behind me “to my room, what else you want to know?” turning on my heels, I might as well face him “don’t hide the fact you was getting dicked down sis” Blake came out with it “you was with him!? Come on, tell me the truth” I swallowed hard “I don’t know what the hell you’re on about, I may be your little fucking sister but I am old enough ok? Get over it, people have sex!” I shouted, I couldn’t help it “not under this roof, I don’t fucking think so! You gave yourself up to Chris Brown? That nigga was all up in my face, I will bust a cap in his face. You’re just one of his hoes, you stupid girl!” I snorted laughing “you don’t know shit nigga, keep thinking that ok? You go near him I swear to god you will be dead to me, you leave him the fuck alone!” I pointed at Blake “why?” who does Blake think he is “because I said so, can I go? You got what you wanted to know, I got dicked” turning around “fuck you too Nathan” storming off to my room.

My eyes widened hearing Blake’ footsteps behind me, he is such a dog. Pushing my bedroom door open “what!?” I spat turning around, he got all up in my face “I did time for you! If I knew you was just like the rest of the hoes I wouldn’t have done it, look at you!” he shouted in my face “you want to be like those LA bitches, I will send you back to New Jersey. You think I won’t tell dad?” stepping back, he is all up in my space “I am grown, I don’t care what you say! I don’t need you or Nathan. Leave me alone, sad part that you think I am a hoe. We used to be close, jail time got you all fucked up. You think I would just have sex with him like that! Just like that Blake, oh come on.” Blake is so scary when angry “I don’t care, you’re my fucking sister. He fucked with my sister! That nigga has had bitches on bitches, Nathan told me! I fucking near beat Lo up, do you not understand my words, I will fuck him up! Not you! But him! I will. That guy is no fucking good, he is a fake ass gangbanger that wants to be a blood” mean mugging Blake “and he fucked your sister, how about that?” I retorted in his face, I am scared deep inside “come on” Nathan pushed Blake away, my heart is beating so fast.

I am so glad to have had a shower, I was smelling like sex which is not a bad thing but still. I smelt like Chris though. Sitting on the edge of my bed sighing out, I need my dad on my side. I need my dad to be around me, I know Blake will do nothing to me but Chris, I won’t have that shit at all. Unlocking my phone to see Chris’ text.

From: Chris

Everything all good? Your brother tried to come at me lol

See what I mean, what the fuck is he doing. Let me call Chris instead, rolling my eyes as I placed my phone to my ear “hey” I said, I feel so ashamed of them “what is with the cute hey?” Chris is laughing so clearly they didn’t get him “I don’t know, I am ashamed of my brother’s. I am sorry” rubbing the back of my neck “they’re protecting their sister, I get it. I am protective of you too” it is so embarrassing “I am sorry, how did you know? Where are you!?” I need to know “I am at my mom’ crib, my cousin called and said they at my house but left because I am not there. I ain’t scared babe, it’s cool” I don’t want nobody fighting “well I have to go on a flight with them, I need to tell my dad. You know once my dad is ok with it, they will calm down” I hate them two “your dad scary? He sounds like a boss” Chris said “he is, don’t mess with his baby girl” I pointed out “I ain’t finna do that, so how about you let me come and see you?” biting on my bottom lip “if you come now, I am timing you. Nobody is here, you have to stay in my bedroom though! No funny business and also bring some of that cake” it was so nice “so you want me to go back to the apartment, get the cake, come all the way to your apartment you’re in now so quickly?!” he spat “yes, I know you can do it. I am timing you” he knows he won’t say no to me.

Holding the apartment door open, he is being so annoying “take your time” I said, I can hear him walking so slowly “well I have shit to hold” my eyes widened “the hell you bring?” seeing a Walmart bag in hand “things, and the cake” he makes me smile, letting the door go “things like what? Are you planning to stay or something?” he placed the bag down “well maybe? Can I? I cancelled my studio session?” I gasped “why?” is he crazy “to spend time with you babe, I am honestly so sad you are going. I can’t get enough of you” how can I say no to that face “fine but like I said, don’t fuck around. I don’t want nothing happening to you” Chris cooed out “you care about me?” furrowing my eyebrows “of course I do, what do you mean?” I questioned “but there is care and then there is care! You care about me getting hurt, like that will upset you” rolling my eyes at him “whatever, follow me” he is reading me.

Well one thing I am happy about, I can lock my bedroom door “so this is your bedroom, do you keep condoms here? Can I take one of your thongs?” giggling at him “no and no, stop it. I said be good” he put his hands up “tell me what happened with them two? Did they upset you” sitting across Chris on my bed “I had to say we had sex, so he thinks I am one of your hoes now” Chris let out an oh “but what didn’t you say we date? Come on Rylee” shaking my head “I couldn’t say it, the words wouldn’t come out. I got so angry that I ended just accepting that, he just spewed out words about you. Called you a fake ass gangbanger, a hoe. You have had bitches upon bitches and I am one of them. I know they are saying that because they see that Chris, I see this Chris. This Chris is the Chris I know, I know I will get this but I hate hearing it” I shrugged “I am sorry, sorry you have to hear all the things. Being with me will get you that, I apologise” reaching over and touching leg “stop, things happen. I know the real you and I know what you have” I don’t want him to just blame himself.

Chris bought so many snacks to eat “why do you like spending so much time with me?” it’s weird, I am boring “you’re funny as hell Rylee, I can watch you in amazement all day. I respect you with all my heart, shit is just wild. I sit back and think what? I think back on how I spent my days, you got me on a schedule. I know my days, I realised that I never really did. I didn’t know when I had my daughter, I just got a phone call and that was it. Because I know I have you, I need to pick you up from work about five. I go home straight after studio, I sleep, wake up, eat and then chill. Then I see you” I am so amazed how much I have made a change to his life “I know with people that have bipolar they love to have order in their life, you give them something to do and they will do it. I did some of that in University, you see me as a goal” I think he does, Chris nodded “if I do all that in my day, I get to see you. I have been much happier Rylee, at first I saw you and was like oh wow she is beautiful but now it’s just deeper. I am so happy I kept being annoying” Chris sighed out “now you’re going away” he said, tilting my head “means nothing, you keep doing what you do. You have Royalty Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday right? You have that to look forward too and then me, I will call you. I will be around for you” he seems like a very vulnerable man “I bet you think I suck, just so used to having girls that never cared about me” crawling over to him.

Lazily placing my arms around his neck “I care about you, I understand you. I will always be here for you, I find it hard to believe sometimes. At times I am like Chris Brown?” I giggled at myself “but I am over it after a while, I just think for me. It’s going to be a long holiday away, thank you so much for being the best boyfriend though. Don’t ever think you are doing less because you’re not, call me whenever though” hugging Chris close “you smell so nice” he said randomly “so do you” I retorted, pressing a kiss to Chris’ cheek “I am clingy as fuck Rylee” he said, and he think I ain’t noticed that “really? I ain’t noticed that” I said sarcastically “let me have some of the magic P” squinting my eyes at him “I will sleep if you do” he wants sex “I am riding you though” Chris’ face softened “I don’t think my heart can take that, Jesus! You can ride me, ride my face too” he is so stupid “you getting sex again, be happy” kissing his lips.

Best of 2008
  • Aries: Touch My Body // Mariah Carey
  • Taurus: With You // Chris Brown
  • Gemini: Burnin Up // Jonas Brothers & Big Rob
  • Cancer: No Air // Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown
  • Leo: Leavin // Jesse McCartney
  • Virgo: Apologize // One Republic & Timberland
  • Libra: Hate That I Love You // Rihanna & Ne-Yo
  • Scorpio: Bleeding Love // Leona Lewis
  • Sagittarius: Pocket Full of Sunshine // Natasha Bedingfield
  • Capricorn: Take a Bow // Rihanna
  • Aquarius: Love Song // Sara Bareilles
  • Pisces: Love Story // Taylor Swift
Clumsy Love (ChrisxReader)

For anon
Chris Motionless x y/n(female)

“Well, y/n, those steps really did a number to you!” Your doctor said, examining your x-rays. After taking a fall down your stairs, you managed to fracture your ankle in two places, sprain your wrist and bruise three ribs. Sighing, you knew that you had to call Chris. Dialing his number, you were surprised when he picked up on the second ring.
“Hey, babe, what’s up?” He answered.
“Well…” You started, “you know how you always say I’m gonna kill myself on my steps? Well I kinda did that..”
“Oh my god! Y/n! What happened? Are you hurt?” He replied in rapid succession.
“I’m in the hospital, I just wanted to let you know.” You said, twisting the scratchy hospital blanket in between you fingers, feeling the ache in your wrist.
“Holy shit, baby, I’m getting on the next flight home. What did you break?” He said worriedly.
“Chris, no! You’re on your, I’ll survive two and a half more weeks. Oh, and I just broke my ankle and bruised some ribs, I’m fine.”
“A FUCKING BROKEN ANKLE IS NOT FINE, Y/N. I’m coming home.” Chris roared.
“No, dammit!” You half-yelled back, “You are on tour. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself. I love you, Chris, but my nurse is here to drug me.” You finished, hanging up on your lover.
“Ms. Y/l/n? What’s your pain like right now?” The nurse asked, fiddling with your IV bag.
“Everything kinda hurts…” You reply, waiting for your meds to kick in. Smiling down at you, the nurse replies,
“Well this is going to take all that away.”
“Good…” You say sleepily, feeling sleep already pulling at your mind.

Feeling a pressure on your uninsured hand, you stumble out of sleep, struggling to open your eyes.
“Y/n?” You hear a familiar voice ask quietly. Shaking your head to clear the fog of unconsciousness, you look up into brown eyes.
“Chris?” You ask.
“Yeah, baby?” He replied.
“How the hell are you here, I just went to sleep a couple minutes ago.” You ask in wonder.
“Darlin, you’ve been knocked the fuck for twelve hours, I got on the first plane here.” Chris said.
“I told you to stay on tour!” You try to grump, but you are seriously happy to see him. Everything hurt. Scooting over to one side of the bed, you patted the newly opened spot with your hand. However, you forgot about the sprain and whimpered in pain. Sliding in next to you, Chris took the now-throbbing appendage gently to his lips and kissed it lovingly.
“How the hell do I love somebody so damn clumsy?” He asked, as you tucked yourself into his side.
“I dunno,” you replied, “your just this lucky.” Chuckling lightly, he replied, “That I am…” Looking up at him, looking fairly average without his customary heavy makeup you say,
“I’m really glad you came, Chris.”

Sorry if the ending is shit, hope ya like! Xoxo- slut muffin

Cute fall - Yugyeom scenario (Requested)

Originally posted by whyoungjae

@lostsilver93 said:  Hello..Again! <3 I would like to request a Scenario with Yugyeom and his (Gf/Bf) were in the dance studio with him teaching her some moves that she wants to use for one of the talks shows but ends up tripping and then FLUFFY moment? ( or is that tooo much info and specific??)

- HOPE YOU ENJOY ITTT! This was so much fun writing! 

Genre: fluffy
Members: Yugyeom x You
Word count: 1417

“I am coming right over“ you smiled
“I’ll see you… Hyungs and me are in our dance studio as usual“ Yugyeom said trying so hard not to burts out laughing because his members are quietly teasing him about you
He hangs up and boys starts yelling “Ohhhhh whoo is cominggg?”
“Staaaaap” Yugyeom laughs throwing his head back

“I love Y/N” Jackson smiled, boys nodded their head in agreement

Yugyeom nervously waited for you to walk through the door. He was walking back and forth, constantly drinking water, looking at himself in the mirror across the whole wall.
“Yah Yugyeom you look fine” Jinyoung smiled tapping his back

It was an ordinary day in the dance practice room. Yugyeom and Bambam were practicing, except Yugyeom was practicing his dance moves and all Bambam did I dab here and there and jump around.
You as a dancer, love to just go to a practice room and dance, feel the beat the music in your skin, bones.
You carried your workout bag on your shoulder, your headphones in your ears, music blasting. You hummed along the song and open the door and see two guys. They see you in the review of the mirror and turn around and you stood there.
“I.. I am sorry, I didn’t know-“ you said
“No no It’s okay” Yugyeom puts his hands in front of him”
“Do you practice here?” he added looking at you
“Yeah, usually but like if you guys are practicing-“
“You can practice with us!” Bambam smiled
“I don’t.. Know” you were kind of shy
“Oh come on, get in here” Bambam smiled and waved his hand telling you to come in

Yugyeom smiled as he watched you being shy and a little awkward. He thought how pretty you are.
“I am Yugyeom” he spoke up and hands out his hand
“I am Y/N” you smiled and shaked his hand with yours

Bambam smiled looking at you two.
“I am one and only… Bambam” he laughs and shakes your hand

Since then Yugyeom and you would come almost everyday at the dance studio and just show what you got. Do some freestyles together, do a little dance off and end up laughing at each other because it is ridiculous.
He met you with rest of his members. You were good with everyone.
Moment you met them, they would tease you or Yugyeom about you guys. Ask stupid questions like are you dating, did you kiss and stuff like that.

You would laugh in embarrassment, feel shy.
“Guys we only met, like stop” Yugyeom said
“Okay okay.. But still you guys are cute together” Jackson smiled and points at you, you smiled not knowing what to do.
“You can speak you know?” Jinyoung laughs
“Right… I just don’t know what to say” you look at him and lift your shoulders up
“Let’s eat chicken together” Jaebum smiled putting his arm over your shoulder, looking at Yugyeom.
He just looks up and down at him.
“I meant all together Yugyeom, don’t be jealous right away”
“Hyung I am not-“
“Mhmm” Jaebum cuts him off
“Y/N you up for it?” Jackson said
“Yeah sure why not” you smiled

Both of you liked each other. Everyone knows except you two.
Yugyeom and you wouldn’t just dance around, you would take late night walks, go to the kids park and sit down swinging on the swings. Laugh, feeling the air going through your hair as you swing higher.
“Play some music” you said and Yugyeom stops swinging and takes his phone out of his pocket and plays some Chris Brown.
He was obsessed with him. He love Chris Brown a lot.
“You know what I think?” Yugyeom said looking up at the sky, while his feet moved a little to swing himself slightly
“What?” you smiled and stop yourself from swinging and look at Yugyeom
“That day we met, was supposed to happen” he turns his head towards you
“Yeah I feel the same” you smiled
“Yugyeom?” you added and he raised his eyebrows waiting for you to talk
“Freestyle, freestyle” you quietly cheered

Yugyeom laughs and stands up, you hold his phone and he laughs again.
“Come onn”
“I am shy” he said
“Are you serious right now?” you laugh

Yugyeom sighs and listens to the song a little and then starts dancing around. You smiled as you watched him. He had so much passion for dancing and you could see it.
A slow song comes on and you start clapping your hands for Yugyeom.
“That was amazing” you smiled looking at him
“Come” he said softly
“What?” you didn’t get him at all
Yugyeom walks over to you and takes the phone from your hands and puts it on the ground.
“Dance with me”
You look at him and smiled standing up.
He puts his hands on your waist, you could tell he was little nervous, you puts your arms around his neck.
You two kept looking at each other and slowly moved along the music.
“This is weird” you chuckle
“Yeah dancing outside, but who cares?” Yugyeom smiled

You move towards him, your body against his, you gave him a hug. Yugyeom smiled and lifted his hands up on your back and hugged you back. He smiled.
“I love hugging you” you said to his neck
“I know you do” Yugyeom had a small smile on his face


You were walking towards the dance practice room where the boys were at. You open the door and come in.
“Y/N IS HERE!” Jackson shouted and gave you a hug
“Guys I need to tell you something” you smiled hugging Jackson
He moves away and everyone was looking at you.
You look at Yugyeom and smile, he smiled back at you.
“Umm so I will be on a talk show”
“YOU WHAT?” Bambam spits out the water he had in his mouth
“Yah BAMBAM!” Jaebum raised his voice and pushed Bambam and he just laughed hard
“It’s like a dance show, but like there will be interviews and they asked to interview me and stuff” you smiled and raised your hands in the air
“YAS” Jackson smiled
“SO I wanted you to help me” you said
“With what?” Jr asked
“I wanna like look cool and enter the stage with nice dance moves”
“OH do you know who only can help you with that” Jr said
“Yugyeom” he added seconds after and pointing at him

Yugyeom closes his eyes and smiles.
“Can you like help-“
“Y/N what kind of question is that?” Yugyeom laughs and you walk over to him and give him a hug
“Thank you” you said into his chest

Yugyeom and you were in front of the mirror, just trying to think of something good. Rest of the boys were sitting behind on the couch or the floor smiling at you two.
“You do it like… 1, 2 and… 3” Yugyeom shows you the dance move
“Ohhh I like it” you smiled and tried it but failed
“Just little bit more work with legs” Yugyeom said looking at you
“Like this?” you tried again
“Yes, you need to just when, like when you’re going from 2 then you lift your leg up and then bam, 3.” He shows you slowly, you kept looking at his legs
“Damn I thought this wouldn’t be so hard to learn” Mark laughs
“It’s just a small dance move” Jaebum said
“Well I need to get it perfectly!” you look at Jaebum with a serious look

“Let’s do it together” Yugyeom said
“Ouuuuu together” Jackson teased and Yugyeom and you look at each other and shake your heads

You did the little dance together and got it right.
“Okay now you do it alone” Yugyeom said and sits down leaning back on his hands
“Okay” you said

As you did the dance, you trip yourself over your own foot and fall on Yugyeom. Boys reactions were priceless. All of them quiet and mouth open as you layed on top of Yugyeom.

As you fell Yugyeom grabs you by your waist, he held you tight. Both of you kept staring at each other. Faces were so close, you smiled and quickly manage to stand up.

Yugyeom and you were blushing like crazy.
Jackson puts his hand over his mouth.

“Oh ma GOD” he said in a girl voice
“That was soo cutee” Bambam said joining with Jackson
“Yahh stop” Yugyeom laughs and looks at you 


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I already miss my parents, but I am not going to miss sleeping in a bed with Kyrie. I thought I was bad to sleep next too, but he is terrible. I have bruises on my legs, he kicked me so many times but I think some of it were on purpose. I got on a separate flight with my brothers to go back to LA, I have work so I couldn’t just go back to New Jersey. My skin is popping though, I love it. Looking out of the window on the flight, back to LA, how exciting. It is exciting because I get to see Chris, he has been bugging, he wants to pick me up from the airport but do I really want the hectic shit that comes with that. I declined and he didn’t text me back, he text me back after an hour and said fine. He wants to do so much, and then he said I will send a driver to you, come to my crib. I want to see you, I bet he thinks I am being awkward but I have work tomorrow and I want to move into the new apartment today. I am just going to pick up a few things and leave, go back after for my stuff. I am so excited to see him but I also know that there has been so much shit that has happened, I am at a point in life where I am just going to cut Bailey off, she is with Lo and I know she is. Lo is a dick, she will learn the hard way because I know what life she wants, well wanted.

Grabbing my suitcase, Nathan gave me a slight smile. Walking over to him “sis, I don’t want no hard feelings. Dad made it clear that you are moving, if you need me or him at anytime, I got you. I love you, you my little sister” crossing my arms across my chest, Blake is a stubborn ass “we just care about you, I just ain’t like that your boyfriend was all up in my face acting cool when he was with you. He could have been a man about it, it’s done with now. Just forgive me, I care about you. Like Nathan said, one call and we there” I wish I could stay mad at them “the bedroom is always yours, nobody finna take that from you” I don’t want to smile but, they are being sweet “come here” placing my handbag down, placing my arms around Nathan. Feeling Blake place his arms around us “we need each other, life is too short” Blake said, he moved back “you both know?” looking at Blake “he told us” no wonder they are feeling it, we do need each other.

Pulling my suitcase along “Lo is picking us up” Blake said, looking ahead of me. I see the two people I didn’t want “fuck” I spat, staring ahead of me. I don’t want to do this, not now. Why is she even here, I stopped walking looking at the bitch “are you dating Chris Brown?” some guy came up all in my face “what?” glaring at this guy, he had a camera in hand. Staring at him confused “you’re his girlfriend, he announced it” he took a picture of me “get the fuck outta here!” Blake pushed him “come on” Blake grabbed my suitcase “don’t take pictures of my sister” what is even happening, walking with Blake “the hell do they want from you?” Nathan said “she with Chris Brown now, lot of people are interested in her” Lo said, Bailey skipped over to me. She placed her arms around my neck, I feel like I got set up.

I don’t even want to be in the car with them, seeing the cab across the road “come on?” Nathan said, shaking my head hailing the cab over “what you doing?” he questioned, looking back at them “I am not going to be in a car with them, especially bitches that lie on me. That wanted Chris and I to break up, Bailey you was supposed to be my friend. I swear I want hit you but I won’t, I won’t hit trash! You know what, you knew I was coming here. You fucking set that up, you set all that up. I have you clocked, who the fuck else leaked that picture from my page of Chris? I barely have anyone on there! You! You fucking did it, stay the fuck away from me” I am not with the shits “I never lied” Bailey said acting all sad “but you did, next time you verify shit, saying Chris was with Rosa. Check where that stupid hoe was! Because she ain’t in LA, stay away from me. I am done with you” grabbing my suitcase, I want to hit her.

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The package came, I got Rylee and Royalty Black Pyramid clothing just for them. Wait, that rhymes, Rylee and Royalty. Why have I just noticed this, shaking my head “so I got you the gear, I got you a spot for your clothing line in Paris. All we need is for you to show your face” my manager came through “appreciate it, you know the fashion thing, you know Dior and all that. I want to go to the show, get me a spot with a plus one. I want to take Rylee with me” she shouldn’t be working; it is the weekend “your new girlfriend? You have not claimed a girl in so long, I was at home and I saw it. Good catch, she is pretty” so proud of my girl “she is pretty, you know I had to claim that. Shocks me that she was single but I want to take her with me, hopefully she is not working” she can take a day off for this “I will sort that out for you, club appearance on Friday?” I paused thinking “erm, should be ok. I mean the Fashion Show is Saturday so I can travel straight after, yeah do it” that should be fine, just need to reschedule my time with Royalty, I feel all busy again.

I need to keep myself busy, I want to see Rylee now but I can’t. She is so strict with me, I could have picked her up but no, Rylee has got me under some spell because I listen. I got the boys here though “the man himself, the legend” Hood spat, seeing Lo walking into my home. I do still want to punch him, but it’s best to keep your enemies close “Chris, can I talk to you?” Lo said, the room fell silent. I wonder what the hell he wants “sure” getting up from the couch, I will be good for Rylee “erm, I heard what Bailey said about you” walking toward my yard “we just went to pick up Rylee and she popped off on her, I didn’t know any of it. I promise you, I didn’t. I was shocked, she had some blog guy there. He took pictures of Rylee and then her, it was like she wanted a little bit of fame. I don’t know Chris, I just want to let you know I am not about that. I didn’t set that up, it was fucked up” Bailey is such a bitch, rubbing my face “I am not fucking with the devil, she talking to the blogs. I don’t know why either” biting my bottom lip “she the same one that fucked all the homies after fucking me” my eyes widened “when did this happen?” I questioned “you were staying away from us, she came to my crib. She was open to doing it. I have videos” I am not really that much of a dick but she fucked with my girl, I know she has upset her “you know what Lo, if you say that you don’t fuck with that. How about you post those videos on your page” holding my hands up “that ain’t come from me though” walking backwards.

I wondered how this bitch got so many followers, I kind of realised when she been putting every friendship picture of Rylee up. How can she do that to her, Rylee has never had that come at her before in her life. Pulling at my chin hair “heard y’all hit it, with Bailey? Is that why she was hanging with y’all in the studio” Fresh busted out laughing “she wanted to hang with the crew, we don’t give free entries. She wanted to be in the crowd. She kept on saying let’s go to Chris’ studio, I think she wanted your dick” pulling a face “I don’t want a disease, I am just glad her true colours have come out now, jealousy is sickening. She made out I was fucking with Rosa, told my girl that” imagine if Rylee just broke it off with me, that is what scared me.

Looking at my Instagram “ooh no, why she acting like we’re friends now” Bailey is crazy, she posting club pictures on Rylee’ birthday, that is just a group picture “she wants fame bad, she need to calm her ass down before the hospital sack her ass” I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself, pressing the comment tab ‘snake’ I just had to write that, the girl is a snake. I am so annoyed with her “going Paris on the weekend boys, I need to check with my girl. If she comes then I am sorry but no, if she don’t then y’all can. I think her job gets in the way” it really does “make her quit that shit then” Keeis said “nah, she worked hard for that. I respect her grind, I respect her enough to keep my mouth shut and let her hold her own” she will probably cuss me out for mentioning that, I rather not do that to her either.

I am so excited to see Rylee, my boss lady told me I can come to the apartment now. Why am I so whipped, I hate it but I also love it. She makes me feel so stable in life, I just love it. Parking my Bentley at the side of Rylee’ car, she need a new. You know what I will give her the keys to my cars, I don’t even care about that shit at all. Turning my car engine off, opening my car door. I have bought the box of things for her too, getting out of my car. I just hope nobody clocks where she lives, she is going to hate me if she gets bugged when she is trying to be private. Picking the box out of the trunk, closing the trunk and locking my car. Walking towards her building complex, I bet she looks so good with her new tan because on facetime she looked so good.

Unlocking the door with my key, which was so difficult with this big ass box. Pushing the door open wider and hitting into Rylee’ suitcase “wow, I cleaned this place” she’s made a mess, where is she. Placing the box down, Rylee tiptoed out from the bedroom “you’re here” she clapped her hands, Rylee is wearing my hoodie and just that, her tanned legs all out on show. Rubbing the back of my neck, I feel so shy now “aww look at you” walking over the mess on the floor, Rylee ran into me. Hugging her close while picking her up “I have missed you so so much Chris” Rylee squeezed me close, pressing kisses to the side of my face “same, I am just glad you are back now. You can’t go anywhere now” Rylee moved her head back “I missed your noodle arms around me” placing her hands on my face “you’re so perfect baby” her thumb roamed over my lips, this is so different from Rylee. She is showing me much more feelings, she bought her head down to me. Pressing a slow kiss to my lips, I began to taste her lips and I made the change to deepen the kiss. She began to nip at my lower lip and flicked out her tongue, I dived into her mouth and my heart began to race.

Rylee moved her face to the side of my cheek, breaking the kiss. She took my breath away, taking in a dee breath “so we did miss each other a lot” I said, she pressed a kiss to my cheek smiling “we did” placing Rylee on the ground “I am just glad you’re home” placing a kiss to her forehead and then hugged Rylee close “I can look after you now, be here for you properly” Rylee cooed out “you was there for me, always picking up my calls. I appreciate you” moving back, looking behind me “I bought you some of my clothing line clothes, you can wear that whenever. You steal my clothes all the time, and then made a mess. I spent time cleaning you know” Rylee held my hand “I am sorry, but you didn’t have to get me clothes. Stop spoiling me, my mom said I don’t need to be spoilt. But I disagree with that statement” placing my hands on the side of Rylee’ face “I will spoil you anyways. I have missed you so much beautiful, don’t ever go away. Not without me now” pecking her lips “I have missed you, I honestly thought I wouldn’t have missed the way I have. You are so sweet to me, you listened to me about my issues, put your own issues aside. Thank you” she said, moving my hands away from her face “don’t say thank you, I will do anything for you” Rylee pulled me along “you’re so cute, come we have so much to talk about” I can sit and listen to Rylee speak all day, I don’t mind that.

I am not pleased with the mess, she has been back for less than twenty four hours and she has just threw things on the floor “if we living together we can’t have this” I pointed at the floor “especially when I cleaned out the apartment” Rylee placed her legs on my lap “your legs won’t work either” she raised her eyebrow “oooh” she said before she placed her foot on my crotch, holding onto her foot “don’t wake him up, you will be putting him to sleep” Rylee is a freak in the sheets, I like she doesn’t expose that part and keeps it between us “fine, I will stop. I will clean up the mess in my apartment” frowning at her “this is ours” reaching over to hold her hand “I am glad to be back, just to see you that is. I would have gone back to New Jersey if it wasn’t for work, kind of makes me regret coming out here. My mom needs me even though she tells me she is fine, it’s just going to be hard on my dad. Kyrie is so young, it’s just nobody is there. I will be having Kyrie for the summer holidays, he will be sleeping the bed with me” I scoffed laughing “good one Rylee, there is a perfectly nice couch here. I am not leaving, I am refusing” Rylee stared at me trying to supress her smile “I am not leaving the bed, I don’t care who he is” Rylee shushed me “we can work on something when he comes ok? I can’t stand sleeping in a bed with him anyways, you seen my legs? I am bruised” looking down at her legs, I did notice that, I was thinking why they are bruised.

“I am just going to make it known, I am not leaving the bed. You can’t replace me” I sound so dramatic but I refuse “oh stop it, we will figure something out. He doesn’t even know who you are yet, he will freak out” that means I can talk him into letting me sleep in Rylee’ bed “I will pay him then, so tell me. How is your mom? How is Harvey?” I am on first name basis with the father in law, I am getting in there, Rylee laughed “Harvey now? He is fine, just annoying my mom before they went on the flight. He left a whole suitcase in Barbados, like how do you forget a whole suitcase. My mom was like but you made sure to get your own damn suitcase, it was funny to see them argue. My mom is strong, she is looking forward to things. I goes to her that she can’t leave me, I have so much to show her. It just hurts, I want her to be at my wedding. Be there for me when I have my first baby” rubbing my thumb on the back of her hand “she will be good Rylee, let’s think that. Whenever you need to talk, I am here but I am praying for her” I pray her mom is good “also like you said she needs to be here for our first child” Rylee snatched her hand away “that will be a long way away” I will give her a baby right now “we will make beautiful babies, I am open to it. Right now” Rylee shook her head smiling “I think I want to wait that out” I wouldn’t be upset if she fell pregnant.

Placing my hand on Rylee’ leg “so…. You said your mom wants meet me. I don’t mind that, when would you like to go?” Rylee shrugged “whenever you are free, I think a weekend I can do” that reminds me, Paris “oh yeah baby, I have a Paris event. It’s the fashion show thing, I need to show my face there. I want you to come with me please, just the weekend” Rylee gawked at me “what? A Fashion show? Me? Famous? beautiful people? Are you crazy, I seen those places. I am not that perfect” is Rylee blind “really? So you not going to support your man?” that is rude “I am not saying that Chris, I don’t belong in those places. They are for the rich and famous and then there is me wearing Forever 21, come on” rolling my eyes “I will take you shopping, I can get shit for free. You’re with me” why won’t she let me “I am with you for you, not the other side” she said, I sighed out, Rylee is so hard headed “so you not coming with me? I always support you, I want you with me Rylee. Accept this, accept the life. When you got with me you knew the life I lived, I am wanting to give you things because I can. I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing Forever 21, you are better than any of those bitches because you are real. Are you going to come with me?” if she is worried about clothes then I got her, I am annoyed with her and I think it showed.

“Are you angry with me?” she said, rubbing my forehead “I am not angry, I just want you to listen to me sometimes. I need you to support me, I want to show you off. I don’t want to take my friends, I want you” I didn’t want to sound so soppy, but I do now “I am sorry, I will go with you, it’s not that I don’t want too but this is a whole different lifestyle for me. I will always support you, I got you all the time. I just don’t want to be the girl that has no money and her boyfriend is paying for everything” this is what I love about her, which girl ever thinks that “you have a man that has money, I know you. You being like this makes me want to spend, so yeah? Are you coming with me to Paris?” Rylee nodded “I have never been there before” raising my fists in the air “yes!! This trip will be so good” lifting one of Rylee’ legs and placing it behind me “are you wearing any panties?” looking under the hoodie “stop” she tried to close her legs “I am tired babe” laying in-between Rylee’ legs, placing my head on Rylee’ chest “you’re so adorable my babyboy” Rylee placed her arms around my head, kissing the top of my head.

I am so comfortable here “I am sorry about the paparazzi shit at the airport” I mumbled, I feel bad that she had that “not your fault Chris, Bailey is a bitch. Just stay away from her, if you ever see her that is Chris. She is evil, I don’t wish to speak about her anyways. I was thinking about the Paris trip, we can go to my mom’ house on Friday? If that is ok with you” I swear I am about to fall asleep “uuuhhh, I think I have a club appearance but it’s cancelled now, I don’t care for it. We will see them then” I am actually loving Rylee touching my ear “you can’t complain about me not spending time with you now, we about to have a long weekend together” smiling as I closed my eyes.

rare-s0ulss  asked:

Can you give a list of songs that you love

Chris Brown- 101
Ciara- Body Party
Major Lazer- Night Riders
August Alsina- Look At How Far I’ve Come
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Trey Songz- Foreign(original and remix)
Travis Scott- 3 Wayz
August Alsina- Porn Star
Chris Brown- Deuces
Travis Scott- Party Till
Chris Brown- With You
Trey Songz- Smartphones
Chris Brown- X
Travis Scott- Wonderful
August Alsina- Fml
Rihanna- Needed Me
Chris Brown- Who’s Gonna
Travis Scott- Drugs You Should Try It
Trey Songz- Cake
August Alsina- Ring The Alarm
Chris Brown- Liquor
Travis Scott- Never Catch Me
Wiz Khalifa- Bake Sale
Travis Scott- Whole lotta lovin
Chris Brown- Touch Me
Augus Alsina- Been Around The World
Travis Scott- Skyfall
Young Thug- Worth It
Chris Brown- Proof
August Alsina- Would You Know
Rihanna- Woo
Travis Scott- Maria I’m Drunk
Chris Brown- Drown In It
Justin Bieber- No Sense
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Travis Scott- Dinosaurus
Trey Songz- Dead Wrong
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep Remix(Ft. August Alsina, Trey Songz And Miguel)
Dj Khaled- Do You Mind
Tory Lanez- Uber Everywhere Remix
Young Thug- With Them
Chris Brown- Blow It In The Wind
August Alsina- Other Side
Trey Songz- YAS
Chris Brown- Make Love
Tory Lanez- Luv
Travis Scott- Pick Up The Phone
Wiz Khalifa- We Dem Boyz
Trey Songz- Yes No Maybe
Chris Brown- Grass Aint Greener
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Trey Songz- Serve It Up
Tyga- Ready To Fuck
Chris Brown- Say Goodbye
Travis Scott- Uber Everywhere Remix
Chris Brown- 2012
Rihanna- Same Ol’ Mistakes
Chris Brown- Do Better
August Alsina- I Luv This Shit(remix)
Young Thug- King Troup
Travis Scott- 90210

It’s actually longer😖

Party Favors [Justin Bieber & Chris Brown Imagine]

After picking up your phone, you checked the time for the tenth time in the last twenty minutes. You were impatiently waiting for a call or text from Justin saying that he was outside. He had invited you to another industry party and of course you said yes. It’s rare for you to say no to him especially when it came to spending time with him because of the feelings you have for him.

Justin doesn’t know that you like him. As far as he knows you see him in the exact same way he sees you, as a friend and nothing more. It was difficult sometimes and for this reason you’ve tried to get over him many times. You’ve tried to date other guys but Justin always kept your attention so you managed to learn to deal with just being his friend despite your feelings. Eventually you convinced yourself that as long as you just had him in your life, you were good.

After what felt like hours, Justin texted you saying that he was downstairs. You grabbed your purse and phone before leaving your apartment and going downstairs to get in his car.

“It’s about time you got here.” you said as you closed his car door.

“I had to get dressed. It takes time to look this good.” he replied, rubbing his chin. He must really be feeling himself tonight.

“And I thought you were born with it."  you told him.

"Well, yeah, but you have to maintain it.” he said. You laughed and shook your head as he pulled off, starting the drive to the party.

“So who’s going to be at this party?” you asked.

“Just the normal crowd. You’ve already met most of the people who are going to be there.” he answered. You just nodded your head, getting comfortable in your seat and enjoyed the rest of the ride. 

After a while, Justin pulled up in front of this huge mansion. There were cars everywhere and people were lined up outside trying desperately to get the security at the door to let them in. You weren’t even inside yet but you could tell that this party was huge and that made you a little uneasy.

You hadn’t realized that Justin was out of the car until he was opening your door and helping you out of the passenger’s side. He closed your door once you were out and locked his car before leading the way to the door. The security guards let you both in after one look at his face.

When you entered the party you looked around, observing everything. It was really open, almost like a club and more chill than you expected, probably because most of the people there were famous. Justin greeted almost everyone you walked past, making you grab his arm out of nervousness. You had met everyone there once or twice, but you weren’t around any of them enough to truly feel comfortable around them. It really felt like Justin was the only person you knew in the entire party.

He led you to a slightly elevated area that had a big red couch and not too many people. It seemed like it was the perfect spot because you could see the whole party from where you stood. Justin sat down and patted the spot next to him, signaling you to sit down as well. Once you did, you found yourself looking around again, taking in everything about your environment. The colorful lighting in the party reflected off a lot of well known faces as they put red cups and bottles to their lips. The music was loud but not so loud that you couldn’t talk to the person next to you and there was a scent of weed in the air. It honestly felt like more of a lounge than a house party.

“Y/n, I’ll be back, okay?” Justin said.

“What? Where are you going?” you asked.

“Someone just walked in that I really need to talk to. I’ll be back.” He stood up and sprinted off before you could even protest.

You looked over by the door to try to figure out who was so important that he had to leave you by yourself to talk to them. You weren’t surprised when you saw Selena at the door with a couple of her friends. In no time he was in front of her and you watched as they hugged and started to walk to some other section of the party.

You rolled your eyes before looking away. Of course he was talking about his ex. He was crazy about her for reasons you couldn’t understand after everything they’ve been through. He used to always want to talk about her and since you had feelings for him it was hard for you. It got to the point where you had to tell him that you didn’t want to hear it. You blamed it on their back and forth thing being annoying but that was only part of the problem. You hated talking about him being with her because it wasn’t you and now that you were sitting in this party by yourself while he was off talking to her you realized it’d never be you and that it was finally time for you to get over him completely.

“Yo, you here with Justin right?” a male voice asked you. You looked at the spot where Justin previously sat to see that Chris Brown was now there. You looked up at him and nodded your head, not trusting your voice enough right now to verbally answer his question.

“Well he kinda left you here so just stay by me. I don’t want you to be alone.” he said. You smiled, finding the fact that Chris was looking out for you very nice. You wouldn’t expect him to really care what happened to you or if you were alone or not since you had just met him in this moment.

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.” you told him.

“No problem, ma.. You want a drink or something?” he replied. You had only thought about it for a second before he spoke again. “C'mon, you need to loosen up. It’s a party, you’re supposed to have fun.” he told you. A girl walked into your section with a bottle of liqour and he took it from her, pouring some in his now empty cup and handing it to you.

You looked into the cup at the clear liquid, contemplating whether you wanted to drink it or not. You didn’t drink much so you worried about the effect it may have on you. You didn’t want to do anything you’d regret tonight. You looked up at Chris and he gestured for you to drink a little so, after hesitating a bit, you did. He gave you a big smile afterwards.

“Ayyyeee that’s what I wanted to see! Now just drink a little bit more for me.” he told you. You drank the remainder of your drink down, earning raised eyebrows and an amused expression from Chris.

“Okay, ma, I see you. I’m glad you’re loosening up.” he said, pouring you another drink. “So you’re Justin’s girl?” he asked.

“No, we’re just friends.” you told him. He bit his bottom lip while nodding his head.

“So you two just met or…”

“No, I’ve known him for about two years now.” you answered, drinking more of the liquid in your cup. The more you drank, the better it started to taste and the more relaxed you started to feel.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised we haven’t met until now. Justin must be keeping you from me.” he said. You titled your head and looked at him through narrow eyes.

“Why would he do that?”

“Well, you’re beautiful, and he knows how I am with beautiful women.” he told you. A smile crept onto your face and he wore a smirk on his.

“And how are you with beautiful women?” you asked. You were flattered that he thought you were beautiful since you’ve always thought he was really handsome. You didn’t want him to know that yet, though, you wanted to see where he was going to take this conversation first.

“I don’t know, I just… I can’t keep my hands off them.” he revealed to you.

“Well, you haven’t touched me once.”

“Yet. I haven’t touched you yet.” A smirk replaced the smile on your lips as you looked at Chris. He didn’t seem nervous or intimidated at all, but you didn’t expect him to be. You actually thought you’d be more nervous after what he had just told you, but you weren’t. Instead you felt bold and wanted to take a risk.

“Are you planning something, Chris?” you asked him, smiling again. He smiled and shook his head before looking ahead of him.

“Me? Nah. I’m not planning anything.”

“That’s too bad.. I was hoping you were.” you told him, making him look at you again. He gaze moved from your eyes to your lips as he licked his own. You noticed that the space between the two of you was slowly decreasing and that your face was coming extremely close to his.

Soon, there was no space between the two of you at all. You felt his big, soft lips press against yours. The kiss was gentle enough that you felt comfortable with it but hard enough to send a shock through your body at the same time. He took the initiative to deepen the kiss, slipping his tongue in your mouth slowly, making you recreate the same movement at the same pace as him. It felt like it was over as soon as it started, and he was pulling your lip with his teeth before letting it pop back into place. You didn’t say anything, you just looked at him, still in shock about what just happened.

You opened your mouth to speak but at the same time you felt your arm being grabbed and your body was lifted up and being basically dragged through the party. Halfway between the door and the car, you noticed that it was Justin who had grabbed you.

“Get in the car, y/n, we’re leaving.” he said, anger was apparent in his voice but you didn’t know why.

“Justin, what the hell is wrong with you?!  Why di-”

“Just get in the car, y/n.” he said, his jaw was now clenched as he looked at you from the other side of his car. His eyes adverted to the area around you before looking back at your face. Realizing that you were outside in front of a bunch of people, you decided to just get in the car and he did the same.

“Now are you going to tell me what’s wrong with you and why you dragged me out of the party like I’m your puppy or something?” you asked. Justin started the car and began driving, a little too fast in your opinion.

“What were you doing with Chris?” he asked, completely ignoring your question.

“I was hanging out with him, he’s cool.”

“Yeah, I bet.” he said with the same attitude he’s had since you left the party.

“Seriously, Justin, what is your problem?”

“You kissing Chris Brown in the middle of a party that I brought you to is my problem!” he yelled. He gripped the steering wheel a little tighter but managed to slow down and stop at the red light.

“Chris was keeping me company after you left me at a party that you brought me to.”

“Keeping you company? How, by sticking his tongue down your throat?”

“Well it’s more than what you did by walking off to be with Selena.” you said. He didn’t respond to you after that, he just smacked his lips and began driving again when the light turned green. You looked at him for a while before putting your attention on the road.

You tried to calm yourself down and think of something else but what just happened wouldn’t leave your mind no matter how hard you tried or what you thought about. You could not believe the way Justin had been acting since the moment he left you at the party. He was being a real jackass tonight and you weren’t here for it.

“I don’t even see why you care who kisses me. We’re not dating nor have we ever dated. I can do whatever I want with whoever I want and you can’t do anything about it.” you told him.

“I just think it’s disrespectful. As far as everyone knows, you’re my date. What do you think everyone there is thinking about us now?”

“I don’t care what everyone is thinking about us! Did you care when you left me to hang out with your ex?! I don’t think you did!” you yelled, getting more and more pissed off as time went on. Luckily, you weren’t too far from your house now.

“Really, y/n? That’s really how you feel?” he asked. He still had an attitude but he wasn’t nearly as pissed off as before.

“Yep. That’s exactly how I feel.” you said, rolling your eyes and folding your arms across your chest. Justin let out a long sigh before he spoke again.

“I’m going to tell you why I’m tripping, okay? Seeing you kiss him like that made me jealous. It pissed me off because I want you to kiss me like that.” Your breath hitched in your throat and it felt like your heart had dropped into your stomach.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, studying the side of his face as he kept his eyes on the road ahead of him.

“I like you, y/n… I really do.” he told you. You squinted your eyes as so many thought ran through your head. You thought about how you liked him when he called you everyday talking about Selena and how many times you tried to use other guys to get over him when it wouldn’t work. Then you thought about how you really liked Chris and finally thought you found someone to take your mind off Justin only for him to hit you with this immediately after.

“Oh so now you like me? Why, because you saw me with Chris? You sure as hell did not like me when you left to go talk to your ex who doesn’t even really care about you for an hour. Do you understand how that made me feel?!” Angry didn’t even describe how you felt right now. You were livid for so many different reasons and Justin was at the root of them all.

“I’m sorry about leaving you, okay? Damn. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I did like you then and I like you now!” he yelled. He pulled up in front of your house and sighed again. “I really was planning to ask you to go out with me, next weekend maybe.” he told you. You shook your head in disbelief of pretty much everything right now.

“You should’ve thought about that before you left me alone to go talk to your ex.” You opened the car door and got out, slamming it behind you. You walked to the door of your building and went up to your apartment without looking back at him even once.

Sharing my playlist

So I made a playlist, the not so sad playlist, the kunwari in love playlist and named it “Try”

1. All I ever need(austin mahone)
2. Baby now that I’ve found you(mymp)
3. Better with you(kris allen)
4. By chance(JRA)
5. Chivalry is dead(trevor wesley)
6. Close(paolo santos)
7. Close to you(sam milby)
8. Everything(michael buble)
9. Fallen(marion aunor)
10. Forever and always(parachute)
11. Hey soul sister(train)
12. I dont mind(usher)
13. I love you(chris brown)
14. I wont give up(jason mraz)
15. I’ll always love you(nina)
16. I’ll be(edwin mccain)
17. I’m yours(jason mraz)
18. It girl(jason derulo)
19. It might be you
20. Better together(jack johnson)
21. Say you won’t let go(james arthur)
22. Fuck you all the time(jeremih)
23. Kiss me slowly(parachute)
24. Latch(disclosure)
25. Love dont change(jeremih)
26. Love me like you do(ellie goulding)
27. Love on top(beyonce)
28. Make you happy(nyoy volante)
29. Marry me(train)
30. Marry you(bruno mars)
31. Marvin gaye
32. I do adore(mindy gledhill)
33. More than you’ll ever know(nyoy volante)
34. Baby i love your way(myk perez)
35. Over and over again(nathan sykes)
36. New flame(usher)
37. Nothings gonna stop us now(mymp)
38. Once in a lifetime(freestyle)
39. Out of my league(stephen speaks)
40. Pillowtalk(zayn)
41. Sex you(bando jonez)
42. Slow motion(trey songz)
43. Statue(lil eddie)
44. Stereo hearts
45. Sunday morning(maroon 5)
46. Sweet disposition(the temper trap)
47. Tenerife sea(ed sheeran)
48. Thinking out loud(ed sheeran)
49. Til they take my heart away
50. Treasure(bruno mars)
51. Trumpets(jason derulo)
52. Us(regina spektor)
53. Walang iba(ezra)
54. We could happen(aj rafael)
55. You and me(life house)
56. Your song(juni frio & chlara magtultol cover)

Put It Up feat Rihanna
Chris Brown & Rihanna
Put It Up feat Rihanna

Chris Brown feat. Rihanna

Put It Up

[Verse 1: Rihanna]

Baby you don’t need to be scared of me, I guarantee that I’m not a mistake
I'mma give you all of my love and I hope that you won’t misplace it
You created this shit, going insane with all of this fear
Can’t turn my back on it, I’m in love gotta face it

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
You’re the only one I wanna stay on the phone with
Oh the late night Skype sex
, on that young shit
Girl you keep it one hunnid, always gon’ hold me down
You know you’re the number one, girl I'mma work you out

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown & Rihanna]
Ain’t got much to say, I ain’t about to make you wait
I’m just gon’ take you from here, girl let’s ride away
Let’s elevate, just elevate
Yeah girl let me take you for a ride

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Rihanna]
Baby let me change your life, promise it will be alright
Baby take my hand tonight, let me set you free now
Sweating like a waterbed on me, keep putting that thang on me
Like you never did before, I’m gon’ explore all of your body
Put it up right there, right there, right there, right there
Put it up right there, I’m gon’ explore all of your body
Put it up right there, put it up right there, I love, I love you
I’m gon’ explore all of your body

[Verse 3: Chris Brown & Rihanna]
I'mma write my name with my tongue on your back baby
Come on, just let me, I know you’re ready
And even if there is a crowd, let ‘em see it
I'mma give you some more
Just let 'em all just say what they wanna say, that’s how I feel, cause I’m in love
And the temperature just heats up when I’m with you
Don’t be scared, when I start to go down and I lick you
Rubbing and kissing and licking on your body when I go down and oh I’m gon’ miss you
Gonna need your body right now cause I know it’s an issue
And I’m hyperventilating right now, I can’t breathe, if I ain’t with you
I need your body like right now, I need your body like right now

Lay your head, on my bed, baby tell me if you want the lights down
Your property, treat me like I’m your property
Do what you wanna, take command
, I’m about to be your biggest fan
Your property, treat me like I’m your property
Do what you wanna, take command
, I’m about to be your biggest fan


[Bridge: Chris Brown & Rihanna]
Looking for too many places, searching high and low for you, I’m stronger when I’m close to you
I’m seeing all familiar faces, girl it’s all about you, only you in my life
And I say, “You like playing with my heart?” Baby, please don’t do this to me
Cause I’m in love, can I get a little bit? One more kiss? Yeah I don’t wanna miss it


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i put my spotify on shuffle:

  1. sexy chick - david guetta
  2. young god - halsey
  3. enjoy the ride - krewella
  4. turn up the music - chris brown
  5. faded - alan walker
  6. hurricane - halsey
  7. i got you - bebe rexha
  8. snoozefest - mansionz
  9. take ü there - jack ü/skrillex
  10. hearts of the divine - somo

i’m gonna tag @girouds @riceecakes @jiubilee @neymarspassion @nevmar and anyone else who wants to do this!!!

If Tyler Posey can break up his engagement with a girl he literally worshipped and has known for 10 years, Zayn can most definitely break up with some chick he’s known for 2 years. Celebrity couples are dropping like flies this year. ‘Zerrie’s’ time is just around the corner!